Red Riau kratom is a herbal medicine that has taken the world market by storm and gained a lot of popularity mainly because of the positive effects it has on the human mind and body. It impacts and influences mental processes and enhances focus. Also reduces pains and anxiety.

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  • Red Riau kratom originates from Indonesia in a small province known as Riau. With time it has become popular among worlds due to its numerous benefits and the significant role it plays in the field of medicine. Red Riau kratom falls under the kratom family, and it is the latest discover so far. The rainy weather conditions in Riau province are favorable and support the growth of Mitragyna speciose a tree from where extraction of Red Riau kratom takes place. One can find these trees in the vast rainforests in Riau province.
  • They collect Leaves from the indigenous Mitragyna speciose tree, and then they are dried for a period, to allow processing of the leaves into powder form. In other words, the leaves extracted undergo an advanced processing procedure to ensure that Red Riau kratom retrieved is useful and that it plays a significant role in health.
  • Red Riau kratom has a fresh sweet, pleasant and compelling smell that attracts an individual to use it. This unique characteristic differentiates the Red Riau from other members of the kratom family such as Sumatra and indo. Red Riau has become popular among people thus its market and demand has also increased with time. Earlier it was sold as Sumatra kratom.
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All kratom family members are known to have specific effects on the human body. In summary, the following are the effects and uses of kratom family in general

  • They are used as an analgesic to calm pain
  • They are used as anxiolytic to manage and calm down the nerves
  • They are used to relax and soothe the body

Red Riau kratom despite offering and impacting the above effects on the human body, stands out from the other members of the kratom family because it brings so much more to the table. It has more effects on the human body regarding health compared to the others, which is why it has gained more popularity and easily penetrated the modern market. The following are the known effects of Red Riau kratom.

Relieves pain

Red Riau kratom is known to be very good and effective in reducing pain relief. It is analgesic by nature and work by first relaxing the body to ensure that the body does not use a lot of energy while trying to do away with pain. It is suitable for people experiencing pain but cannot afford to use a lot of energy to find relief.

Relieves stress and anxiety

Red Riau kratom relieves stress and anxiety. It works correctly, and most people prefer it to the others because it doesn’t require one to be sedated to feel it. It is also associated and known to reduce stress both mentally and physically.

Supports the brain and its functions

Red Riau facilitates and ensures the proper functioning of the brain. Recently during the processing of the herb, they add a nootropic supplement that promotes and enhance the operation of the brain. When the mind is performing effectively, and at maximum power, it also improves focus and concentration, thus is suitable to use when studying.

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Enlightens mood

It enlightens an individual’s mood since a bad attitude can be very harmful to the human body it is advisable to use Red Riau kratom. It gives one maximum performance and ensures stable mental and physical states.

With Red Riau kratom few side effects have been reported meaning that this herb is safe for human consumption. However, consumers may experience Nausea which is one of the side effects that, but only after very high consumption. Individuals planning to use Red Riau kratom are advised to have a light meal before consuming the herb.


With the adverse advantages that Red Riau kratom offers to individuals, it is wise to know how to consume appropriately and how to intake the Red Riau herb properly. Research shows that a high intake of the herb is harmful and has massive side effects. The most experienced and known side effects of Red Riau kratom are nausea and dizziness. It is advisable that individuals know the proper dosages for the herb.

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  • Red Riau kratom is harvested and processed into powder form. Powdered Red Riau is mixed in boiling water to make tea. The tea is known as herbal tea and adding lemon will alter the taste, reduce the bitterness and will boost the function of the herb in the drink — also, another method to consume the herb by toss and wash technique.
  • This method involves consuming Red Riau with water, juice or any other beverage except for alcohol which is highly prohibited. Juice specifically grape juice allows you to enjoy Red Riau kratom better because it has alkaloid which effortlessly merges with grape juice.
  • Experts advocate and advise that an individual consume the herb mostly on an empty stomach. It is because there will be no interaction between the food and the herb thus quicker and effective results. In a scenario where an individual intake the herb on a full stomach, the food will interact with the herb, and this may lead to side effects such as nausea, weight loss, and minor digestion problems.
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The dosage or the amount of Red Riau kratom that one can take varies from one individual to another, how much you consume depends on your intended achievements. Such is because different humans have different sensitivity to the medication.

However, on average 1 to 3 grams of Red Riau kratom is recommended for any person to consume and achieve the intended purpose. Also, 5 to 7 grams of the medication still can work.

Red Riau kratom affects and enhances the performance of the mind and body performance. In general, it is safe to conclude that this herb is unique and is more advantageous compared to the other members of the families that relate to it.