The Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains in the Kratom world. However, this particular strain comes in three different colors that are red, white and green. The colors usually signify the effect of the Kratom on the user. But, you need to know that the Maeng Da is dependent on factors such as tolerance level, and genetics.

However, which among the three is the strongest?

What are the benefits of the three strains?

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This article will compare the Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and the Green Maeng Da. By the end, you will be able to know the differences and some interesting facts about these three strains.

Let’s Start with the Red Maeng Da

The Red Maeng Da is cultivated from a red stem. This particular strain is more popular than the rest because of its ability to calm social anxiety. It also goes by the name Red Vein Thai. It was named so because it comes from Thailand. Other than being popular, it’s also the strongest.

Wondering why the Red Maeng Da is a favorite among most Kratom users? Well, it’s because it’s an ideal stress reliever and it’s a relaxant. The Red Maeng Da is excellent at relaxing muscles and it’s also a good painkiller. It’s a great alternative to over the counter medication because it has no side effect. It’s also ideal for chronic pain. Therefore, if you are suffering from either arthritis or joint pain then the Red Maeng Da can be the solution you have been looking for. It is also capable of alleviating withdrawal symptoms from former opiate users.

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If you fancy the Red Maeng Da over the others, then you should begin taking it in small quantities. You can then increase your dosage as you proceed. The effects of this strain usually kick in fast because it contains high amounts of alkaloid. Even a gram of Red Maeng da can provide therapeutic effects. You can get it from online stores, stick to only the known brands.

The White Maeng Da

Also known as the White vein Kratom, it is on the same level as the Red Maeng Da. Despite the fact that the White Maeng Da isn’t as hyped as the Red Maeng Da, it is equally strong and effective. What makes the white vein to be distinct than the other two is that it’s an energy booster. It will keep you energized all day long and it’s great for kick-starting those lazy days. The white vein leaves contain stimulant properties. It’s a good alternative for your morning coffee. The White Maeng Da may not be as strong as the Red Maeng Da but it can provide you with the calmness that you are yearning for.

It’s an excellent mood booster and can thus relieve one from the symptoms of depression. Its cognitive effect has made the strain to gain popularity among Kratom users. The White Vein will ensure that you maintain high concentration and focus all day long. This strain is also good at helping one battle feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and frustration. It’s also known to relieve sleeping disorders.

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The White Maeng Da is a mild strain, but its effects last for a long time. What differentiates the White from the Red Maeng Da is the fact that it contains high levels of mitragynine and small amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

It’s why the White vein is a good energy booster and a poor painkiller. Similar to other Maeng da strains, if it’s your first time, you should start taking it in small doses. However, unlike the Green and Red Maeng Da, you should take the white vein in the morning hours. It’s because taking it at night can lead to interference with sleeping patterns.

The Green Maeng Da

The last strain of the Maeng Da is the Green Vein. The Green Maeng Da has faced a lot of undermining due to its color. People believe that because green is a color similar to other ordinary vegetation, they then conclude that the Green Maeng da is ineffective.

However, the above information is untrue. The myth that most people have towards the Green Maeng Da is baseless and false. The Green Maeng Da comes from the original Maeng Da plant and has all the benefits associated with the above two strains. Its properties lie between both that of the Red and White Maeng Da. It’s both an energy booster and a painkiller.

The Green Maeng Da is great at enhancing alertness of the user while minimizing body discomfort. Green Kratom also helps reduce anxiety levels. Taking it boosts one’s confidence even in social settings. The effects of Green Maeng da are long lasting compared to the other two. Despite the effects of the Maeng Da being mild, it’s not advisable for you to use it regularly. It’s best that you seek professional advice before you begin using it.

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Red, White or Green. Which is the Best?

Most people always wonder, which of the three is the best? Well, this depends on the effect that you are looking to gain from using that Kratom strain. If you are looking for a strain that will kick in within five minutes or a painkiller, then you should consider the Red Maeng Da.

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If you are looking for an energy booster, then the White Maeng Da can keep you energetic and active all day long. On the other hand, the Green Maeng Da will give you the effects of both Red and White Maeng Da on a mild level. The Green Maeng Da is the ideal Kratom to use because it incorporates all the results of the two other strains.

Despite the three being from the Maeng da Strain, the color plays a significant role in differentiating them. The three vary in alkaloid content and chemical concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

No particular strain is regarded to be better than the other. Only you can pick the strain that suits you the most. The choice of selecting the perfect strain is personal. You also need to understand that the effects will vary among users depending on the brain chemistry, genetics, and body sensitivity. The best way for you to judge which is better is if you try them yourself. Irrespective of the strain you will choose, always make sure that you begin with small dosages and buy your strains only from reputable suppliers.