Do you think you have sufficiently felt it all that kratoms have to offer? Think again if you haven’t tried out Red Vein Sumatra Kratom. This strand of kratoms is uniquely smooth, and any kratom expert will tell you this is the new big thing that has proven to be more effective with a very sensational feeling.

What is Red Vein Sumatra Kratom?

There are fifteen well-distinguished islands in Indonesia, and so it happens that this strand grows well in the Sumatra islands. This island is one of the largest among the fifteen neighboring the likes of Java and the Bali island, and it has been popular to produce in bulk this version of kratom. You should also note that this Kratom is red veined on the central part of its leaves which possess the highest concentration of alkaloids available in the kratom.

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What are the active alkaloids of Red Sumatra Kratom?

The most active alkaloid of this Kratom is the Mitragynine, and it is also the most dominant component with a concentration percentage of about 80%. Any kratomium (kratom lovers) will tell how much vital this specific alkaloid is. The Mitragynine is the alkaloid that has been tested and proven to be the cause of relieving pain hence creating a relaxing effect that usually is generated from this kratom. Nonetheless, The Mitragynine is also supplemented by the following constituents:

  • 7-hydroxymitragynine produces the opioid results that help in reducing pain.
  • Raubasine is vital in the circulation of blood in the brain thus commonly known as cerebrocirculant.
  • Mitraphylline and Corynantheidine.
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The above alkaloids combine with the receptor cells of the user and the time an alkaloid takes before releasing its effects to the user is referred to as half-life effects. This duration determines the total time in which that particular alkaloid will still be in the body’s system. For instance, the half-life of Mitragynine is approximately 3.5 hours. Therefore, it means its effects will be felt for around 7 hours.


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Red Vein Sumatra Dosage Guide:

Whether or not you have had experience with other strains of kratom, you should go slowly on the dosage of Red Sumatra Kratom. It is because, due to the high concentration of the alkaloid Mitragynine (82%), this strand yields stronger effects than any other strain of kratom. Furthermore, most kratomiums vouch for the small doses to be the best suitable to get the best out of this particular kind of kratom.

However, for the people who love to experiment, you are advised to begin with small doses then proceed with baby steps increase the dose in your scheduled sessions taking keen of your tolerance. Please don’t follow the dosage plan of a different person because everyone has their threshold before breakdown.
The commencement dosage tip of Red Vein Sumatra Kratom as prescribed by the experts encompasses:

  • The standard dose – 1 to 2 grams
  • The proper regular dose for average people – 2 to 3 grams
  • Dosage for above ordinary tolerance people – 3 to 4 grams
  • A stronger dose for a higher tolerance people – 4 to 5 grams
  • Don’t exceed this limit – 6 grams
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If you can withstand the stronger dose of 4 – 5 grams, don’t let that full you and try to go beyond 6 grams. The kratom specialist has conducted several tests and has valid reasons why it is a health risk. During the medication of kratom, a kratomium is advised to observe their body at all times and make sure a particular dosage routine does not affect your day to day lifestyle.

Red Vein Sumatra kratom effects:

Even the licensed health practitioners have bared witness to the great benefits this strand can offer. The results are purely safe and observe the standard conditions of the body. For example, the constituents of this strand combine with receptors of the body whereby in the case of pain, the alkaloids boost the receptors to manage the symptoms, and at the end, the pain is relieved.

And for the few who have once been troubled very intensely and need a break from all the horrors of your daily life, you should opt trying out Red Vein Sumatra kratom which is a precise technique that will ease the pressure and give you a refreshing effect that will make you feel relaxed.

Also, if getting sleep when you want it is a problem, this strain is also proven to have sedative properties that lower the blood pressure of your body bringing rest in just a few minutes.

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How long does Red Vein Sumatra Kratom Stay in the body?

Even though as mentioned above about half-life dose, the duration of effects on the body of a kratomium also depends on the amount of dose that someone has taken. Smaller doses have noted to last for about 3hrs, and the active dose is seen to be observable even after 10 hours.

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But then, the tolerance of an individual to withstand the effects of this strain will also tell how long a person will experience the pleasantries of the herbal drug.

Are there any side effects of Red Vein Sumatra?

Firstly, it should set straight that there has been no incident of death that may have occurred from the consumption of this kratom. The usage of the Red Vein Sumatra kratom is utterly safe if one follows the recommended dosage.

Complications will only arise when one exceeds the dosage limit as per their tolerance level. But then, the results are not critical since the victim will merely feel nausea and under severe cases, an individual may vomit.

On the contrary, consumption of Red Sumatra kratom is more dreadful if someone develops a dependency on it and exceeds the weekly dosage into days. The opioid effect generated from its alkaloids can cause a person to be addicted to the herb, and the rehabilitation process will produce withdrawal effects that involve insomnia and mood swings.


Red vein Sumatra kratom is a perfect herb for someone seeking calmness or in dire need of relaxation after a busy day. The leaves are constituted with alkaloids suitable for impacting relief to the body system and globally people have regarded it to be an herbal therapy drug. You should be careful to avoid the risk of being dependent on the drug. Observe the proper dosage, and you will be fine. Finally, take a look at red Thai kratom.