Speciosa Mitragyna or Kratom is a perennial tree that grows in Southeast Asia. The leaves of this tree are rich in alkaloids, which are chemical compounds that interact with the receptors in the brain, and stimulate the body and mind when organ systems improve and hormonal balance is achieved.

This botanical was a part of the traditional cure, and people of the region used to chew these leaves as they believed kratom could help them with numerous health issues. This stimulating herbal substance entered the American markets more than a decade ago, and since then, it has been in the news.

Since there is little scientific research on this substance, we cannot believe that Mitragyna can improve health or has therapeutic effects to combat any issues in the body. However, we do know that it can energize and stimulate the senses.

Media Coverage On Kratom

The media is unforgiving for many politicians, celebrities, and society, and it has been the same with kratom! Ever since this botanical was introduced, there has been a lot of speculation on the benefits or risks of this substance. The Ketum users claim that this herb can help them focus on work, remain alert, feel happier and work better. The American Kratom Association advocates the benefits of Mitragyna because this association feels that a herbal substance cannot be risky!

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However, the bad press reports and negative media coverage on kratom have led many people to believe that this natural product is, in fact, dangerous! When consumers rely on the news to understand if they should use kratom or not, the media is not the best place!

Reasons For Bad Media Coverage On Kratom

Media coverage on kratom is due to the pharmaceutical giants, who do not want any botanical substance to become famous! If common people know the benefits of organic substances like ketum, they will stop using cures and health supplements made by these pharmaceutical companies. Many consumers and AKA members believe that the conspiracy has led to bad media coverage on kratom.

However, some of this may be a far-fetched thought as numerous news agencies cover the latest events related to the FDA, DEA, and other health authorities, which is why the negative news surfaces!

In the past eight years, the news coverage has been about the dangers of kratom, which were generalized due to an incident in 2014. A salmonella breakout was traced back to Mitragyna distribution, and the DEA asked all companies to recall their stocks.

The FDA and DEA have expressed their concerns about the dangers of Mitragyna due to its inconsistent effects on consumers. Moreover, the mishap of salmonella breakout led to more confusion on the media. As a result, thousands of potential customers followed the negative media coverage on kratom. At the same time, the pharmaceutical giants took advantage of the situation and added fuel to the fire by expressing their concerns about the negative effects of Mitragyna.

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Then again, in 2016, the DEA categorized ketum as a scheduled drug due to their claim that this organic substance behaved like a drug in the body. As a result, media coverage on kratom became poisoned as many health supplement manufacturers wanted the efficacy and stimulating effects to be unknown. Moreover, the lack of scientific evidence of this invigorating impact backed the biased news articles about receiving bad reports from users!

Media coverage on kratom is always based on the news related to FDA, DEA, and state governments passing bills and approving or disapproving the use of Mitragyna.

Science, Kratom, And FDA

The FDA does not recognize Mitragyna as a beneficial organic substance for humans due to a lack of scientific research and inconsistent results of this herb on consumers. While some users claim that a particular strain is energizing, others have found it relaxing. This diversity in effects is why the Food and Drug Authority cannot approve it for the general public.

Furthermore, the botanical substance is not researched well, and there is no scientific proof of its safety, efficacy, and benefits for users. You may think that the FDA and DEA keep coming up with negative things about kratom because it is dangerous. But the truth is that these authorities do not have sufficient study available!

Why don’t scientists research Mitragyna? This is because ketum is a new item in the market and all botanical substances require a long time for comprehensive research and enough data to prove their impacts.

CBD was discovered in the 1950s, and there are only some benefits known to us! It will take many years for people to know enough about this herbal product, and then, you might see a lot of positive media coverage on kratom!

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Social Media Coverage On Kratom

The social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are where users post their views and experiences regarding kratom. News coverage remains focused on the various health authorities and their policies regarding ketum. Still, people’s real experience and feedback are available on social media feeds of online kratom vendors or particular varieties that consumers found helpful.

Once you follow various brands or ketum enthusiasts on social media, you will realize that the negative media coverage on kratom is a stark contrast to how people love this botanical and try various kratom strains to match their moods. The best way to follow the authentic views on any consumer product is to see what people say about it.

Social media is a blessing as you can interest consumers and get to know what they feel about a specific variant of kratom in form of powder and capsules. Beginners and regular users share their ideas about trying various consumption methods, new variants, and even the optimum dosage they feel helped. These pages are an excellent place to ask questions and determine if the botanical products available at online stores and smoke shops, and head shops are suitable for you or not.

Media Coverage On Kratom Online Shops

Every business requires marketing, but ketum shops and local vendors do not advertise this herbal substance. If you are looking for kratom sellers near you, you might have thought about the Internet as your only source since media coverage on kratom for marketing purposes does not exist. Users who want to enjoy ketum, but do not know where to go, will find the Internet the only resource! Newspapers or television advertisement for kratom is not allowed.

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The reason behind this is that the media cannot advertise any item or consumer good that is not accepted and allowed all over the country. One advertisement can run on various national channels, and if a particular state or city bans this substance, the ad for kratom will be useless and unethical! Therefore, media coverage on kratom is not possible to promote the kratom products.

Furthermore, the online shops selling ketum do not market their products elsewhere because botanical items like CBD, kratom, kava kava, and Matcha tea do not have medicinal qualities. Companies cannot promote these herbs only because they are not recognized health supplements.

The Bottom Line

Media coverage on kratom is primarily negative, but the best part is that you can find users’ authentic reviews and experiences on neutral and unbiased social media! Read more about kratom and its fantastic effects on consumers.