Kratom has become quite popular over the years – from helping people to deal with their anxiety to assisting others in overcoming some of their addictions. In our post, we are going to review Philly Kratom, a company that sells Kratom products to people online.

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Who Are They?

Philly Kratom is a company that calls themselves “Your Life Your Leaf.” They deal with all sorts of Kratom products and ship to customers around the world. They have a website that you can check out and get to learn more about them.

How Philly Kratom Was Established

Your Life Your Leaf, the YouTuber Philly established Philly Kratom. After serving time in prison for five years, Philly was released and started the “normal” life again back into the real world. At first, things were okay, but as time went on, he began to creep back into pity, lack of gratitude, obsession, and self-loathing. Soon enough, he found himself back into addiction.

  • He much attributes his savings from all those issues to Kratom because if he would have been back to prison if not for what Kratom enabled him to overcome.
  • Philly states that his main aim is to share his experience and wealth of information to those who might need it so that they can also get the help that they deserve.
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Philly Kratom

Philly Kratom Products

Philly Kratom deals with a lot of products that you can freely purchase on their site. Some of the products that they sell include:

  • 2oz/56g Strains
  • 4oz/112g Strains
  • 8oz/224g Strains
  • CBD
  • Collectible Kratom spoons
  • Enhanced products
  • Sample packs
  • Split kilos

Featured Products

They also have featured products that you can find selling on their site. Their featured products include:

  • 10oz/228g Sampler
  • True Grit 1oz
  • The baby sampler 5oz/140g
  • Philly Crystal No.18. Red, white and green vein
  • Philly Crystal No. 19. Green
  • Pepper (white enhanced 10%)
  • Philly special
  • Full-spectrum hemp gummies

Quality of their Products

When looking at their website, we were able to find a few customer reviews on some of their products. The reviews were quite good, with most products getting 5-stars. That goes on to show their products are of good quality, although we cannot know for sure whether the reviews are legit or not.

  • However, the best way to know whether a company is selling good products or bad ones is to find out what other customers are saying about them.
  • Philly Kratom has proven to have some legitimacy judging by what customers are saying about their products.
  • This is amazing as it gives you some confidence when you decide to invest in their products. Customers who have used this company have a common and positive consensus, which shows the goodness of the firm.


When it comes to product selection, we would highly recommend buying something that will be suitable according to your needs. The good thing about Philly Kratom is that they do provide a guideline on how to use their products, as well as the side effects that may come as a result of using a specific product. Their product selection is excellent, but you also have to be cautious about the products you buy, as well as the amount you consume.

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Payment Methods

The payment method is one crucial factor you have to consider when buying things online. Security has to be considered to avoid losing your money from hackers. When we checked out the Philly Kratom website, we were to see that they do have data protection from the SSL certificate set on the site. They offer payment methods such as

  • Cashapp
  • Venmo
  • Facebook Messenger Pay
  • Bitcoin payment
  • It is incredible to have such diverse payment options that will make life easier for you.

Coupon Codes

Philly Kratom Products

  • Philly Kratom offers 10% off when you pay through Bitcoin. They have provided all the details you need to make payment through Bitcoin, and the process is quite seamless.
  • This is a great way in which you can exploit so as to make a saving. You can also be able to call them up and enquire about any other existing offers that could be relevant and useful to you.

Shipping and Return Policies

  • Philly Kratom vendor does all their shipping through USPS priority mail. They provide shipping for orders above $50.
  • Express shipping costs $25, and most often, you receive this kind of rule the next day. All orders get posted immediately 20 hours after payment.

The vendor provides refunds if you’re unsatisfied with the product. However, the product has to be returned in its original state. You should do not tamper with the product. It is indeed great to have such an option and it can become useful when you do not like the product that is delivered.

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Customer Service

The vendor has provided customers with their phone number and email address, which you can use to reach out to them in case of any questions or complaints. You can find their contacts on their website. This is incredible for you as you have a means by which you can fetch information regarding your preferred product. It is very reassuring for a website to offer all its contact information as it shows a lot of transparency. You are settled knowing that help is just a phone call away.

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Looking at the overall features and information about Philly Kratom, we can safely conclude that they do seem to be legit due to the way they’ve presented themselves. The packaging of their products is also top-notch, their customer reviews say good things about them, and they’ve also provided a means by which customers can quickly contact them.

However, as with all vendors on the market, you have to proceed with caution when dealing with them. The best approach, however, is to ensure that you are always a step ahead as regards information. Ensure that you are always informed and can be able to make wise decisions when selecting your preferred product.