We know where maeng da kratom comes from and what different people say about it. The truth is that maeng da kratom affects different people in different ways. It’s all dependent on individual genetics, tolerance level, and environment. Given that there are three strains of this plant, we shall discuss all their effects.

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  • According to users, Red Maeng Da kratom effects are the strongest, more potent strain of the three.
  • Red Maeng Da Kratom’s effects are much more long-lasting.

Red Maeng Da kratom effects

Mood enhancing:

  • this plant has used for centuries as a mood enhancer for its euphoric, enthusiastic feeling.
  • Studies have shown that this effect is coupled with the increased motivation to be productive and work.


  • as stated earlier, this is the most potent form of the three.
  • For this reason, when taken in the morning in controlled doses it can provide an energizing feeling that can last the entire day.


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  • Of the three strains, this one has the most stimulating effects. So, much so, more than coffee. That is attributed to the alkaloid content in the plant.
  • When consumed in lower doses, users have described it as giving you the bounce and excitement you need.


  • when used in large quantities, Red Maeng Da kratom is known to have sedation like effects on the user.
  • This has been attributed to the plant’s impact on the mu opioid receptors as opposed to the effects on delta opioid receptors when consumed in small quantities.


  • One of the most popular uses of the Red Maeng Da kratom effects is its painkilling properties. Its potency makes it the best painkiller with close to none side effects.
  • People who have arthritis and joint pains can benefit most from this.

Addiction withdrawal:

  • because of the rough, painful nature of withdrawal, people use the red Maeng da kratom’s effects to lessen the blow.
  • Given the pain killing, sedating nature of the plant, the patients can dry out of the drugs in their system without using other chemicals.

White Maeng Da

Unlike what many people think, the plant itself isn’t white; the veins running through the stems of the leaves are. This is how the kratom species has received its naming. This particular species is known for the medicinal and recreational benefits. Here are the white maeng da kratom effects.

Nootropic Effects:

  • White Maeng Da is widely regarded as a potent nootropic because of how many scholars and problem solvers have used it to become more productive.
  • They have been known to provide users with a feeling of stress relief, stimulation, and well-being which create a very safe, comfortable space to be productive.
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  • although not as potent as the red veins, White Maeng Da is also known to be the agent of pain management.
  • This strain takes care of all sorts of pains and aches from migraines to inflammations.


  • the White Maeng Da kratom effects the pleasure centers of the brain to produce endorphins which in turn provide the euphoric feeling.
  • When consistently consumed in high doses, it becomes addictive as tolerance rises higher.

Being talkative:

  • for people who find it difficult to mingle and talk to people, this is a great choice.
  • The white maeng da lowers inhibition while providing a warm euphoric feeling which can cause people to talk a lot.


  • when consumed in larger quantities, the White Maeng Da causes the user to become dizzy and finally fade.
  • When people are having trouble sleeping, this is a good additive.


  • when the user is hooked on White Maeng Da effects, they often go through withdrawal when their supply is cut.
  • This might include cold sweats, muscle pains, running nose, irritability, and sleep deprivation.

Cough suppression:

  • in higher doses, the white Maeng da kratom is used to suppress coughs.
  • When the coughs seem persistent, this is a good solution before using more permanent means.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

This is, of course, the last of the strains available today. This strain has its lovers worldwide because of the way it makes them feel. Most people have described it as having a potent stimulating eccentricity. This strain too is different but alike to its brethren. Here are Green Maeng da kratom effects


  • This strain is known by many to have a stimulating effect that also provides the sensation to get things done. This property also comes in handy when someone is going through a dark period.
  • The stimulation is also advantageous because it helps to get things done and lasts for the longest time.
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  • of all the other strains available, no other has more nauseating effects than the green Maeng da kratom.
  • This phenomenon has been attributed to interaction with some parts of the brain when consumed in large quantities.

Pain relief:

  • although not as useful as the red and white strains, the green Maeng da kratom effects are significantly less pain relieving.
  • As such, you will have to use a larger quantity to achieve similar results to what the other strains would use. The same can also be said of its sedation properties.

Addiction withdrawal:

  • perhaps one of the most significant effects, this plant helps others dry out of many different drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc. the euphoric, stimulating and painkilling nature of the plant help to minimize the effects of withdrawal.

Heightened libido:

  • When consumed in small quantities, it’s observed that it creates some short-term increase in libido in both men and women.
  • The effect lasted longer in men than, it did in the womenfolk.

Better sociability:

  • the green Maeng da kratom affects people in a way that makes a lot more friendly than they otherwise would be.
  • Scientists have attributed the phenomena to increased levels of dopamine and energy.

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All in all, Maeng Da Kratom can have both positive and negative effects mostly depending on the individual and the dosage in question. When taken in small quantities, we have seen throughout the board the results tend to air around pleasant and problematic as the dosage goes high. Although it has many beneficial traits and uses, we should always be careful not to get addicted to the product so that we can use it effectively when needed.