This brand’s review is all that you need to make things pretty crystal-clear before purchasing Ketum from this brand. To make your purchase worthwhile, we have sorted out all the pluses and minuses of ReLeaf Kratom (Ketum vendor) right here in this comprehensive brand review.

From their initial setup to coupon codes and discounted deals, this review will cover everything! Being Kratom enthusiasts ourselves, we completely understand the prominence and value of an authentic Kratom vendor who will repeatedly provide supreme-quality Mitragyna Speciosa.

So here we go, reviewing one of the well-known Kratom vendors for our readers – The ReLeaf Kratom Brand!

Who Is Behind Releaf Kratom? A Complete Brand Review For Enthusiasts

ReLeaf Kratom has been in the Ketum industry for the past five years. The vendor is located in Columbus, Ohio, and feels pride in proving top-notch quality Kratom with remarkable customer service and fast turnaround.

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The ReLeaf Kratom brand has developed and progressed into a couple of vending machines that had a supply of the best strains of superior-quality Kratom powder.

After using Ketumfor a good ten years, the owner decided to open his own Kratom store and bring about awareness of this magical herb. In Greg’s  (the owner) words

 “I found this miraculous plant more than fifteen years ago and it took me almost ten years to try it.  Since then, my life has changed profoundly.  Kratom is a subtle herb, but versatile and multifaceted.”

So the online presence of ReLeaf Kratom is powered by a true Ketum enthusiast who would never compromise on the quality and reliability of the premium Ketum strains he offers.


ReLeaf Kratom Offers Exceptional Kratom Strains That You Must Try.

Here’s the most awaited part being disclosed! So, what are the ketum strains you can buy at ReLeaf Kratom? Although their product line is not quite as massive, they have covered all three primary strains (Red, Green, and White) with an exceptionally potent variety.

1) Kratom De Elephant

The Elephant strain at ReLeaf Kratom comes from huge Mitragyna Speciosa leaves that are rich in alkaloids. These huge leaves are more mature and are raised by professional farmers who have spent their whole life cultivating and harvesting Ketum.

2) Bali Indonesia Kratom

The Bali Indo strain by ReLeaf Kratom is one of the best-selling Ketum strains that come straight from Indonesia. With numerous repeated customers,  this balanced strain provides a satisfying Ketum experience.

3) Kratom De Bali Verde

Bali’s classic temperate climate helps grow some of the rarest Kratom strains. At ReLeaf Kratom, the Green Bali Kratom is directly sourced from Bali, where the strain grows both in wild and private farms. It is a stronger Kratom strain with a balanced alkaloid profile containing both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid.

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4)White Maeng Da Kratom 

Maeng Da Kratom has its origin in Thailand. ReLeaf Kratom has years of connections with seasoned farmers in Thailand who are expert growers of Ketum. Their White Maeng Da Kratom contains a loaded amount of Mitragynine alkaloid, the primary alkaloid of Ketum that is responsible for its health-boosting effects. This strain is specifically made with younger Maend Da Kratom leaves that are fresh, potent, and free from any sort of blemishes and bruises.

5) Malay Green Kratom

The Green Malay Ketum at ReLeaf Kratom is a hybrid strain of White and Red Malay. You get to enjoy the benefits of both White and Red Malay in a single strain – Green Malay. The potency and reliability of Green Malay at ReLeaf Ketum are undeniably worth a shot for all the Green Kratom lovers.

How Much Does Kratom Cost At ReLeaf Botanicals?

Currently, we cannot see the pricing on ReLeaf Kratom’s website. As of early June 2020, there haven’t been any listings or restocking. We do not know if they are in a rebuilding phase and coming up with something more exciting or they have just left the Ketum business.

However, before their vending machine was closed, they were selling 1oz of Ketum powder for $10, and that is pretty reasonable and sort of unbeatable. Moreover, ReLeaf Kratom used to offer Kratom powder in kilos for enthusiasts who would never want to run out of their Ketum stock.

You need to keep an eye on their website to see if they get back to their services and what their prices are for Kratom.

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Does ReLeaf Kratom Have Any Products In The Range Of Kratom Extracts?

Currently, the vendor has only one product available in the category of Kratom extracts. The 10x Ketum extract is in powdered form and contains an extremely high amount of essential Ketum alkaloids.

Does ReLeaf Kratom Offer Free Shipping?

All the orders at ReLeaf Kratom are shipped the same day if you place them before midday. They offer super-fast delivery via Priority Mail Shipping. If you want to enjoy free shipping, make sure you place an order worth $50 or more. The shipping fee will be canceled at the checkout automatically. What is more exciting? You can track your order too!

ReLeaf Kratom Offers A Free Affiliate Program

ReLeaf Kratom’s affiliate program in Columbus, Ohio is completely free. You don’t have to pay any sort of registration fee, whoa! You can earn a portion of your revenue by becoming an affiliate. All you would have to do is to place links that advertise their website or specific products. You can earn an affiliate commission if someone purchases a product through that link. Their current commission rate is 5%.

What Payment Options Are Available At ReLeaf Kratom?

You can pay via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, eChecks, and money orders. If you are interested in COD (Cash On Delivery), you must contact the vendor before placing an order.


What Do The Customers Say About The Customer Service At ReLeaf Kratom?

The worthy customers at ReLeaf Kratom had numerous positive aspects to share about the Kratom vendor. A few of the user reviews that pop up like this on Reddit:

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“The quality is amazing as well as the service”

“He [the owner, Greg] takes very good care of his customers.”

“Great product and friendly owner”

These comments clearly show that the owner truly cares about his customers and aims to provide memorable service.

On the other hand, numerous people claimed in the comments that negative remarks are often made by local competitors to bring them a bit down.

Moreover, if you ever want to replace your product for any reason, you can contact them and claim a refund. There is no clear 30-day money-back guarantee visible on their website, but the owner, Greg, does claim that they will reconsider your purchase if you don’t like the product.

ReLeaf Kratom Coupon Codes: Do They Offer Any?

Currently, there are no discounted deals or coupon codes for ReLeaf Kratom. However, this vendor does offer coupon codes and deals on Ketum, so you must subscribe to their newsletter for the latest updates.

The Drawbacks Of Buying Kratom From ReLeaf Kratom

Although ReLeaf Kratom has all the primary Kratom strains stocked up in their product line, they do not offer a reasonable variety when it comes to Kratom extracts, Ketum liquid shots, Kratom tinctures, and Kratom Capsules. It is an ideal option only for those who are fans of high-quality Kratom powders.

Final Thoughts

Based in Columbus, Ohio, ReLeaf Kratom operates on a vending machine that operates 24/7. They have some reputable and fan-favorite Ketum strains stocked up to spice up your life with the magic of Mitragyna Speciosa.

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They are known for their unbeatable prices, professional and friendly customer care, top-quality, and fast shipping service. If you are looking for a “Ketum store near me”, check out this Columbus-based Ketum vendor ASAP.

I hope this ReLeaf Kratom brand review helped you solve all your queries. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can You Contact ReLeaf Kratom?

You can contact ReLeaf Kratom at their phone number, (614) 330-4206. You can also contact them via email by opening the “Contact Us” option on their website and writing your inquiry. The message will directly go to their email inbox.

  • Where Does ReLeaf Kratom Not Ship?

ReLeaf Kratom does not ship to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Vermont due to state laws. You can write your representatives and pick up your order in Columbus.

  • Do They Give Herbal Consultations At Their Shop?

The staff members at ReLeaf Kratom do not give any medical advice while you are buying a product. All the information that you receive from their store is just for educational purposes.

They suggest consulting a health care professional before using Kratom.

  • What Are The Store Hours At ReLeaf Kratom?

ReLeaf Kratom is based on an Automated Ketum Machine that is available 24/7. If you want to consult or need information about wholesale orders, simply contact them at their email or make a call.

ReLeaf Kratom – The best place to buy Kratom powders and extracts online. Rich with essential Ketum alkaloids, their Kratom products at ReLeaf Kratom are directly sourced from Indonesia to their setup in Columbus, Ohio. You can also get free shipping on all orders above $50.