Moon Kratom is an online store where a person can purchase the most excellent kratom products available. They have some different types of kratom that can help a person get the energy they need, reduce pain, and enjoy a feeling of euphoria. This site sells the top strains of kratom, and they will deliver it right to a person’s home.
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There are only hide grade kratom products sold at Moon Kratom.

Maeng Da Micro Powder

This kratom powder is also known by Super Green (Maeng Da). It is the freshest kratom powder that a person can buy. It is also one of the most active types of kratom a person can buy. This kratom will help a person improve their mood and also give them a boost of energy at the same time. If a person uses this kratom in the morning, they will have power all day. A person will also be able to think with a clear head.

Green Indonesia Kratom Powder

Green Indo kratom can help with many different issues. This is one of the most popular forms of kratom to help with pain relief. If a person is in pain, they can take this kratom to help ease their aches. This kratom can help a person that is going through opiate withdrawals. It can be used to help treat the feeling of nausea and the shakes that a person feels when they are getting off opiates. This kratom can be used to support a person relax and will sedate them. This strain is also used to help improve mood and allow a person to relax without stress.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali kratom can use for many different effects. This form of kratom is made from the leaves of the kratom plant that have a red color. The kratom powder can be used to allow a person to improve their focus to a specific task and become more attentive. It also has sedative effects to person improve the way they are feeling. When a person takes a little bit of a higher dose of this kratom they can experience different results. This kratom can help a person get a feeling of calmness. When taking before going to bed this kratom can help a person sleep through the night and improve the quality of their sleep. Red Bali kratom can be used to help relax tense and sore muscles. The kratom can help improve mood and leave a person with a general feeling of happiness.

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Yellow Thai Kratom Powder

This powder can help a person get a feeling of euphoria when they use it. This form of kratom can be used to improve mood and will allow a person to improve their focus. While it is not known for its sedating properties, many people that use this kratom will become relaxed. It can also be used to help reduce the amount of pain that a person is feeling. Many people like this strain of yellow Thai kratom because it does not give a person a feeling of nausea. There is some mild stimulation that goes along with it, and a person will feel good when they use this strain of kratom.

Red Indonesia Kratom Powder

This red kratom is used to help people that are suffering from pain. It will also help relax muscles that are tense. When a person uses this red form of kratom, they will be able to have a reduction in both stress and anxiety. A person will not have to worry, and it will allow them to be in a positive mood about their situation and enjoy being around others. This feeling can last for six hours. Some people even use red indo kratom to lower blood pressure and to support their immune system.

Yellow Indonesian Kratom Powder

The kratom leaves are yellow, and they are ground up to make this powder. This form of kratom is said to give person energy. It is supposed to be one of the most energetic forms of kratom that can be used. Many people take this kratom powder in the morning, and they will have the energy they need to make it through their day. They can also use this kratom when they are feeling fatigued and use it to give them strength. Quality yellow kratom powder is hard to find, and a person can get this form of kratom from Moon Kratom.

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White Borneo Kratom Powder

This is one of the harder strains of kratom to find but is it offered at the shop at Moon kratom. This white kratom is not as popular as some of the other strains of kratom but still has many good uses. White Borneo kratom is said to help those that are depressed.

It can improve mood and help treat the symptoms of depression. It will also help a person increase their concentration to a specific task and reduce distractions. The kratom can help a person that is feeling lethargic and give them the energy they need to make it through their day. A person will be able to handle organized and be able to have the power that they need. Some people have reported that the effects of the white kratom and similar to that of caffeine products only with a more mild effect.

10 X Kratom Extract

There were 10 grams of kratom that were used to make this extract. The leaves had to go through a process so that they alkaloids were able to be extracted from them and used to make this extract. Many people like kratom extract because it is concentrated. They do not have to use as much to get their desired effect. The kratom is easy to measure and can be mixed in with juices and other liquids.

A person will begin to feel the effects of the kratom in as little as 5 minutes after taking it. Many people use this kratom because it provides a sedating effect. They will be able to feel relaxed and will have a calming feeling. This kratom can also be used to help a person that is suffering from pain. Someone that is in pain can take this kratom, and they will be able to feel pain-free and relaxed for up to 8 hours. This kratom has an energizing effect as well. When it is taken in the morning, a person will have the energy they need to make it through their day. It can also help a person that is going through opiate withdrawal. They will be in less pain and will be able to handle the side effects of withdrawal.

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The kratom power is sold at low prices. The prices for kratom powder start at just $21.

If a person is looking to purchase the kratom extract, they will need to pay a little more.

This kratom extract beings t $32 but it is concentrated and more powerful than the other forms of kratom.

This site aims to be the lowest priced around while providing the highest grade of kratom.

Coupons and Deals

Moon kratom has everything that a person needs and sells their kratom at the lowest prices around.

  • A person can get a high-quality product at a low price. The prices are several dollars lower than the average store.
  • For the more expensive products, the savings can be at least ten dollars or more. A person can even purchase gift certificates to send to their friends and family.
  • When a person signs up for the newsletter, they will get exclusive access to new products, and they will get coupon codes from time to time.

Customer Service

If a person has a question about a product or needs to speak to someone at Moon Kratom, it is easy to contact them. Call at 737-703-8420 or email us at The people at Moon Kratom want to make sure their customers are happy. They are dedicated to bringing high-quality kratom at the lowest prices to their customers. Based on customer reviews Moon Kratom has excellent customer service. They have high-quality products. When a person has a question, they usually get their answer in a couple of hours.

No one had to wait for more than one business day for a company representative to contact them. They will answer any questions that the customer may have and will only sell top quality kratom.


Moon Kratom has a great reputation. The reputation stars with their excellent customer service. The staff will take the time to answer the questions of their customers, and they will get back to them as soon as possible. The kratom on this site maybe some of the lowest priced around but it is high quality. The kratom is said to be fresh, light, and fluffy even in powdered form. The kratom will deliver on its promises based on the type that a person ordered. They will only sell high-quality kratom, and all of it will be fresh and sent out right away.

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Contacting Moon Kratom is easy. There are many ways that a person can get in touch with the company. They can send them a letter and mail it right to their address. A person can give them a call at the phone number provided or send an email. There is also a Facebook page for Moon Kratom that will allow a person to get in touch with them that way as well. This online kratom store does send out a newsletter with new information, new products, and coupon codes. All a person has to do is enter their email address, and they will get emails from Moon Kratom.

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How to Place An Order?

A person can search the site and find the kratom product that they want. Either they can view the kratom with a quick view or they can get more information about the kratom that they are looking to purchase.

  • A person will select the size of the bag that they want to purchase as well as the quantity they are looking to get. Once this information is complete, they will click on the add to cart button.
  • If a person does not want to order at the moment, they can click on add to wishlist, and it will save for a later time.
  • When a person is done shopping, they click on the cart button and then move onto the checkout page. A person will enter their information including their shipping information as well as the billing information.
  • They will also enter discount codes that they may have. A person will then enter their payment information. This site accepts major credit cards.
  • Once that information is filled out a person will review their order to make sure they are getting the kratom that they want.
  • They will then click the complete order button and will give a confirmation number.
  • They can check on the status of their order, and within a couple of days, the kratom will arrive at their home.
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Final Thoughts on Moon Kratom

When a person is looking to order high-quality kratom at lower prices, they should visit Moon Kratom. The customer service on this site is exceptional, and they are willing to answer any questions that a person may have on time. The prices for the kratom are some of the lowest around. Best of all a person will order kratom that is high quality. They will get some of the best quality kratoms around, and it will be delivered right to their home. Their store is a great place to shop for quality kratom.