Legit Kratom is rising to fame with its boundless product line and impeccable service. Currently, the majority of Kratom products on the market are subpar. Unearthing a reputable supplement might be difficult because the market has gotten crowded with them. With this medicinal herb growing popular each day, it is no surprise that this vendor is in such far-flung demand.

Legit Kratom has a busy internet store where they offer their reputable Kratom products. The e-commerce marketplace looks to be credible, with contact details for the vendor displayed. Many people believe that this brand has been a part of nearly every user’s botanical consumption. However, this is not the case at all.

Nevertheless, the brand is renowned among Kratom fans for tons of reasons. On the bright side, those acquainted with this online store have a very positive impression of their items and customer service.

Let’s take a closer look at this vendor’s details to see whether you should choose them for your next Kratom purchase.

What Is Legit Kratom?

The location of their web store is in Florida, and the owners have made a concerted effort to build a company with client-friendly rules and objectively verifiable ratings. When you blend these qualities with a well-designed website, a high level of openness, and a broad selection catalog, you have a vendor that appears to be credible right away. Trusting Legit Kratom is a secure decision, as evidenced by their over numerous verified customer evaluations.

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Legit Kratom dedicates itself to offering the best botanicals online at affordable rates, with 100% customers’ satisfaction assured! Their aim and commitment have consistently been to acquire genuine Kratom products from reliable sources, examine them for authenticity and healthiness, and provide the best possible service to their consumers.

Other than their online store, Legit Kratom offers its services through an outlet as well. They are available during working hours from Monday to Friday. However, make sure to call them if you have any questions or if someone wants to check them out in person.

What Products Do They Sell?

Legit Kratom’s shop is ideal for Mitragyna Speciosa customers seeking a wide array of products. Their Kratom products are undoubtedly organic, with no additives or chemicals! They acquire the finest medicinal herbs available to ensure high quality for their consumers.

Everything you see on their website is contaminant-free and comes in a resealable bag, assuring the highest quality. Moreover, this vendor offers powder, capsules, crushed leaves, or extract according to your needs.

1) Kratom Powder

This vendor has tons of Kratom powders for their consumers such as Green Borneo kratom, Green Bali kratom, Green Malay kratom, Green Maeng Da kratom, Legit Kratom Blend, Red Bali kratom, Premium Bali, Red Borneo kratom, Super Green Thai kratom, Red Maeng Da kratom, White Borneo kratom, Super Indo kratom, White Malay kratom, White Maeng Da kratom, White Sulawesi, Yellow Maeng Da kratom, Yellow Borneo, Yellow Sulawesi and Yellow Malay. These are Legit Kratom’s bestsellers, and their quality speaks for itself!

2) Crushed Leaf Kratom

Legit Kratom has two alternatives to crushed leaf products. These are Maeng Da and Borneo, which are somewhat potent and bitter-tasting as they are Kratom in their rawest form.

3) Kratom Capsules

Just like their powder collection, their capsule stock is filled to the brim. Legit Kratom has  kratom strains like Green Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Super Green Thai, Green Malay, White Sulawesi White Borneo, and White Maeng Da. Other than that, they also have Silver and Gold Maeng Da kratom packages.

4) Kratom Extracts

Their liquid Kratom extracts have 150mg, 225mg, and even 1 ounce of mitragynine in them. Aside from that, this vendor also sells the botanical extract in powder and tablet form. This strategy helps to keep the variety better than others in the industry.

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5) Kratom Alternatives

When talking about variety, it is better to mention that Legit Kratom offers products other than Kratom. These include CBD oils, gummies, and powdered barks.

6) Other Botanicals

As mentioned previously, this vendor provides exotic botanicals such as Akuamma, plus they also have scales to help you dose your Kratom.

Are Their Products Safe?

All products of Legit Kratom get tested for identity and biological contaminants. Every botanical they offer must pass their stringent requirements, which comprise lab testing and quality assurance assessments. They will not sell it if it is not genuine.

How Do They Ensure Product Quality?

It takes a lot of work to get to the top of the Kratom industry. Maintaining your position in the top echelons, on the other hand, is considerably more difficult. Legit Kratom has been able to maintain its position in the industry because of its high-quality goods. The best thing is that the quality of these items is always excellent.

Every finished batch is subjected to thorough lab testing to ensure quality. The laboratory automatically rejects any product sample that does not satisfy the standards.

The vendor is so sure of the product quality that they even give you free samples of various Kratom items. It is why they have free samples for new customers to try out to help them make an educated choice when purchasing a larger quantity. These come in a 20-gram dosage, which is a great place to start for most people.

Furthermore, every existing client who wants to test a new product sample will get charged a single dollar. These test samples provide you with the assurance that you will receive precisely what you expect. The best thing is that you do not have to pay for a membership or shipping to check out these testing items.

How Are Legit Kratom Products Priced?

Something everyone should know about this vendor; every one of their product strains includes a complimentary tryout. You will be able to reap the benefits of consistent pricing when you are ready to place a bulkier order. However, because their product comes in a variety of formats, pricing may vary.

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The following are the various pricing points:

  • Powder: Prices range from $15 for 50g to $120 for a kilo.
  • Crushed Leaves: 50 grams are $15; 100 grams are $25.
  • Capsules: They get priced at $25.99 for 70 capsules and $49.99 for 140 capsules.
  • Liquid Extracts: 150mg costs $17.99, 225mg costs $19.99, and 1 ounce is $200.
  • Powder extracts: These cost $27.49 for 5 grammes and $79.99 for 20 grammes.

Can Customers Get Access To Coupons?

Legit Kratom allows customers to sign up for coupons. It can get them discounts and make their buying experience so much easier. Members of the newsletter of Legit Kratom will obtain discounts and special offers regularly. This seller also distributes discount codes all over their website.

As of May 2020, you can use the following codes.

  • WELCOME15: Every new client who signs up on the website will receive a fixed 15% discount on their whole order.
  • Get a 25% discount on your entire transaction with the code GOODVIBE25.
  • ARBOR25: Save 25% on Kratom powder in 250 or 500-gram amounts.

What Is The Shipping Policy Of Legit Kratom?

This vendor makes every effort to send orders as quickly as possible but keep in mind that expected delivery dates are dependent on regular customers or payment options that do not require multiple working days to complete. You should get your purchases the same or the following business day if you book it by midnight from Monday through Friday. All orders placed on Saturday or Sunday, however, will not be processed until Monday.

Additionally, they cannot ship to cities and countries where Kratom is illegal. If you want to buy from this company, be sure to check the legality of this medical herb in your location.

What Is Their Payment Policy?

1) COD (Collect on Delivery)

The provider exclusively accepts cash on delivery through UPS shipping. As a result, unless you select UPS as your delivery method at checkout, you will never see this option. Keep in mind that using this technique will cost you an additional $14.50. For each shipment, the seller must pay UPS this precise amount.

As a result, this extra payment is a requirement. If you choose this option, make a cashier’s check or money order in the amount of the Kratom order payable to True Source Naturals, LTD. Directly pass over the cash to the delivery man when you receive your shipment.

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2) Mail A Money Order Or Cashier’s Check

If you thought that paying for delivery was the only option, you could not be more wrong. If you feel like giving the money order or check to a delivery person is too much of a hassle, try mailing it directly to the source.

3) Cryptocurrency

This method uses a digital payment system that does not rely on the transaction verifications of a bank. As a result, these digital entries make your life much easier.

4) Check Payments

Checks are safer to use than credit or debit cards for payment. For check payments, Legit Kratom employs extremely secure processing, and they never access your details. Every unusually bulky order is liable to a 5-day wait. They will put your first purchase on hold until your money settles, which is up to 5 business days. Your next order will be delivered the same day or the following business day.

5) Credit/Debit Card Payments

It is essential to remember that the seller only supports VISA and Mastercard. But in an age where card payment services do not collaborate with Kratom suppliers, this happens to be a luxury.

Your Billing and Shipping address data must match at the time of purchase due to various restrictions and limitations related to Kratom. Otherwise, the risk management framework would record the payment and refund it automatically to meet regulatory requirements.

Does This Vendor Offer Returns?

Whenever you buy from an online supplement vendor, it is always crucial to check for lenient refund policies. For the ones that do not offer refunds, it becomes a nuisance. Your requests may not undergo consideration, even when there is something wrong with your product.

Thankfully, Legit Kratom lives up to its name and considers the user’s worries. Since the brand is positive that you will love the products, they have a relatively reasonable refund policy. But if there is an actual problem with your order, you can file a customer complaint, and they will undoubtedly consider it. Within 30 days after payment, consumers can return any remaining portions of a product for partial reimbursement.

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Is Their Customer Service Any Good?

For many Kratom users, a brand’s customer services can be a possible deal-breaker in the whole experience.

Contact Information: Legit Kratom provides its working telephone number and email address right on its website. So if you have any queries, their support staff is available to assist you in every possible way. You can either send an email or give them a call. However, if you are one of the people who prefer to handle their businesses in person, the brand also provides its outlet address.

Newsletters: This vendor has a very interactive service towards customers with the help of their newsletters. Once someone gets subscribed to it, they are given regular discount coupons and news about their products right in your mail.

Customer Rewards: You may gain Legit Points in three ways. For registering as a new client, you may get 50 Legit Points! For every $1 you buy with this merchant, they will receive one Legit Point, and for every new client you recommend this supplier to, they will receive 100 Legit Points! For purchases on our website, 100 Legit Points gained are equal to $5. The points instantly get credited to your account, and you may track them straight from your dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Legit Kratom appears to measure up to all the hype, with affordable prices, an easy-to-navigate website, and high-quality goods. Considering all of the factors mentioned above, we think it is safe to say that this vendor is unquestionably legit!


Are They Available On Any Social Media Platforms?

Legit Kratom is accessible for everyone on Instagram, where they have a wide range of followers.

What Do Customers Have To Say About Their Products?

Nearly everyone has said good things about this vendor. Many have said that this company has clean and hygienic products that are of the highest quality. Legit Kratom might not be the most recognized Mitragyna speciosa supplier, but those who have tried their goods appear to like it.

Are The Products Fairly Priced?

With their products starting from $13 to $15, the prices are well within the range for any customer.