Long Island Herbal is a retailer of Kratom, teas, and similar herbal supplements. For the previous five years, they’ve been competing in areas where this medicinal plant is permissible. They’ve thrived in the market thanks to their specialized perspective on botanical goods. As the plant becomes more well-known, demand for this botanical has increased significantly.

For this purpose, it has become a significant downside as there is the proliferation of worthless vendors from everywhere. These individuals are just concerned with one thing: earning profit at the cost of your enjoyment and wellbeing.

According to personal comments from most consumers, Kratom can help with discomfort, productivity, emotion regulation, diabetes, and obesity. Users purchase this medicinal herb in the hopes of reaping all of the alleged advantages. However, what if you get Kratom powder from a supplier only to find out it is not what you expected?

When it comes to purchasing and placing orders, this transpires frequently. And it’s for this reason that customers want to deal with reputable companies. Here is when LI Herbals kratom comes into the equation. This LI Herbals kratom review will provide you with whatever you need to make sure if you should trust this vendor or not.


Who Are LI Herbals Kratom?

LI Herbals kratom, short for Long Island Herbals, was founded in 2015 and has amassed quite a following worldwide. The company has spawned a slew of Reddit posts, with consumers exchanging stories about their interactions with the company. They’ve undertaken considerable modifications to their e-commerce marketplace in a short amount of time, including the addition of exotic strains not generally available anywhere.

LI Herbals kratom is now known as the LI Herbal Tea Company, and it has remained successful for a myriad of reasons. However, the most compelling cause for their continuous support is straightforward: their comparatively low costs. Several consumers of the goods claim that this vendor became a fantastic Kratom powder supplier. However, the vendor’s current focus is primarily on tea sales.

Is There Website Any Good?

LI Herbals kratom’s website appears to be uninteresting at an initial glance. You will not find anything here that comes close to enthusiasm like other businesses. Users will notice on their site that this firm does not give any details about their items. It also appears that the website’s detailed product feature is there for decorative purposes.

Everything is plain and straightforward. There are only a few tabs available for the customers to use. The dark theme layout is convenient, but that does not improve the website in any manner, except perhaps in terms of look. Novice users will have a tough time finding the goods they want there.

Additionally, newsletters get sent out to new buyers who sign up with this business. These communications did contain information regarding promo coupons and other announcements. The customer might then make orders in required amounts in a secure manner.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to state that LI Herbals kratom had an effective marketing technique in the past, but not any longer.

What Do They Offer In Their Product Line-up?

On their webpage, they offer over 39 exceptional items, ranging from kratom powder and Kratom capsules. Other than that, there is a wide variety of intriguing botanicals to explore. The below are among some of the teas and other products that get offered by this firm.

· Green Elephant Matcha Tea Split Kilo

· Green Tea Capsules.

· White, Yellow, and Red Matcha Tea

· Bent Matcha Tea

· Red, White, Green, Yellow Matcha Tea Sample Pack

· Full Spectrum Blend Matcha Tea

· 20x Kratom Extract

· Red, White, Green, and Yellow Matcha Tea

If you are looking for kratom powder, there are roughly 17 options available. There are three capsule options. In an attempt to safeguard its goods, the company gives each powder its name. This strategy makes it a bit difficult to tell what they are at a look.

The LI Herbals kratom brand designates all of its Kratom items as ‘matcha’ instead to safeguard the website’s interests. It simply eliminates many technical difficulties that other businesses have, especially when working with government agencies. However, there will be no ‘Kratom’ on their webpage.

What Is The Quality Of Their Products?

The product quality of this vendor is standing at a 50/50 mark. In the past, the merchant was a reputable Kratom supplier. LI Herbals kratom should go over and beyond by giving thorough information about their kratom inventory and credentials proving the efficacy of various strains.

However, a deeper examination of their current product catalog testifies on its own. As seen by the name: LI Herbals kratom Tea Company, their concentration has turned to teas. Several people say the leaves are freshly vibrant and left to dry, whereas others say they fall short of their standards.

LI Herbals kratom has to include the relevant details with each product on their site. It is how legitimate internet Mitragyna suppliers work. The site appears to hide too much information, to the point that novice visitors may become perplexed about the provider. It would be great if the vendor stocked up on the high-quality botanical variants that brought it back to prominence.


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How Are These Products Priced?

The defining quality of LI Herbals kratom is their competitive costing. Kratom powder is available from this Kratom Tea Company for a pretty affordable rate. The Kratom prices at Li Herbal have astounded a lot of individuals. Let us give you a picture. These prices are so low that you, as the customer, will think you are buying the items directly from the producers.


The brand offers 30-gram packets for $5, 250-gram packs for $30, and kilogram packs for $80. For $18.75, they also provide sample packets with 180 grams of total powder categorized into six distinct strains.

Individuals could purchase a fair variety of Kratom strains for as little as $4, but these discounts are no longer available. This inexpensive pricing scheme for Kratom powder is an advantage for the firm when contrasted to other suppliers. It is because it draws a large number of customers, causing them to run out like hotcakes.

A few of their strains may retail for more or less than the listed costs, such as their RMT Matcha Tea, which costs a remarkable $75 per kilogram! Those seeking capsules may get the vendor’s Veggie Capsules for $25.95 for 200g.

Do They Offer Coupons To Their Customers?

LI Herbs’ pricing is sufficient to keep customers’ loyalty. However, that does not imply the company doesn’t employ some engagement strategies. They provide coupons to their clients. Regularly, this merchant offers discounts in the form of freebies and promo codes. Customers can sign up for their email to obtain daily deals.

Users can occasionally locate a promo code by searching the internet. After you sign up as a member, they will send you a one-time discount. Each order from this brand gets you points, which are added to your account and stored. These credits may be applied to future buys, allowing you to reduce the cost of their items considerably.

Furthermore, the company is always eager to give away freebies and samples when they’re available. Clients are encouraged to request a free sample before purchase, as per their FAQs on the website. They do, however, also state that samples are not always accessible. Those who demand one to get provided with their purchase will get notified if this is the case.

What Are LI Herbals kratom’s Best Sellers?

Green Kalimantan Kratom from LI Herbals kratom gets recognized as their best seller strain. It is highly stimulating and has a coffee-like flavor. As compared to other products, this variety is running out fast. Considering its power and long endurance, this makes sense.

Are Their Products Safe For Consumption?

LI Herbals kratom has listened to Kratom consumers’ complaints and rigorously examines all of its products before launching them. Not only do they guarantee that consumers get a high-quality product. But also because they procure it in its most natural state. Additionally, testing ensures that the products are functional since no consumer wants to get ripped off.


Numerous testing gets stated to be performed on their products to ensure that dangerous bacteria and heavy metals are not present. As a passionate member of the AKA, they do everything to let everyone know about scientific supplement information and the quality.

What Is The Vendor’s Shipping Policy?

Clients receive an advantage from the company’s expedited delivery service. USPS and other kinds of shipping get used by LI Herbals kratom. Shipping from the USPS takes 1-3 days. Purchases that get placed after noon will get sent the next working day.

Monday through Friday, the Li Herbal Vendor distributes goods. After 3 pm on Sunday, Saturday, or Friday, orders usually get dispatched the following Monday. Every day before noon, the cargo gets completed and sent, and orders received before 1:30 pm are handled and shipped the same day.

The rate of the shipment depends on the item or goods bought and the shipping method. The mass of the item selected is also taken into account when calculating the delivery cost.

When clients order a specific amount of Kratom, several leading online vendors provide free delivery. Clients must, however, pay for delivery from LI Herbals kratom. The delivery costs appear to be excessive, and the idea that shipment does not occur on weekends is another point that may deter buyers.


When orders get verified, the vendor makes the shipping labeling for your specific product. With this, you acquire a tracker that corresponds to the order and tracks its progress. The tracer gets sent to you in the form of a letter.

Are There Any Specific Payment Methods?

LI Herbals kratom allows many different payment options. They make things easy for customers by offering a choice of options. However, this merchant does not accept bitcoin as a payment method. The merchant accepts payments by credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Do They Offer Returns On Products?

LI Herbals kratom is one of the very few brands that ensure customers can trust their product. However, if a client does not get what they ordered, this vendor offers refunds. They offer a 30-day money-back policy if a customer does not enjoy their goods or wishes to send them to the firm.

What Do Customers Say About LI Herbals Kratom?

LI Herbals kratom constantly gets praised by customers. Buyers are utterly happy with this vendor’s assistance and products.

The primary factor is quality and pricing. LI Herbals kratom has an excellent reputation in the industry as well. Several customers who talk about the company in evaluations and forums have nothing but good things about the firm, its services, and its products.

They get referred to be a well-respected seller on social networking platforms, and the majority seem to think that their Green Kali tea is top-notch, with one customer describing it as their favorite strain, as “absolutely fantastic.”

One individual wrote, “Possibly the greatest merchant that ever existed in my eyes.”

How Good Is Their Customer Support?

Clients seem to be immensely satisfied with the experience they receive. In the case of a crisis, customer support is generally available to help. The team at Li Herbal is highly informed and capable. They get trained in such a way that you will never be disappointed with their services.

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LI Herbals kratom has a form on their website where customers may leave their problems, remarks, and queries. Furthermore, there is no other method to communicate with them. As a result, you may have to hang tight for a while for a reply. For several consumers, the absence of a specific address might be a warning signal, as it can be challenging to hunt down the supplier in the event of a product malfunction.

Final Thoughts

This kratom shop specializes in herbal teas. If you enjoy tea, they could be worth trying. LIH Tea Company is not the most renowned Kratom company, but they do have a devoted fanbase. Why not give them a chance at a cheaper rate than others?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Request A Free Sample Without Placing An Order?

No, complimentary samples do not get sent to customers who request them via email and phone. Nevertheless, this vendor does conduct giveaways occasionally, but nothing apart from their periodic promotions.

Is The Brand Trustworthy?

Even though the brand has aged, the brand is trustworthy.

Are The Prices Fair At LI Herbals Kratom?

The prices are somewhat high compared to other vendors but, many feel they are worth the taste and quality.