Nowadays, it is rare to come across Kratom products that rekindle your love and excitement for supplements. Every other product seems to give the same effect, and it feels like no one is willing to make renewed botanicals. As a result, it isn’t easy to find something new in the market. But all hope isn’t lost just yet.

Have you ever heard of the name “Oregon Kratom?” If not, you are undoubtedly missing out on one of the best Kratom vendors out there. This supplier takes a different and more down-to-earth approach for selling its products, which makes it stand apart from the rest of the market. Anyone that tried out its botanicals can also vouch for them. If you’re interested, we are here to tell you everything there is to know about this vendor. Let’s take a look at what makes Oregon Kratom so reliable.


The Aim Of The company

Almost every Kratom-based company in the United States does the utmost to enhance its products to give the herb’s maximum effect. But in doing so, the natural taste and feel of the Kratom products are lost. These vendors are so busy enhancing their supplement’s potency, they forget about the importance of an authentic Kratom experience. However, that is precisely what Oregon Kratom provides.

Oregon Kratom is an Oregon-based internet seller whose proprietor, Zac, prefers to keep it straightforward. You may purchase numerous Kratom variants as powder or capsules from their web page, available in different categories.

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The “About Us” web page says that all of the merchandise that you get is just like it was from the producers. Nothing has been added or taken away for the user to feel the genuine benefits of Kratom and the distinct features of each strain.

Available Strains

The Kratom strains available at Oregon Kratom are considerably diverse. Their merchandise is divided into three types: red kratom, green kratom, and white Kratom, making it simple to discover what you need. They have Maeng Da kratom, Bali kratom , Kapuas Hulu kratom, Malay kratom, and even the exotic Sumatra Kratom.

Oregon Kratom also sells several custom blends that put a fresh spin on the standard benefits of this plant for people who want to try something new. Their Train wreck full spectrum blend, for instance, is made up of 11 distinct strains that span all sorts of Kratom, from Red to Green, White, and Yellow kratom.

Meanwhile, Sampling Packs or Mix & Matching Packs enable you to buy up to 8 different strains in relatively small amounts to see which ones you like before ordering in bulk.


Top Selling Products Of The Company

Oregon Kratom is best known for selling many different Kratom supplements, including powders, capsules, extracts, and tinctures.

Kratom Powders

At Oregon Kratom, the powder is available for purchase in three varying strain types: red, green, or white.

If you have a red kratom powder, you know it comes from red-veined kratom leaves. The ripest and most potent leaves have red veins. According to research, they help individuals relax and alleviate agony.

A white Kratom powder is derived from leaves with white veins, as you might expect. The presence of white veins on the leaves indicates that the plant still needs time for complete development. People say that white strains are the most effective for increasing energy and attention.

Green strain powders, of course, are a derivative of leaves with green veins. These are somewhat potent and are the middle line between white and red strains in terms of benefits.

There are many different ways to consume the supplement’s powdered form. You can mix it with a beverage or food, brew it into a tea, or take it via the “toss and wash” method.

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Kratom Capsules

While some individuals consider capsules an entirely distinct form of ingestion, they are simply gelatin containers for Kratom powder. Kratom capsules are preferable among users since they make it more effortless to calculate your dose. You don’t need to bother with measuring because they provide a precise quantity of powder.

They also avoid the unpleasant taste of Kratom powder. But on the other hand, the benefits of capsules may take longer to manifest since your body must first break down the gelatin coating.

Kratom Extracts

Do you happen to be one of those people that always like to have a more potent dose? Well, lucky for you, doing so is possible in an even smaller dosage amount than usual. Oregon Kratom provides kratom extracts that have a much higher concentration of alkaloids as compared to the other supplements. However, this one is mostly just popular amongst the experienced Kratom users.

Does The Company Provide Lab Test Reports?

If there is one thing that any reliable Kratom vendor must surely provide, it is lab reports. A certificate of analysis can give you details about the quality and consistency of each batch of Kratom going out from the supplier. As a result, it ensures that there are no anomalies between the products.

Thankfully, Oregon Kratom does provide lab test reports to show its reliability. You can see the specific analysis details of each product before buying to make sure everything is clear. Each batch of Kratom goes to a third-party laboratory so they can check for a fair test. They usually check for contamination by microbes and heavy metals that could have adverse effects upon consumption. The lab reports are available on each particular product page.

Prices Of The Products

Oregon Kratom isn’t the cheapest kratom supplier out there, but their goods aren’t unreasonably costly either. If you want to see how it compares to the rest of the market, all you need to know is that most Kratom products out there are available for around 40 cents per gram. And unbelievably, Oregon Kratom drops that price down to about 8 cents per gram for its supplements.

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You may even save a substantial amount of money on a particular Kratom strain, especially if you opt for a bulk purchase.

If you want to resell Kratom, this is one of the few suppliers that offers powder and capsules in bulk quantities of 500 kg or more. For a 1,000 kg (1 ton) order, for instance, you can choose from several Red, Green, or Super White strains and end up saving up to 40% on the overall price.

Return Policies

For any vendor that wants success in the industry, it is essential to have reasonable refund policies. It develops a trustworthy environment where customers may get their money back if they aren’t satisfied. Fortunately, Oregon Kratom does have lenient return policies.

Customers who are unhappy with their purchased Kratom supplements should approach the company’s proprietor. If you have a problem with your purchase, all you need to do is get in touch with Zac, the manager of Oregon Kratom.

Although it allows product returns, Oregon Kratom does not accept anything already opened, but exceptions are sometimes possible in some circumstances. Oregon Kratom will usually refund or replace your order if the product packaging is still unopened

Payment Methods

Oregon Kratom lets you pay conveniently through credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Therefore, you won’t ever have to go through the inconvenience of paying with cash on delivery. But if these payment methods don’t work for you, you can reach out to the brand owner for more possibilities.


The majority of Kratom suppliers use USPS, and Oregon Kratom is no exception. Customers who spend $40 or more get free delivery, so long as they reside in the United States.

USPS is less expensive and charges depending on the customer’s address and the quantity of the shipment. Since the USPS offers Priority Mail delivery, shipping times vary depending on when you place the order. But in most cases, customers receive their products within 48 hours.

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Oregon Kratom even provides a unique type of packaging. It enables consumers to receive their merchandise discreetly. As a result, your shipment will show up without any information about Kratom.

Coupon Codes And Discounts

Oregon Kratom has always been amongst the few considerate vendors out there that generously give out discounts. As a result, it lessens their Kratom prices and attracts more potential customers. It almost sounds unbelievable because their prices are already pretty affordable.

Depending on the amount purchased, you may get between 15%-25% off from the vendor’s coupon codes. But if you are looking for even better discounts, that too is possible. All you need to do is buy the products in bulk, and you may get up to 40% off the entire order.

GMP Qualification From The American Kratom Association

For anyone that doesn’t know about the American Kratom Association, their primary aim is to educate the community about the benefits of Kratom. But other than that, they also ensure that any vendor affiliated with them strictly follows GMP rules and regulations. As a result, all the Kratom products manufactured are consistently reliable and safe for consumption.

But alas, there is no evidence of any affiliation of Oregon Kratom with the AKA. Moreover, it also isn’t present in the accreditation list on the AKA’s website. So, unfortunately, there is no knowing if the supplier manufactures its products according to GMP guidelines.

Any False Medical Claims On Their Blog Or Product Descriptions?

Oregon Kratom doesn’t make any false health claims about its Kratom products. The brand only means to have their customer’s best interests at heart. Any health-related information you may see on a product is reliable as there is plenty of scientific research to back it up.

Are They Selling With False Kratom Names?

The vendor never sells its products through false names, which would make the whole supplement very unreliable. So if you come across Oregon Kratom products that you can’t find on their actual website, it would be advisable to keep your distance from them.

Customer Feedback On Social Sites

Even if you’re familiar with the general Kratom market, trying a new vendor always carries a risk. But there’s no need to worry because customers hold Oregon Kratom in high regard, and they openly admit it as well. Below, you can see one of the new Kratom users that chose to try out this company’s products.

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Is The Vendor Active On Social Media?

Oregon Kratom is active on Reddit, among other social platforms. They often provide updates on new products as soon as they are available for purchase on the website. As a result, many customers have a chance to get their hands on the brand new botanicals before they quickly run out. Moreover, the vendor also provides updates on discount deals and promotional offers that might help you save a lot of money while purchasing Kratom supplements

Competence Of Customer Services

When you look at the reviews on Oregon Kratom, they are majorly positive, and that isn’t only because of the high-quality products. The vendor also has top-notch customer support, which gets you all the help you could need. Users say that if they weren’t satisfied with their product, all they had to do was get in touch with Zac. After that, the company owner did everything possible to ensure that they received a suitable product according to their needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Authentic Kratom experience
  • Popular products like Trainwreck full spectrum Kratom
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Fast and affordable shipping
  • Competitive Kratom prices
  • Third-party lab test reports are available
  • Responsive customer support
  • Lenient refund policies
  • Positive customer reviews on the Internet
  • No false claims or names about the supplements
  • Secure packaging for the products
  • Bulk discounts and coupon codes are available


  • Website is hard to find
  • Only ships to limited states

Final Thoughts

Oregon Kratom is a trustworthy and transparent supplier. This vendor achieves a commendable combination between affordable prices and a top standard of supplement quality.

Unlike most other sellers, Oregon Kratom thoroughly tests all of its products before shipping them to consumers. Moreover, the evidence of their quality controls is available on their website through lab reports, making them a pretty reliable Kratom vendor.