Unless you are new to the Kratom world, you already know the different uses of Kratom. But this great plant comes in three different strains, i.e., the Red Vein, the White Vein, and the Green Vein. Many people are always confused about which strain suits them. But you should know that if you use the wrong strain, you may not be able to experience the medicinal benefits of Kratom. Whether you are using Kratom for pain management, or any other therapeutic purpose, this article will give you a basic understanding of the differences between Kratom types and how you can differentiate them.

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The Different Strains of Kratom

What makes Kratom unique is how varied its strains are. You can be using one type in the morning to get you going through the day, and the other in the evening. The beauty of Kratom is that you are not limited to one particular strain. Kratom strains have their name originating from the places they are planted. And because there are variations in climate and environment worldwide, it makes sense that the strength of these Kratom strains will also vary. Apart from strains, the vein color of each Kratom leaves is also different. Veins can come in red, green, white or yellow. These variations are caused by different chemical composition. So you can use the same strain, but it can have varying vein colors. For instance, Maeng da the yellow and red vein are useful as sedatives while White vein variants are more of stimulants. That said here are the different types of Kratom strains.

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Red Vein Kratom

This type of Kratom stain is the most popular and most selling in the market. It is sold more than the green and white vein combined. Red Kratom can grow in the various environment because, as some research shows, the red substance that gives the red color makes the plant more adaptive to external factors and their harvest is plentiful. With Red Vein Kratom leaves, the stem and veins are red. Mostly grown in South East Asia. Doctors will recommend red vein leaves for beginners because they produce calming effects.

It is said to give one a peace of mind and optimism. Aside from that, a person who has insomnia can significantly benefit from red Kratom as it can be used as a sleep aid. The red vein also helps to relieve pain through relaxing the muscles. Some people substitute pharmaceuticals painkillers with this strain. There are differences with effect within the red vein strain. For instance, Red Thai or Red Borneo have a sedating effect while others like Red Sumatra are stimulants. As with other Kratoms, the dose you take determines the overall impact.

White Vein Kratom

This type of strain is the best choice for people who want to be stimulated as well as have a positive mood. Although the effects of each strain differ due to factors such as lifestyle and the quality of the product, the general effects of this Kratom are stimulation and euphoria. Instead of drinking coffee, people are using white Kratom as an alternative. Aside from that, this strain also helps to increase the attention level, motivation and boosts stamina. However, avoid taking white Kratom at night as it can disrupt your normal sleep routine. You could also mix white vein Kratom powder with the red vein to help in boosting your energy levels.

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Green Vein Kratom

Green strains are mild and allow you to do your daily activities without disruption. Green Kratom have some anxiolytic and mood enhancing properties, which makes it an excellent choice for people who are going out or socializing. Persons who have used it also report an increased level of concentration and focus. The beauty of the green vein strains is that they do not lead to drowsiness, so you can use it to manage pain and other discomforts. People will often mix green Kratom with red or white strains to achieve a better flavor and maximum effects.

Why is it Important to Differentiate the Kratom Strains?

Like we have seen above, the different strains have different effects. For example, the red strains are mostly for stimulation and sedation while the white strains are best for mood enhancement. So knowing each kind of strain will help you to determine whether it suits your personal preferences and the situation you are in. For instance, if you want to manage pain and discomfort without having to feel drowsy, then green Kratom is ultimately the best choice. And if you are suffering from opiate addiction, use the white Kratom strains.

How do I differentiate Each Strain?

Generally, any Kratom tree will produce the three strains. However, if you want to isolate each strain, you should look at the color of the leaves. Outside the leaf, we can see the color difference. But inside, the alkaloids profiles or fingerprints can be identified. You could also check the stem or the vein of each strain. But this can be quite challenging since, in most Kratom, the vein and the stem are removed. The color of each leaf will determine the effect it will have on your body and mind.

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Also, you could isolate Kratom with the region from where it is grown. Majority of the strains are planted in South East Asia, but there are others which originate from elsewhere such as Africa. Each region results to Kratom strains with a different effect. For instance, there is the Malay Kratom that is grown in Malaysia which can have euphoric effects even when taken in low doses. There is also the Thai Kratom from Thailand and the Bali Kratom from Indonesia.

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Final Thoughts

The above information tries to summarize the different Kratom strains that are available in the market and their effect. However, the only sure way to determine if a strain works for you or not is to try a variety of them and identify how you feel after. Remember, if you are a beginner to start with low doses and gradually increase since, like any other medication, Kratom has its side effects, which can be maximized when taken in large quantity.