Lifeforce kratom is a small family company that deals in kratom powder products. This company holds high standards of quality fresh products, aimed at customer satisfaction. One of the best traits of life force kratom products is their deep color and rich aroma. Its applications range from domestically (candle making) to research.

Kratom products draw their names from the color of veins found on this plant species leaves. The pigments available are:

  • The green vein kratom
  • The red vein Kratom
  • The white vein kratom- from which the yellow vein is made.

Life Force Kratom Green Veins

This strain strikes a balance between the pain-numbing if the red vein and the energizing effects of the white vein. Also, this strain has unique functions such as immune boosting and nootropic benefits. For example, green Vietnam has many benefits including improving your memory. The full line up can be found at life force kratom. This category has a price range of $10.50 to $44.10. It has 14 items to choose from, all given five stars by previous or frequent users. They include:

  • Dark Green ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Green Elephant ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Green Jongkong ($10.50-$25.20)
  • Green Kapuas ($25.20)
  • Green Malay ($25.20) due to its immune stimulant properties, its best suit for boosting the body’s resistance to infections.
  • Green Maeng Da ($10.50-$44.10)-this is both an energy booster and mild painkiller. Effective but mostly as an energizer.
  • Green Sulawesi ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Green Sumatra ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Green Thai ($10.50-$25.20)-effective in lifting moods in the case of depression but due to the sedative effect, the outcome is short lived.
  • Green Vietnam ($10.50-$25.20)
  • Maeng Da Borneo ($10.50-$44.10)-works splendidly as an anxiety relief button due to its sedative factor.
  • Maeng Da Malay ($10.50-$44.10)-this strain is good for focus enhancement and energy. It also boosts the memory capacity.
  • Super Green ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Super premium Jonekong ($10.50-$44.10)
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The green vein might be the best of both worlds, for it scores 2 points in pain management and energizing the body. All these are available in either 50g, 125g or 250 g packets.

Life Force Kratom Red Veins

Red vein kratom is by far the most potent. It has awe-inspiring painkilling and sedation effects. Besides, it can as well relieve anxiety and stress. Some strains can also use in countering withdrawal effects of opiates in a recovering addict, like the life force kratom red Vietnam. Most of the products in the life force red catalog spot a price of between $10.50 and $44.10. It contains a selection of 10 items to choose from, all given a 5-star rating. They are:

  • Red Gold ($10.50-$25.20)
  • Red Bali ($25.20-$44.10)-can be used as a painkiller, dampens the bodies perception of pain. Preferred over the other veins as is the most effective. Also used on those suffering from opiate withdrawal.
  • Red Bentuangi ($25.20-$44.10)
  • Red Elephant ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Red Gold ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Red Jongkong ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Red Malay ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Red Sulawesi ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Red Sumantra ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Red Vietnam ($10.50-$44.10)

The life force red Vietnam is the most recent and is fast becoming popular. These life force products are available in 50g, 125g or 250g bags to suit your needs. When it comes to pain relief, this strain a solid 3/3, in other applications like energizing and mood boost, it drops to 1/3

Life Force Kratom White Veins

This strain is often labeled the underdog. It is multipurpose with uses as an antidepressant and energy booster. Those who consume it often say it gives them a ‘clarity and focus.’ However, the effects of this strain are biased to individual brain chemistry. If you are a first time user and want to take it slow, this is the best for you. The white vein Life Force Kratom strain consists of nine derivatives. Other consumers who found them worthy of five stars have rated these products. The white vein collection contains:

  • White Elephant ($10.50-$44.10)
  • White Gold ($10.50)
  • White Horn ($10.50-$44.10)
  • White Jonekong ($10.50-$44.10)
  • White Kapuas ($10.50-$44.10)
  • White Malay ($10.50-$44.10)
  • White Sulawesi ($10.50-$44.10)
  • White Sumantra ($10.50-$44.10)
  • White Vietnam ($10.50-$44.10)
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As an energizer, this strain scores a 3 pointer, but only manages 1 when it comes to pain relief. To suit your needs, these blends are bagged in 50g, 125g or 250 g to avoid unnecessary bulk purchase.

Life Force Kratom Yellow veins

This strain has several standard features with the white strain. Functions best as an energizer. This line consists of six high-quality products that are pocket-friendly, with a price range of $10.50 to $44.10. There are varieties of life force blends in this category, namely:

  • Sunshine ($10.50-$25.20)
  • Yellow Borneo ($10.50-$44.10)- recommended for pain alleviation due to its painkiller alkaloids properties.
  • Yellow Jongkong ($10.50)
  • Yellow Kapuas ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Yellow Maeng Da ($10.50-$44.10)
  • Yellow Sulawesi ($10.50-$44.10)

The yellow vein strain also comes in 50g, 125g and 250g packages.

The most popular LifeForce Kratom products

One of the best life force kratom strains includes the maeng da, from all the veins. Most consumers have come up with customized blends to improve their desired effects. If you find concoctions too strong, best to stick to single strains. When you compare all three strains regarding bitterness, the red vein takes first place followed closely by the green strain. The white strain is not so potent, and its taste is not as bitter as the other two.

Life Force Kratom Alternative Herbs

Lifeforce also has alternative herbs, the zingiber, which is made from pure ginger. This product goes for $6.00 and is available in 28.35g packets or 1 oz. This product line of other herbs features many tubers, shrubs and tree backs with numerous benefits.

Important Factors To Consider When Preserving Kratom

Life Force Kratom Quality Assurance

To ensure high-quality products life force screens its products for pathogens like the Salmonella sp or the poisonous aflatoxin and inorganic residue from cultivation. Also, kratom imported is organically grown and is attained through Fair Trade to benefit the farmers involved. Kratom used is imported in small batches to avoid long idle time-where the raw material is stored before processing.

Life Force Kratom Delivery Services

The best part about shopping for these products on the online portal is the delivery clause. Orders placed by 2 pm get shipped out on the same day, the delivery cannot happen overnight. It might take approximately 1-2 days for it to reach your doorstep. Orders submitted past 2 pm will be scheduled for delivery the following day. For more information regarding that, contact the distributor through their website or call the lifeforce kratom phone number available there.

Life Force Kratom Coupon Codes

For those making online purchases, look out for lifeforce kratom coupon code to enjoy discounts and fantastic offers. Lifeforce kratom products are not sold for curative or preventive purposes. These products’ purpose is mainly researching/ educational and domestic hacks like scented candles. There are no medical claims validated, and the ingestion of these strains is not encouraged. Use these products within the laws of the respective states to avoid legal repercussions.

Why Life force products

Lifeforce products are unadulterated and have no added chemicals to boost performance. They are natural and high quality to provide the client with the best experience. For the best kratom products, visit their