OPMS kratom is not like any other kind of kratoms. It is a unique type of kratom due to the high it gives its users. OPMS kratom attributes its strength to the comprehensive process of extraction and production. The extraction is done using special solvents and boiling water.

Moreover, OPMS use kratom leave with concentrated levels of alkaloids. Alkaloids are chemical components on a kratom that produce the stimulation, and opioid-like behavior kratoms are associated with. This article is going to review the best OPMS shots on dealers’ shelves.

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OPMS Kratom Silver

The OPMS kratom silver is the oldest strain of kratom in the market. It comes as a very smooth powder, but it usually retails in a capsule form, available in OMPS kratom silver 8 grams & 30grams The success of this strain resulted in the production of three other constituent strains namely OPMS Silver Maeng Da, Malay Special Reserves and Silver Thai Kratom. Its byproducts take the form of capsules, powders and even liquid.

It’s appropriated mode of extraction made it popular among customers who saw the invention of other strains. OPMS Kratom Silver capsules are made by finely grinding kratom leaves into a very soft powder. The grinding is done to increase the surface area of the product. Conversion of the leaves into outstanding components helps in the packing of more kratoms content into a capsule. Therefore, the more delicate the powder, the more kratom content present on a tablet.

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  • It is famous for the time it takes to be absorbed into the bloodstream and how high it makes people. OMPS kratom shot takes a minimum of 5 minutes to register its effects and which can last for up to 8hours in the system.
  • What made this stain a household name is its ability to numb feelings of exhaustion, making it popular among people who work long shifts. It also arrests anxiety by making someone confident.


  • The dosage of OPMS Kratom Silver depends on the level of experience of the user. However, for amateurs, it is recommended to start with less than 2 grams and chart their way forward from there.


  • The OPMS Kratom Silver was $4 more than the other types of kratoms in the market at the time of its production.
  • The reviews of the constituents of kratom silver are necessary to give clients options.

OPMS Silver Maeng Da Kratom

  • The OPMS Silver Maeng Da is the most popular strain of kratoms produced by OPMS.
  • Their OPMS Silver Maeng Da Kratom comes in an 8 gram,15grams, and 30grms containers and is packed in 16, 30 and 60 capsules packs. They are designed to go for 3 weeks to four months, depending on a user’s level of consumption.

The essence of making the product portable is to allow customers to carry their kratom wherever they go and in case they are down and need a boost, they can pop a pill to get their groove back. Moreover, the decision was also informed by the need to satisfy customers’ demand for proper packaging. It is known that initially, companies packed kratoms in big containers which bothered some clients because they could not fit into purses or pockets. The packaging has set OPMS Silver Maeng Da apart from its contemporaries.

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  • When a capsule is taken, it takes a quarter of an hour or so for the full effects of the kratom to kick in. The best thing about this strain of kratom from OPMS is that it is powerful, but the caveat is, the high comes slowly. Therefore, for people who are inpatient, when using OPMS Silver Maeng Da Kratom, it is good to be patient and let the drug do its work. It is not advisable to add another pill if the high is not registering
  • This strain can be both a cognitive enhancer and stimulant. These two effects make this product a must-have for people in professions with a lot of pressure. It assists with the relaxation of muscles and manages the impact of fatigue.


  • OPMS kratoms have a high concentration of alkaloids which makes them very potent. It is advisable, to begin with, a dosage of 2grms per day. This quantity is the starting point for beginners then they can graduate by adding little amounts as they become pros.
  • Using more than 10 grams of this strain of kratom can be harmful to a user’s health. Consuming such quantity at a go is bordering on abuse.


  • The price of an 8 grams OPMS Silver Maeng Da Kratom is $12.99 while the rate of 15 and 30grms OPMS Silver Maeng Da Kratom is $34.99 and $17.99 respectively.

OPMS Kratom Silver Malay Special Reserve

A little is known about this strain but, it is a hidden gem. A person who uses kratoms would understand that. If you are a person who loves adventures and trying new things, you must try this strain.

  • OPMS Kratom Silver Malay Special Reserve is a very soft, rich in color and aroma kratom. It is made out of fully grown kratom leaves, and it is why it is regarded as one of the best strains in the market. It contains half more alkaloids content than in other strains of kratoms.
  • This means that it gets people high faster than other strains. According to people who have given it a say that you never know what you will get when you use this strain. It brings something different every time you use it.
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  • This strain has been used as a prescription drug to alleviate the effects of some diseases such as arthritis, headaches, migraines and other types of back pains. Moreover, it is used by some as a pain medication after operation procedures or accidents. Its wide range of application in medicine only underlines its influence and potency.


  • According to dealerships, moderation should be practiced when using this strain. This implies that you should use the quantity that works for your body.


  • Its price range varies, with the smallest pack going for almost $24.99 and the most expensive package going for $84.99.

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The kratom market is flooded and the possibility of consuming a counterfeited product. However, with OPMS kratom you are in safe hands in terms of quality and prices. OPMS Kratom Silver Malay Special Reserve standout as the best strain on this list.