Kratom is known for its benefits and is being used in many countries now. However, a few of them are not sure about the benefits of kratom. People have many misconceptions about kratom products (Maeng da kratom, green Malay kratom, Indo kratom) regarding its safety and compare them with other drugs, as well as consider its effects similar to them or even accuse kratom of being addictive. Here are few misconceptions which have been found to have made recently.
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Kratom Abuse:
Kratom can create some side effects when its dosage is increased too much, but these side effects are not severe. If the adverse effects of other drugs are taken into consideration, they can lead the users to;

  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Quarrels with their friends and family
  • Involvement in any illegal activity
  • Road Accidents or even death of the users themselves

Kratom is unlike such drugs as they do not have these effects mentioned above. There is no risk involved in the use of kratom that may lead to the death of the user, and we can’t call kratom a substance of abuse.

Kratom is Unsafe:

Evidence of safety of Kratom cannot only obtain considering its use for thousands of years, but also recent reports of its lack of toxicity can prove it to be a safe product. Kratom is considered a safer product due to the presence of some compounds in it which have many benefits. These compounds include;

  • Immuno-Stimulants
  • Anti-Hypertensives
  • Antileukemics
  • Antioxidants
  • Vasodilators
  • Analgesics
  • Antitussives

Moreover, we can count the number of incidents which have been reported in which users have experienced dangerous effects.

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Kratom Is An Addictive Drug:

Kratom is also assumed to be a product which is as addictive as other drugs.

  • If we look at the drugs like opium and ask how they work, they interact with some of the receptors in the body of the users which are sensitive and create negative effects for the users. Many people say that kratom also communicates with the same cell receptors and creates similar effects, but this not right.
  • Kratom is a simulator but it does not over stimulate, which is the core reason of getting addicted to a drug. In the case of kratom use, cell receptors do not need kratom to be stimulated to maintain the level of endorphins in the body as other drugs need it. Therefore, Kratom cannot be called an addictive medicinal.
  • Kratom is also considered a solution for opiate addiction as it can reduce their Negative Effects, Which Is Another example of Evidence of Kratom  Not Being an Addictive Drug.

Kratom Does Not Give Medical Benefits:
It is another misconception about the kratom that it does not have any medical value, but the truth is that;

  • Some persons have experienced a reduction in clinical depression and
    The anti-oxidants which are present in kratom can combat against all kinds of cell damage.
  • Many patients who have sleeping issues have had them resolved by kratom.

Legal Bans:
In most of the areas, where kratom is banned, the reason for such a ban is of a political nature. For example, in Thailand, a ban on kratom was imposed to support the export of opium only because there was fear that due to the kratom, business from opium sales would be disturbed.
All of these discussed myths are becoming a hurdle in the growing discoveries of the benefits of the kratom. Researchers are looking to find out more and more benefits from the kratom as already with time, discoveries are made regarding the advantages of kratom products.