Did you know that there are a lot of Kratom strains that are under study and are said to be of higher proportions than others? Two of them are Maeng da and Malay. Although these two strains are from very different origins, they have the same capacity of working therapeutically.

Moreover, these potent strains come from the oldest originated trees making them more effective and worthy of the price tags. Some may become indecisive while choosing their strains because of the choices, but Maeng da and Malay kratom never let anyone down.

Let’s get down to the origin and story of the two strains. 

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da is a little different from other strains due to its origin. The local farmers take extra precautions while harvesting these trees. The reason may be that they contain more alkaloids than other strains and are more potent. 
According to their vein color, it has three different types: red, white, and green. Each strain has a significant purpose, but that doesn’t mean the effects are less.

When looking into the several varieties of Kratom available, the benefits and effects that each one offers can vary somewhat from strain to strain.

When it comes to determining which type is right for you, much of the decision-making process will be based on personal preference and the intended effects of using Maeng Da Kratom.

For instance, a lower dose of Maeng da may provide a stimulating effect, while a higher dosage could help relax muscles in your body. Some people even prefer forms such as a green vein or white vein because these can offer unique benefits that other types do not.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much research available to support any claims about the different types, so many of these benefits are largely conjectured.

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What Is Malay Kratom?

Malay Kratom is a type of Kratom that comes from the same family as Bali and Thai strains, but its origins are notably different. Malay Kratom is named after the Indonesians who originally used this strain, and it has since spread to more parts of Asia than any other strain of Kratom. This strain has become so popular in Thailand that many people have begun calling it Thai Malay instead.

The effects you experience when you take Malay kratom are largely different from the effects of other strains of Kratom, depending on these factors:

● The amount of strain that you use

● How long it has been since your last dose 

● Whether or not you are using some other substance at the same time as Malay kratom 

● Your body chemistry 

Specifically, some people have noted more euphoric feelings with this strain than others. Many users report feeling more energetic and focused after taking this particular strain.

People typically use Malay Kratom to boost overall mood, increase productivity, and help them feel more motivated. Other people have also reported that this strain is useful for healing aches, relieving muscle tension, and reducing stomach problems such as trot or sickness.

This herb is said to be effective at helping you get a better night’s rest, which is something many people struggle with. And finally, some others have used it to manage symptoms of discomfort.

In most cases, you do not need a prescription to buy Malay kratom, which is why so many people use it as an alternative agony reliever and mood enhancer.

Maeng Da VS Malay- How Do They Compare?

Origin And History

Maeng Da kratom is a specific strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa leaf. This Kratom derives its name from “pimp grade” or “pimp grade 2” Mitragynine plants. The variety often even has white veins running through it, thus giving it an appearance much like that of white vein Maeng da kratom powder.

Maeng Da can also refer to another potent Borneo red vein strain. However, this version is typically much less expensive than its Maeng da brother. Maeng Da kratom is not to be confused with other forms such as red vein Borneo or Bali.

Meanwhile, the Malay strain is called “that”, but its origins are Indonesian. There is some debate about this. Some believe that the name “Malay” has stuck with this strain because it was discovered or used first by Indonesians, even though they are not the only ones to use it anymore.

Others believe that Thai people changed its name once it became popular throughout their country – after all if most of the market calls it “Thai kratom”, anyone who sells or markets it as “Malay Kratom” will sound outdated and probably lose business.

Appearance, Taste, And Smell

Even though the Maeng Da plant leaves are mostly green, there should be some red and yellow speckled on the leaf. Some people say that these specks indicate a better quality of the Kratom. Not all Maeng Da have yellow or red speckles, whereas not all Malay is green.

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Malay is light green with some red veins. The leaves are very thin; sometimes, you can even see the holes in the leaves. Maeng Da is dark green with some red and white speckles all over the leaf surface. The leaves are much thicker than that of Malay.

Some have said that Maeng Da is bitter while Malay is smoother. This, however, does not hold for everyone. Many users say that they find both to have a similar taste except that the effects last longer with the Maeng Da Kratom.

Malay is less bitter than Maeng Da because of the young age of the plant. Many have also said that its taste is very close to that of crushed leaves, with a subtle hint of sweetness in it.

The smells of both Maeng Da and Malay can vary depending on the region or country where it is located. The smell of these two Kratom types also depends on their age and their drying process. Malay has a sweet aroma, but this may vary from batch to batch.

In some batches, the smell is stronger than in others. Maeng Da has a very sharp smell to it, attributed to its dusty speckles. The smell is more earthy and spicy compared to Malay.

User’s Opinion                         

Maeng Da Kratom has a great variety of effects on people, but most describe it as sedative or stimulating. Some people report conflicting experiences regarding how they react to different strains. Maeng Da may have more stimulant qualities than other strains, but the effects are often debated.

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Malay Kratom is a native strain of Malaysia and has been characterized as having the perfect balance of the benefits from both Maeng Da and Bali. According to users, it is perfectly balanced and gives an even energy feeling, so you don’t get that wired up or speedy feeling like Thai strains. As well, its relaxing effects are truly profound. Reviewers note that Malay Kratom seems to be especially.

Where To Buy The Best Maeng Da And Malay Kratom?

Not all places that sell Kratom are necessarily good ones, making finding a great supplier rather tricky. There are numerous reasons why someone would want to find a great Kratom supply company. Many people who use this botanical have had bad experiences with random online sellers, which can be a harrowing experience.

They end up spending money on a product that is not high quality but low grade or even fake. To avoid this problem altogether, one should instead find a reliable supplier of Kratom from the beginning.

Some of them include,


Even though there are many similarities between these two Kratom types, people have their preferences. This is mainly due to the slight difference in effects and taste. All in all, both Maeng Da and Malay are exceptional Kratom strains that those who want a change from their normal routine should be tried.