Nothing good comes easy is a maxim that most if not all members of the kratom community have become all too familiar with over the years. Why? Simply because given the way kratom products are highly sought after unfortunately more and more. quack vendors are popping up online who either offer fake, poor quality or even at times NO kratom products. However, this unfortunate turn of events should not dissuade you from going after the wonderful benefits of these natures most excellent products. There are great vendors out there who take this business seriously such as Phytoextractum.

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General Information

At you are offered an extensive array of kratom selection. They not only provide kratom extracts (i.e., a highly potent blend of kratom). At you will find Kratom is available for purchase in many forms, and numerous strains. All of which are specifically designed for the production of different as well as unique benefits and not forgetting side effects. You should keep in mind that every person is uniquely different, and so is the effects you will notice of individual strains which vary dramatically from one person to another.

About phytoextractum vendor

Phytoextractum is the ultimate ‘all in one’ store for buying all strains of kratom products. They also have a team that is dedicated to research and development, meaning they can also sell you exclusive kratom products. With them is a website store that you are assured of products that are of superior quality, and if any of their products fall short of your expectations, you can quickly notify them.

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New Kratom products!

With this online vendor, you have an expert group at your disposal. This group is made up of people who are dedicated to research and the development of generally all strains of kratom products. They are always working on new kratom products, some of which are exclusive to them only on the web! This is impressively accompanied by their “New Product Notification System” they have made available to you to register as their customer for the subscription so that you be receiving their newsletter or even specific product updates.

Prompt shipping!

They offer you same-day, prompt shipping at no extra cost. With their half a dozen or so shipping options availed, work has made it easier for you to prioritize your order by your budget while at the same time ensuring you timely delivery.

Best payment options!

With Phytoextractum you will not experience payment options as they accept them in several methods such as eCheck, Bitcoin, COD, and Money Order. This may raise security issue with some vendors, but with them, this is solved with their SSL ordering process that is 256-bit encrypted meaning there is no need of worrying about a breach of privacy or security. You can also request direct bank payments. All you have to do is feed in the necessary details on their contact form when you place your order!

Quality at its best!

All of their kratom products have been confirmed and undergone verification as of highest quality. Phytoextractum will never sell you fake, remnants or synthetic products. Plus, if you’re dissatisfied with your order, they will go all out to rectify once you let them know.

Advance notifications!

For updates on their new kratom products and advancements or proceedings of a specific product register and sign up for their newsletter. This puts you at a perfect position to conduct your research before or while you secure your order in their inventory.

Kinds of Kratom products are available

You can purchase almost all types of herbal products from Phytoextractum. Also, newer products are continuously updated on their site all you have to do is click the tab “New Products” and get to see them. Let me give you a list of some of their products.

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Kratom Tablets

Kratom Powder

    • Green Maeng Da Krat $15.00
    • Red Maeng Da Krat $15.00
    • White Maeng Da Krat $15.00
    • Gold Vein Krat $15.00
    • Red Bali Krat $16.00
    • Super Green Maeng Da $16.00
    • Yellow Vein Kratom $16.00

Properties of the products they deal with

Phytoextractum deals with great Kratom products which they sell at very affordable prices. According to this broad range of products they have in store, it is essential to know exactly, what they are as well as how they cater to the basic needs of a kratom user.

Phytoextractum deals with sought-after strains of kratom which they avail and to spruce things up for their customers they blend them with other botanicals and herbs that are of similar properties e. g such as Kanna, kava and blue lotus.

Phytoextractum is rarely affected by market fluctuations of the different strains of kratom product which is why if you shop with them you are assured of a steady supply of your favorite kratom.

Some of The Favourite Strains of Kratom

Sedative Strains

  • Red Bali is a kratom strain that is a great sedative.
  • Borneo is excellent for mild sedation.

Stimulative Strains

  • The white vein is a kratom strain that is great as a preventive measure for fatigue and increases energy.

Uplifting Strains

Analgesic Strains

  • You can also easily find kratom strains for pain relief the Red Bali being amongst the most used due to its remarkable pain relieving capabilities.

Variety of Phytoextractum Kratom Strains

Kratom is categorized into three main strains based on how and where it is has been harvested; i.e., Green, Red, and White. With each strain is a specific count of alkaloids having different benefits depending on the part it was derived from the plant and the manner of harvesting. E.g., Green Malaysian is reared in Malaysia and is harvest from a green vein in the leaf. Red Indo from Red vein and Indonesia.

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Red Vein

  • This strains of kratom are the favorite for use in calming down and easing tension.
  • They are ideal for relieving anxiety and insomnia.
  • Reds are the strongest pain relievers and recovering from opioid addiction.
  • Red Borneo is the strongest anxiety reliever.

White Vein

  • These strains are the most energizing and stimulating. Best for giving an overall feel rejuvenation.
  • White veins are mood enhancers and good at clearing the mind.
  • Effective in relieving symptoms of Add/ADHD.
  • White Maeng Da is an example which is excellent for depression.

Green Vein

  • Green Vein Kratom is suitable for beginners, and perfection of mild analgesic, stimulation, and anti-anxiety.
  • Green strains are often used in combination with other strains for enhancement of desired effects.

Green Malay

  • Green Malaysian Kratom is known to be the most potent.
  • Low doses are quite energizing as well as euphoric, and higher doses are extremely sedating.
  • Best for chronic pain.


  • Indonesian Kratom is the leading (No.1) strain sold in the market.
  • It is often used in combination with extracts to increase its potency.
  • The Red Vein is the best anti-anxiety and relaxation sedative.
  • Causes far lesser negative side effects.

Benefits of Phytoextractum Kratom Strains

  • With Phytoextractum Kratom Strains you can rely on their potent mixtures and blend which have a lot of energy, and they also have effects in boosting mood.
  • By choosing their products given the fact that they ensure that they are in the purest form, you will be ultimately getting the worth of your money.
  • This is because they are known to be a very efficient choice for boosting energy especially in the morning hours as well as providing their customers with more complementary products catering to the varied tastes and preferences of a more extensive array of customers.
  • There are differing testimonies from Phytoextractum Kratom Strains users on its perceived effects and duration as well as that of their complementary products.
  • Of these testimonials, they are in unanimous agreement that this vendor offers a variety of natural herb that is the best of their kind.
  • When you purchase their products be it in small to medium sized dosage, it is said to act as in accordance to the required expectations.
  • And given the trend and their level of expertise in ensuring quality standards in both product and services as a user you can rely on them to be more productive because this has so far helped in sustaining their focus.
  • As a result, they enjoy a broad base of returning customers.
  • According to user review of Phytoextractum products, with their strains of Kratom you will enjoy cognitive enhancements effects that have the following benefits:
    • Increase the degree of concentration
    • Enhancement of memory as well as mental functions
    • Reduction of mental fatigue
    • Enhancement of the mood
    • Reliable anti-depressant
    • Increase in enthusiasm
    • Increase in stamina
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Of course, the above benefits are a consensus of a customer based comprising of loyal regular users, but there has also been a fair share of the inverse.

Side Effects

Being a vendor that specializes in dealing with powerful strains of Kratom, it is essential to be aware that Phytoextractum products also presents an increased possibility of a user having to develop some side effects. However, some of these side effects can be said to be more of an adverse reaction that results from its benefits not also forget that they are also dependent on the user. So as a reminder you should be cautious of your use and remember that you can reach out to them.

Buying Kratom from Phytoextractum

  • You can always count on them to send you goods in a solid packaging, where everything is kept fresh and safe, as well as their goods being reliable.
  • Fast delivery with the firm guarantee and also returnable in not more than 30 days. Their customer service is excellent with a quick and effective response.
  • They have a great loyalty program, such as free shipping for orders of over $75, easily redeemable and feasible rewards points hence ensuring customer loyalty. There is also an affiliate program where you can earn commission from your referrals.
  • There are particular price points where they used to give a gift which would include empty capsules or blender bottles.

Where to Buy

Red thai kratomWhite Borneo kratomwhite indo

  • If you settle for this vendor, you can visit their webpage to order.
  • As earlier mentioned they accept a wide select of money transfer options with the latest being PayPal, Bitcoin, and Dwolla.
  • Their products have been vetted therefore legit although their prices are relatively higher than other equally legit vendors. E.g., Red Maeng Da is offered at $19 an ounce which is too expensive.
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  • Their all-around quality assurance makes their products relatively more expensive although this is a good sign as the price point is a good gauge of the legitimacy of a vendor. This vendor also offers you a huge variety another indicator of it being authentic.
  • Phytoextractum still has competitive considering its superior quality Kratom, with most kratom powder, e.g., Maeng Da powder priced at just under $20/ oz.
  • The other good thing about them is their site is usually actively selling several strains which is good as they clear out the older stock much quicker hence keeping their inventory fresh.

Phytoextractum Coupon

By them having dedicated a whole page to discount coupons shows their level of commitment to providing the same which is admirable. To see their promotional codes visit the website and get sweet deals.

Recommendation and Conclusion

In conclusion, it is good to be on the safe side with these products given their level of sensitivity to your health. Therefore start by making small purchases to test and verify the quality and speed of delivery.

All in all, Phytoextractum seem to be a straight forward vendor and to demonstrate their level of seriousness they give their contact information to members. Given their extensive product variety, many payment options, excellent speed of delivery, good customer service, excellent product quality Phytoextractum is a worthwhile vendor.