Mayan Kratom has caught the interest of the Ketum community for good. Some believe it’s a majestic strain, tracing its roots back to the Mayan civilization. Meanwhile, some believe that the term Mayan has something to do with its effects and impacts.


Well, guess what?


None of that is true. Surprised, aren’t you?

It seems like the Kratom community is misleading itself. The lack of authentic information eventually takes a more severe and twisted turn.

But before it gets worse, let us settle things. Let us enlighten all the misled with the truth! Let’s get to it.

Where Did Mayan Kratom Come From?

First, let’s get the origin clear. Mayan Kratom:

ü Doesn’t come from the Mayan civilization.

ü Is not a strain.

Yup. You read that right.

Many self-proclaimed Kratom authorities out there are saying otherwise. You might’ve read that the Mayan Kratom is some uniquely cultivated strain. Or you might’ve come across ridiculous claims that say ancient Mayan techniques get used to producing this strain.

Let us enlighten you with an extraordinarily baseless claim that people came up with; It comes from the area where Mayan civilization once existed!

That’s false!

Mayan civilization existed about 4000 years ago in the area, presently known as Guatemala. According to the laws there, Ketum use is not much encouraged. It associates with potential drugs and has some strict measures against it.

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Hence, one cannot think of growing the Ketum roots there. Let alone giving birth to an entirely new strain. Some say Guatemala is more of a gray area for Kratom legalization. But even so, it doesn’t render the land of Guatemala suitable enough for Ketum cultivation – both legally and agriculturally.

So, What Is Mayan Kratom?

If that’s not what Mayan Kratom is, then what is it? Indeed, the term has to have a meaning. Doesn’t it?

It does, yes.

Mayan Kratom refers to a Ketum vendor. We must acknowledge and appreciate that the brand chose to settle with a name that incited a spark amongst the enthusiasts. Consequently, it managed to receive ample amounts attention. And that, in turn, proved to be beneficial for their business.

Mayan Kratom initially got established in 2014, and ever since then, the company has been striving to bring the best of Kratom to its audience. The headquarters are located in Florida, led by Todd Wesley, i.e., the CEO of Mayan Kratom. The company aims to bring the best quality Kratom to the masses at the lowest possible prices.

Mayan Kratom’s Product Range 

With that said, what does Mayan Kratom offer to the community? What range of products do they offer?

Well, the world barely knows. Mayan Kratom is not very expressive about its range of products virtually. And so, we encourage wholesale dealers to inquire directly by contacting on the number provided.

From what’s available, we know that Mayan Kratom offers the following five strains:

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As for the product types, they offer:

Evident from the strain name and product types, Mayan Ketum doesn’t offer an extensive range of products. Plus, they do not mention the strain color and origin.

Quality Of Product & Pricing

In terms of brand identity, product catalog, and history, we’ve seen that Mayan Kratom does not prioritize transparency. The product quality, unfortunately, falls under the same category.

There’s a lack of social or virtual comments on the quality of Mayan Kratom’s product. Once, a Reddit user claimed that he received inferior quality Kratom from Mayan Kratom. Although it turned out that the product was sold to the user by a counterfeiter under Mayan Ketum, the company sent a free-of-cost replacement to the user.

From this incidence, we may not be able to determine product quality. But we can indeed say that the customer service is satisfactory. It’s not like the company will abandon you after you purchase.

As for the pricing, Mayan Kratom doesn’t disclose its rates to the public. It doesn’t even process bulk orders for the general public. Instead, Mayan Kratom directly deals with universities,

researchers, and wholesalers. They, too, can only get access to the company by either on the physical address or contact information available online. Alternatively, you can visit the brick and mortar Ketum shops to access this kind of mitragyna speciosa.


Should You Try Mayan Kratom?

It all depends on your experience. If you consider yourself experienced, then it’s okay to try out the mysterious, unique, but inviting Mayan Kratom. There’s no harm in giving it a try.

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However, if this is your first experience with Ketum, we wouldn’t recommend trying Mayan Kratom. There’s no saying whether you’ll have excellent knowledge or a bad experience. And we certainly do not want to risk your first experience.

You should know that Mayan Kratom will not be verifying authenticity through a third-party lab test.


Is Mayan Kratom new?

No! As mentioned earlier, Mayan Kratom laid its first foundations back in 2014. So, it’s been almost a decade since the company has been serving the masses. It is, however, quite very mysterious since the beginning.

Is Mayan Kratom safe for beginners?

We can’t say much! Mayan Kratom appears to be safe enough to try considering the data provided. However, we wouldn’t recommend it to beginners.

If you haven’t ever tried Ketum, you should try Kratom from some other reliable brand. For a lead, you can browse Golden Monk. All brands listed on this website are reliable.

What’s the brand reputation & history of Mayan Kratom?

Interesting question! Mayan Kratom has had quite an exciting history. Although the company started with much vigor, history records a significant conflict between the co-founders. The company developed such a bad reputation during its early years that someone purposely tried to murder the CEO.

Currently, the company works undercover. There’s not much data out in public to build newer opinions about the brand reputation or even change the older one.

Final Words

By now, we hope your confusions about the Mayan Kratom are all clear. Mayan Kratom is not a Kratom strain but a Kratom vendor. And as of 2021, we do not know much about this vendor.