The use of kratoms has become the in-thing, and it is ranked among the some of the best herbs. The widespread use of kratoms has necessitated a new way of consuming kratoms. The new way of consuming kratoms apart from oral consumption, snorting, rubbing is kratom plugging.

What Is Plugging Kratom

Also known as booty bumping or rectal drugs use plugging kratom the administration of soluble kratom into the body through the anal opening. Settling on this alternative is informed by either a health condition or love for adventure.

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Administration of herb through the anus is not something unheard of. Modern medicine has used plugging to apply medicine into inaccessible parts of the body such as the rectum. Taking medication that is meant for the rectum area through the mouth is not effective in the treatment of the condition. Hence, plugging access the remote areas and distribute it very fast to maximum effects.

Furthermore, plugging kratom has become the preferred route of getting herb into the body for people who have become addicted to kratoms. In rare cases of kratom addiction, plugging kratom is safer and the most natural pass into the body. Addiction to kratoms means that the individual usually looks at new ways of getting high fast. The new ways include dangerous forms of using like the use of needle, snorting. Protracted use of these methods can cause adverse health effects such as wearing off of the network of blood vessels in the body.

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Plugging Kratoms- The Process

On the mind of a kratom user, the choice of plugging method is influenced by the form of the kratom. Kratoms comes in various types. They exist in solid, powder, capsule and extract form. The physical form of kratoms is ideal for plugging kratom.

In case the solid kratom is unpleasant and messy in administering, the choice to make it pasty by adding some water is the best way to go. The kratom is mixed with very little water until a thick consistency is achieved. After the kratom turns into a liquid form, the method of plugging it into the body is chosen.

Kratom process

Plugging Materials

  • The process of administering something into the body through the anal canal can be a prospect many people will not like at first. Therefore, there are tools to be used in such cases.
  • A syringe is an essential part of this exercise. It should be sterilized to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Lubrication material should always be present. A lubricant such as glycerin and other oil-based products such a petroleum jelly is a good choice of lubricant. It helps in accessing the anus without friction which prevents people from getting anal canal injuries.
  • Container for preparing the mixture of kratom should be a little bit transparent to help in monitoring the consistency of the mixture.

Advantages of Plugging Kratoms

  • Anal application of kratoms achieves the fastest high as compared to oral consumption.
  • The differences in the strength and pace of getting high can be attributed to the processes the kratom goes through to register the high.
  • Oral consumption of kratoms goes through a lot of processes for the effects to be felt.
  • However, in plugging, the kratom does not undergo a lot of processes to register a high. hence, plugging of kratom as achieves high faster than oral and nasal administration of kratoms
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  • Anal administration of kratoms tends to be diffused into the circulatory system very fast because it does not go through the liver to be distributed all over the body.
  • The process that takes place at the liver is known as the first-pass metabolism.
  • Kratoms taken through the mouth lose some of its hallucination effects in the liver which makes the high achieved by oral consumption of kratoms negligible as compared to plugging.

Plugging Kratom

Complications Associated with Plugging Kratom

Wrong or protracted plugging of kratoms can have some side effects. The complications include:

  • Continuous application of kratoms through the anal cavity can cause discomfort and irritation on the anal opening which can lead to infections.
  • The use of contaminated syringe can cause viral infections such as HIV/AIDS.
  • In case a user had a pre-existing condition, it can worsen the preexisting conditions making them worse. Preexisting conditions aggravated by plugging kratoms comprises of diarrhea, constipation and other anal diseases.

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Plugging is an adventurous and unconventional way of consuming kratoms. But, it gives a user the best high to make a person feel they have had value for their money.