Lyft Kratom brand is one of those top-of-the-line head shop kratom vendors that will turn the tables when you will be looking forward to buying premium quality kratom. To help you with a detailed insight about this brand, I have written this extensive yet honest brand review after quite extensive research over the web.

In this brand review of Lyft (Lipht) Kratom, we will be discussing all the essential features of their services, products, and policies.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s have a deep dive into this comprehensive review of the Lyft Kratom brand!

Lyft Kratom Brand Review – Who Are They?

When it comes to head shop kratom brands, Lyft kratom effortlessly wins the show. This brand was launched in 2017 and has an experience of solid four years in the kratom industry.

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You can find their products in various smoke shops throughout the US, popping out to serve the best quality kratom near you. Although smoke shop kratom is not considered top-notch, things are pretty different when we consider Lyft Kratom, They have changed the entire concept of smoke shop kratom.

Apart from kratom, the Lyft kratom brand is known for its organic, fresh, and potent CBD products. They are a go-to brand of numerous wellness enthusiasts who are always looking for all-natural botanical specimens.

The cherry on the top, their prices are pretty reasonable, and for this reason, they are always the preferred choice of kratom enthusiasts.



Is Left Kratom Legit Headshop Kratom Brand?

Yes, it goes without saying the Lyft Kratom is one of the legit head shop kratom brands to shop kratom near you. The user reviews about Lyft kratom express how trustworthy and reliable this vendor is. Apart from that their products are extremely potent and 100% all-organic.

We can also see never-ending positive reviews over Reddit about Lyft Kratom claiming that Lyft Kratom is the best kratom brand for those who buy kratom from head shop/smoke shop. It would be an ideal substitute if you need kratom in an emergency from your nearest head shop.

Exceptional Kratom Products That You Need To Try At Lyft Kratom

Lipht Kratom has an extensive product line, meant to cater to the needs of various kratom lovers. Whether you are a fan of kratom powderskratom capsules, or love the stronger punch of enhanced kratom and potent kratom extracts, Lyft Kratom has got you covered.

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The premium kratom category offered by Lyft kratom – MagicLine includes super exotic strains of kratom extracts that are manufactured using the Full Spectrum Extraction technique. This variety is comparatively stronger than the normal kratom powders you have been using.

Apart from that, they offer eight premium quality kratom powders that contain 100% all-natural leaf powder. The variety includes:

All these eight strains are available in a capsule form as well. So if you want to have a kratom powder but do not want to experience its bitter taste, it is high time to try kratom capsules from Lyft Kratom.

If you want a solid punch, you can give a shot to their exclusive kratom capsule variety – Ultra Enhanced formula. The formula contains a blend of all three primary kratom veins – Red, Green, and White, providing you with a clean and balanced Mitragyna Speciosa experience.

What Are The Prices Of Kratom Strains At Lyft Kratom?

When you hear “head shop kratom”, high prices instantly pop up in your mind. Well, that’s not the case with Lyft Kratom folks. Their prices are extraordinarily remarkable. Moreover, their products come in varying sizes and you can choose what size you would like to have considering your budget and need.

They sell 350g of kratom powder just for $68.99, 250g for $39.99, and 100g bottles are priced at $21.99, pretty affordable, no?

However, it is possible that prices may vary from one smoke shop to another.

You can buy their guilt-free capsules at unbeatable prices too. A 65ct bottle would cost you $19.99 and a 500ct bottle for $69.99.
Their prices are without a doubt one of the many reasons why numerous kratom enthusiasts prefer buying kratom from them rather than other notorious brands.

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5 Reasons That Make Lyft Kratom The Best Brand To Buy Kratom

Do you want to know what sets Lyft kratom apart from other reputable kratom vendors? Read on and evaluate whether this brand fits your expectations or not.

  • Extensive Product Line

With eight exotic kratom strains both in the form of powders and capsules, this brand caters to the needs of different kratom lovers. Whether you love Red, Green, White kratom or a little superbly-potent kratom extracts, you would find your favorite product right under their belt.

  • Lab-Tested And Potent Kratom Products

Lab testing is essential for quality controls. At Lyft kratom all the kratom products are lab tested by a third party to ensure quality control. Their lab tests ensure that their kratom products are free from adulterants and safe to use for recreational purposes.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

The customer care staff at Lyft kratom is a team of professional, expert, and friendly representatives who are always ready to help their customers. No matter how complicated your query is, you will never come back unsatisfied.

  • Fair Prices For Kratom Strains

Considering that majority of the products by Lyft Kratom are exclusively available at head shops, one would definitely have this belief that their kratom would be extremely expensive. However, the story is entirely the opposite one. Lyft Kratom sells kratom at reasonable prices as mentioned above and for this reason, they have thousands of returning customers.

  • Positive User Reviews

User reviews are first-hand experiences and they let us know about the vendor in a little bit more detail. Lyft Kratom’s customers have a lot of positive to say about their brand and for this reason, they are massively gaining a positive reputation in the kratom market.

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What Are The Redditor’s Reviews About The Lyft Kratom Brand?

We could not find any thread over Reddit about Lyft kratom, however, Double M Herbals had a few threads where users discussed this vendor. Here’s what users are saying in the threads about Lyft Kratom.

  • “That was one of my first headshop brands….as u prob know expensive and it was good enough for a newbie but overall its average.”
  • “Headshops here range from $1/g to $25/3oz. Nothing special, but it’s real kratom.”
  • “I love lyft kratom out of the bag into my cup it’s pretty good.”

What Is The Shipping Policy At Lyft Kratom?

If you are living in the US, you will receive your order within three days. However, customers who are ordering kratom from a different state would have to wait for thirty days. Moreover, their packaging material is safe and your product reaches your doorstep all safe and completely intact.

What Payment Options Are Available At Lyft Kratom?

At Lyft Kratom, you can pay via debit and credit card. They also have an option for COD (Cash on Delivery). If you prefer any other payment method, feel free to contact their professional customer care staff.

Do They Offer Any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Lyft kratom does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If their kratom does not meet your expectations, feel free to contact them and they will refund your entire investment. However, make sure that you do not use more than 5% of the product that is to be returned. Otherwise, they may be unable to return it. Moreover, ensure that the product is returned in its original packaging.

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Is Lyft Kratom A GMP-Certified Kratom Vendor?

GMP rules are crucial for all kratom vendors, specifically for their business and their customer’s health. Lyft kratom strictly follows all the GMP rules for manufacturing and distributing kratom. They ensure that they deliver the best quality products with safe and hygienic packaging to make your experience worth it.

Does Lyft Kratom Offer Any Coupon Codes? 

Currently, we cannot find any coupon codes for Lyft Kratom. However, keep an eye on the sales at head shops. Since this brand is mostly available in smoke shops hence you can always look up a discounted kratom on events like Black Friday and Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Lyft Kratom, rebranded as Lipht Kratom is one of the famous head shop kratom vendors who sell superior quality kratom(powders, capsules, and extracts) and CBD products to promote health and lifestyle of their potential customers. IF you are looking for high-quality kratom at unbeatable prices, give them a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Best Kratom Strains At Lyft Kratom?

Maeng Da and Bali kratom are the best-selling kratom strains at Lyft Kratom. If you are looking for a potent kratom strain, you must give them a try.

  • Are The Kratom Products Fairly Priced At Lyft Kratom?

Yes, all the products at Lyft Kratom are reasonably priced to value their worthy customers and provide top-quality kratom at a larger level.

  • Where Can You Buy Lyft Kratom Near You?

Yes, you can buy Lyft kratom products at the smoke shop or head shop near you in the USA.