There are so many Kratom strains in the market that you might never know which one to choose. Doing your comprehensive research is the only way to understand which type of these beneficial herbal strains will work for you and which ones might not.

Borneo and Maeng Da are two very potent Kratom strains. Both of them are pretty popular within the Mitragyna community. However, the difference lies in several ways, like origin and effects.

In this article, we will discuss how Maeng Da vs. Borneo compare and how they are similar yet different.

Comparing Maeng Da VS. Borneo Kratom

The highest potency and quality of Maeng Da ketum came from the plants grown in the wild in Thailand. In many places around the world, a similar way to farm Maeng Da has been replicated by growers.

Depending on when the leaves are harvested, it can be classified as either Red, White, or Green vein Kratom. Some other hybrid blends are also made by mixing two or more of these strains.

The alkaloids in this botanical strain are responsible for the beautiful and welcoming way the leaves make the users feel. Apart from this effect, this type has been prized for centuries for its various helpful qualities.

Origin Of Maeng Da Kratom

The term Maeng Da is a Thai word meaning “pimp grade,” which was often given to high-ranking male workers back in the day when this strain was first cultivated. It is essential to consider that it does not originate in Thailand despite having a Thai name.

This name was coined because of the trading tactics of many sellers that tried to formulate the most muscular Speciosa blend.

Its potency varies greatly depending on its origin related to differences in the atmosphere and soil composition of different regions. But overall, it has a solid reputation for being one of the best out there. 

The most exciting aspect of this strain is that its potency varies significantly from tree to tree. This means that not all Maeng Da is created equal. It can be a blessing and a curse for those who want something milder.

Physical Attributes Of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is a popular and potent strain. The color of their veins differentiates into three main types. 
Although the leaves are all dark green, the vein color indicates which type of Maeng Da is being used. The higher the number of red veins, the stronger the effects. 

Moreover, it has a strong smell like earthy green tea, and its taste is highly non-palatable and bitter. This is why users use kratom powder form with different juices for the toss and wash method or consume it in kratom capsule form to eliminate any harsh flavor.

What Do The Users Say About Its Effects?     

Users on the internet have different preferences for using this potent strain. One particular Kratom consumer called Maeng Da his “favorite and the strongest strain.”

Some users
 also prefer mixing this strain with other Mitragyna strains to mellow its potent effects, while others use it specifically for its strong results. It is best to consult a doctor before deciding on any dosing. According to users on Reddit, Maeng Da is a well-rounded strain.

It works great as a pain reliever, an energy boost, and an antidepressant. One of the users
 on Reddit has claimed to feel euphoria and a good mood with White Maeng Da, but drowsy afterward that might be because of the high dose.

Like many other Kratom strains, it is not easy to find the origin of this botanical type. There is not much information available, which can confuse people when they think they might be getting a different variant or strain than what they were expecting. The only option is to do your research beforehand to learn about the vendors and then stick to the vendor that sells the best Maeng Da strain.

Borneo Kratom

Borneo is a potent strain of Kratom. This type is also popular among the Kratom community for various therapeutic management. 
This strain has high alkaloid content that makes it highly potent. Not only that, but its main alkaloids are effective nootropics that help increase the functions also. This botanical is known for its sedative and relaxing properties. Users claim to feel relaxed and in a good mood after its usage. 

Origin Of Borneo Kratom

The Borneo Ketum trees originate from the tropical regions of Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia. Around 95% of it comes explicitly from the Kalimantarian area of this island.

The soil of this region is rich in nutrients with good moisture and humidity, making it perfect for Kratom plants’ growth. The locals are mostly farmers that are dedicated to their profession of harvesting only the best quality of this beneficial botanical.

Their leaves are harvested when they are mature and at their optimal potency. The vein colors of Red, Green, and White are differentiated based on how much sun exposure they get and how they are dried. Further, all strains are readily available in online stores and in local shops.

Physical Attributes Of Borneo Kratom

Borneo Kratom is used in either powder form, or raw leaves are chewed for symptomatic relief of various types. Leaves are green in color with veins in red, green, and white shades -depending on the amount of sunlight they get. The leaves are then dried and ground to coarse green powder consumed in various forms.

The aroma of this potent strain is usually described as a pleasant one with earthy and grass-cut undertones. However, the taste is like the usual herbal with bitterness. 

What Do The Users Say About Its Effects?

This variety is rare and almost exclusively grown in Borneo, where it is said that Kratom has been particularly revered and used for centuries. 

Not only that, but Kratom users also have various good things to say about all the vein colors of this herbal strain. 

According to users on Reddit, Green Borneo is very relaxing. Moreover, it boosts mood and energy levels also. One user has Red Borneo 10/10 for pain management without cephalalgia and other side effects. For White Borneo, Kratom consumers have claimed that it increases focus, euphoria, and energy. 

Maeng Da VS. Borneo:Which Is The Best?

While comparing Maeng Da vs. Borneo, you must remember that the users equally love both types of Ketum.

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Maeng Da is known for its potency and is considered very similar to Borneo. Both strains are effective for treatments, but Maeng Da offers longer-lasting effects.

In some cases, the red variant of Maeng Da is more potent and offers better overall effects. If you prefer Maeng-Da, you will find more powerful properties. According to one user on Reddit, White Maeng Da is more sedative than White Borneo.

However, energy-boosting, agony relief is better with White Borneo. While comparing Green/Maeng Da vs. Borneo Green, the first one is better in every way. In his own words, “Green Maeng Da is the highest quality green Kratom strain.”

Both strains are effective for various symptom relief.

Despite most of the vendors claiming Maeng Da as the most potent strain, many Ketum fans think it’s only a marketing strategy and nothing special. One user has said that it used to be potent before, and it doesn’t mean anything special anymore as it has lost its high-quality charm.

Seeing the many consumer reviews, we can not tell you which one is better between Maeng Da and Borneo. Nonetheless, it all depends on your requirements -whether you need relaxation, energy boost, or sedation.

However, we recommend you consult a healthcare professional before using any of the two herbal strains. They might guide you better regarding your symptoms, dosage, and other personalized queries you might have.


Speciosa consumers are mostly confused regarding which strain they should be using. This is why they often indulge in comparing Maeng Da vs. Borneo. Despite both being the most famous names in the Kratom community, Maeng Da is considered the more powerful strain. Its high alkaloid levels are said to provide relief in all the good ways.

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Despite their high potency, none of the strains are overpowering. You can choose any of the two strains to manage various symptoms, and we are sure you will love them.