The Best of Okie Kratom

Most people around the world are always searching for the best Kratom products available. There are numerous vendors out there who claim to offer the best Kratom in the market, but they have no evidence to back this up. Most of these vendors are not genuine; they only lure innocent people into buying contaminated Kratom that causes undesirable effects.

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There is a possibility of new strains getting into the market. Are you aware that there is a pink strain in the market? Probably only a few experienced users have come across the pink Thai from Okie Kratom which supports its products with detailed information and evidence. The company is one of the premier vendors of high-quality Kratom.

About the company

M. Gary D. Blodgett is the man behind the idea of Okie Kratom. He was inspired to start a Kratom store when he found out that existing vendors were not reliable. In his small town, it was challenging to get the product since no Kratom supplier serviced the area. Potential Kratom users were forced to rely on sex toy shops to purchase the products. Mr. Gary also had challenges dealing with the metric system.

About Okie Kratom

  • Another major challenge he faced was that the only vendors he found, sold the product in bulk while most clients could only afford a few standard packets based on their requirements and needs.
  • These frustrations fueled the idea of starting this company. Okie Kratom allows customers to purchase as little as 1 gram of any desired strain.
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However, the company is not prevalent online. It is close to impossible to find its reviews on online Kratom forums such as Reddit. That does not mean the company is not legit or that its products are not of quality compared to other Kratom vendors in the market. The company’s website and other attributes make it stand out.


When you visit the Okie Kratom website, you will notice it works to a customer’s advantage. It is awe-inspiring with a thought-through layout that allows visitors to choose products from the homepage. If you are not visiting the site just to check out the products, you can scroll towards the bottom of the home page where you can see the available specials.

  • Before purchasing from the site, it is essential that you get conversant with precisely what it is selling.
  • It is among the few websites that have categorized the various strains based on their vein color to help customers have an easy time while shopping.

Available products

This vendor has a wide range of Kratom strains including:

  • Green Borneo
  • Green Bali
  • Green Jong Kong
  • White Vietnam
  • White Sumatra
  • White Thai
  • Red Jong kong
  • Red Maeng Da

These are but a few strains it stocks. The vendor has stocked many strains and veins that even the most detailed Okie Kratom review cannot highlight them all. The stock is enough to cater for all users with various preferences.


Mr. Gray, the founder, prioritizes, on providing high-quality products to ensure users get the best results. However, he fails to provide information regarding not only the good manufacturing practices (GMPs) they follow but also the lab test results. If the company wants to be unique from other online Kratom vendors, it has to change its practice and provide lab tests to their potential customers. However, a majority of the user’ reviews about this vendor are positive.

  • For new users who are not sure what might work best for them, Okie Kratom offers sample packs to help identify the best strain before buying in bulk.
  • When requesting for sample packs, an attendant can guide you to the best products that can satisfy your needs.
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Okie Kratom Products


Okie Kratom’s products are affordable.

  • With as little as $80, you can buy a kilo of either White Maeng Da or Red Thai Kratom.
  • It is close to impossible to find a reliable website selling these Kratom strains below $100.
  • Some people doubt the quality of this company’s products since the prices are unbelievably low.
  • However, numerous reviews talk positively about the quality of their products.
  • Remember, customers, are always right.

Payment methods

If you are an interested buyer, select the product that interests you and place your order. Before the company delivers, you are required to pay using your usual method if you are a repeat customer, but for new users, you can use money orders and mail them to Gary Blodgett.

Shipping and Return

  • Okie Kratom has a time tested and proven next day shipping for orders placed before 5 pm.
  • For your order to be processed for shipping, you should have made the payment before 6 am.
  • The vendor has set a cut off time at 8 pm on Thursdays.
  • Therefore, shipping of any orders received after the cut off cannot be done on Friday or Saturday but Monday. Currently, the firm’s shipping services only cover Spain, Italy, Canada, and the USA.

If you are not pleased with what you received, and you wish to return the product, you can contact the company directly. The customer care team will decide whether you qualify for a refund or not. However, the firm does not accept any product that has been tampered with or used. The shipping liability lies on the customer, not the company.

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Customer service

The company has a friendly customer care team who provide detailed information about its products and advise customers on the best strains that can meet their needs. In the case of shipping problems, the customer care representatives are always willing to help and solve the hindering issue. They respond fast to customers who need a refund, and if it is not possible, they give reasons and help where possible.

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The company has proven to be reputable that people can trust and depend on high-quality Kratom products at affordable prices. However, as much as it has been in existence for an extended period and offers a wide range of various Kratom strains, issues regarding lack of technical information about the products and lab results need to be addressed. The best thing about the company is that you can order even the smallest amount of Kratom to test it before ordering in bulk. Its prices are low compared to other vendors, and the Okie Kratom reviews are positive.