Mystic Island kratom is a seller making a name for itself in the kratom world by being dubbed the excellent provider. Consumers must constantly ensure the seller they are buying from has the best quality and dependable items before purchasing any product. You don’t have to think twice about purchasing from Mystic Island; once you’ve tried ordering from here, you’ll always find your way back here.

On the Mystic Island website, there is not much information you can find on them. Their goods are not adequately defined or labeled in a way that may help you determine which kratom strain you’re buying. It is not out of the question, but it is time-absorbing.

Who Are Mystic Island Kratom?

Mystic Island Kratom is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based online store. They do not have a store; instead, you can only purchase their items through their website. The website is simple, with little information about the company and the products it sells.

Having begun in 2017, this seller has only been in business for a short time. Yet with their broad range of high-quality selling products, they have made a name for themselves. One reason for their success is retailing a wide range of popular kratom mixes at a low cost. There are numerous intriguing names given to their kratom that will pique your interest and entice you to try them out.

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This vendor’s website is brief and to the point. With its plain and simple design, you’ll be able to discover your favorite kratom quickly. Original, Mystic Gems, Mystic Creatures, and Vet/Customer bending are four categories of kratom and kratom mixes with some quirky, eye-catching names.

Mystic Island Kratom Products And Lab Testing

It is critical that merchants selling kratom online state if their goods have been lab-tested so that their consumers know that they are receiving safe, clean, and authentic items. That is where mystic island kratom comes into a negative play. No description states if the kratom products of the Mystic Island have been lab-tested, but don’t worry, the excellent customer reviews and the 4-star rating of the Mystic Island make up that gap.

Many reports have been in favor of them with satisfied customers. Safe to say, you can put your trust in them for some premium quality kratom.

Are The Products Safe?

It does follow the FDA guidelines. When you choose the product to buy kratom, you will come across the clarification given by the brand that their product does not promote or insist on any treatment of illness or any condition. However, the American Kratom Association’s GMP has not accredited it.

We can’t tell if the kratom was tested by any independent third party because there is still no indication. However, don’t be discouraged; the vendor’s customer evaluations are still excellent.

Products By Mystic Island Kratom

When it comes to products, Mystic Island sells a variety of them, each with a unique name.

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Mystic Island, as the brand name implies, solely sells kratom items at a broad range. However, you will only be able to purchase one form of kratom—kratom powder. They do not sell pills or liquid extracts of kratom.

You will find kratom powder divided into four categories. The first one is Original. Under this category, you will find 25 kratom strains. The kratom items you will find in this category are some good old White Sumatra kratom, Green Vietnam kratom, Red Bali kratom, Gold, Red Papua, and the list goes on.

The second category, Mystic Creature, has 12 different kratom powders. Mystic Mermaid, Mystic Pheonix, Mystic Vampire, Mystic Werewolf, and others are among them.

Our third category, Mystic Gems, has ten distinct kratoms, including Aquamarine, Sapphire, Diamond, etc.

The fourth category, Vet/Customer mixes, has five different kratoms. Mystique, Gandalf, and Phat Craker are in the customer mix section, whereas Big Red One is in the vet blends department.

Both Mystic Gem & Creature are blends of different kratom strains.

How Much Will These Cost?

The cost of kratom in the mystic island is sure to make you happy. Mystic Island holds the title of one of the most, if not the only, inexpensive suppliers that will sell you kratom at a very reasonable price. The price will vary depending on how many grams you buy.

25g, 75g, 125g, 250g, 500g, 1kg are the sizing accessible for you, with prices ranging from $3 to $69. Mystic island vendors offer coupons worth 20% off your total.

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For more discount or promotion ads, follow Mystic Island Facebook and Information for updates.

Top Sellers Of Mystic Island Kratom

There is no evidence of which specific products are the best seller out of so many available kratoms. However, this company has top sellers in each category. These kratoms are available at a budgeted price, $3 per 25g and $69 1kg.

In their Original Section, Green Bali and Super green Balay are the most preferred ones.

In the Mystic Creature section, the top sellers are Mystic Vampire, an herb with lasting effects. Mystic Ruby, a blend with red kratom strains, and Mystic Mermaid.

Mystic Island’s category Mystic Gems top-selling blends include Aquamarine, Mystique, and Sapphire. Aquamarine is a red and white kratom powder mixture. Mystique is a blend of reds and whites, with hints of gold and yellow. Lastly, Sapphire is a blend of all four strain tones: red kratom, yellow kratom, white kratom, and green kratom.

Shipping Policy Of Mystic Island Kratom

Mystic Island is a seller who will ensure that your package arrives securely and on schedule. If you need your order to be delivered the same day, the optimum time to place your order is before 2 p.m. EST Monday through Saturday. However, other than this, you have to wait for 48 hours for your kratom to be delivered to you.

The company’s shipping policy is to ship orders by USPS Priority Mail or First-Class Mail. Mystic Island will offer you a tracking number after you place your order so you can remain up to date on the status of your transaction. With a few exemptions, Mystic Island distributes its items worldwide. Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, and Wisconsin are the states that Mystic Island does not deliver.

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Payment Policy Of Mystic Island Kratom

As mentioned on the website, there are only two payment methods available via debit or credit cards. There are no other alternatives for those who do not prefer to pay through their bank accounts.

Refund Policy Of Mystic Island Kratom

You can send back the products within 14 days of buying. According to the company’s policy, you will only be eligible for a refund if the items were delivered damaged or if they have not opened. Because the products have seals, please ensure that the seal is not broken or opened before returning them.

Customer Feedback

Mystic Island believes in happy customers- happy business. They provide good customer service for their loyal and new customers. After taking a look online, you will come across many positive reviews about Mystic Island Kratom. The company is rated 4/5 stars, being one of the trusted brands. Many kratom enjoyers love to buy their products from here.

Have a look at Facebook, and you will find a dump of positive reviews of happy customers. Every person who buys here says that they are satisfied with the price, quality, and delivery process. Customers gave the quality of their product a 10/10 rating.

Contact Mystic Island Kratom

Mystic Island is always open to customer feedback. You can also contact them for any inquiry or information. You can communicate with Mystic Island Kratom at their given e-mail address. On the other hand, you can verbally reach out to them for any information and details on their phone number from 8 a.m-5 p.m.

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Final Words

Mystic Island is a vendor that has your back on price, shipping, quality, and variety. It is truly a brand that satisfies every customer’s need. This brand does have some cons, but none are so extreme to leave you unsatisfied or unhappy. Have fun trying out different types of kratom at the most economical prices. You are only a website away from getting your hands on the prime kratom powder. What’s the wait then, head over and tap that shop now button!


1) Why Isn’t Mystic Island AKA Certified?

Mystic Island Kratom sells blends made by themselves that do not meet the GMP criteria that AKA requires. For the certificate, you need to be part of the good manufacturing process standards program.

2) Are The Effects Of The Product Effective?

According to many customers, yes, kratom purchased from Mystic Island does have some nice effects which are long-lasting.

3) Is The Brand Safe?

You have to make an account and mention your age before proceeding to shop. All of your information and card details will be secure so, you have no worries.

4) Is Mystic Island Cost-Effective?

Compared to other vendors, mystic island products are pretty reasonable, and they are worth every dollar!