Riau Kratom is one of the most valuable plants. It contains chemical properties and elements that do give some unique ability like being used as sedatives and other medicinal values.

The plant exists in different forms red and green each having its functions and its composition and even its effect. For a veteran user of Kratom one to choose the best should consider the contents below.

Chemical composition

  • Riau Kratom has comprised of chemical a substance that is why it has been used for medical purposes since it has bright, unique assortments of alkaloids that are located in within the plant’s leaves.
  • Descriptively the alkaloids in the plant have different concentration.
  • For the leaves to have all the advantages, it is due to the presence of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.
  • According to the recent research, it has established that Mitagyna Speciosa has over 40 compounds in it. All compounds do have a specific role in the plant that they accomplish.


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Alkaloids in the plant are also found in 25 forms, and it includes

  • Mitragynine pseudo indoxyl,
  • Mitraphylline,
  • Rhynchophylline,
  • 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine,
  • Isopteropodine and other more.

The compounds are highly reactive; the level of their reactivity purposely is directly proportional to the quantity and dosage of intake. Basing on chemical composition Riau Kratom the alkaloids present in it are stable giving it an advantage steady and durability.

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Variations of Riau Kratom.

Red Vein Riau Leaves

  • The red Riau possesses a variety of benefits; it is a natural analgesics strain which assists to give rise to mild sedation to people. Being less sedative the red leaves have been so helpful and advantageous to rheostat temperaments and mood swings.
  • It also the relaxing anxiolytic meaning it is so near rival of substantial red Bali and Thai strains. But the significant difference is that Riau has fewer sedation effects as compared to the other two.

Green Vein Riau Leaves

  • They are bright visible with a subsidiary veins in its midrib which also has subsidiary veins on the leaf. Due to the color, it perpetuates a different combination of alkaloids in the leaves of the plant.
  • The green foliage is used as an energizing stimulant, and it is significantly used for boosting functions. They do promote a couple of areas starting with energy, mood enhancing and many more.
  • Whenever there is an increase in the dosage, the effects become ostensible and even more beneficiary. It includes a much more broad focus, concentration boost, confidence and also motivation heightening.
  • Most people use the green leaves of demanding professions and even students since everyone in that category needs sedation and substantial effect.

Contrasts between red and green Riau

  • The green and red Riau strains are not the same, and they are for different aims. Since one is more of therapeutic activities while another one for boosting up brain-related activities.
  • The therapeutic goal for using red Riau is that it possesses some sedative elements while the green one is used for day to day kratom to use.
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Dosage understanding.

  • The exact dosage of the Riau Kratom varies from one person to another since it depends on some other factors. But mostly the primary factor is gaining the knowledge of the suitable dose for an individual sensitivity towards the medication.
  • The approximate quantity of the drug is about 1 to 3 grams of Kratom this will produce a moderate effect while 5 to 7 grams is considered a top notch.
  • One is advised to take the medication when the individual’s stomach is empty this will facilitate quicker results. Also taking of the Red Riau 4 hours after a heavy meal will provide an efficient outcome.

Consuming of the drug is part of the dosage. For a clear description and intake the herbal medication is taken in two forms namely;

In the making the herbal tea

  • the powdered Riau is mixed with boiling water,
  • few drops of lemon

are added into the tea to boost the effects of the red Riau then an individual is required to drink it as soon as possible.

  • The second form the quantity measure is mixed and consumed accurately by plain water or grape juice. Kratom strongly prohibits alcohol intake.

Effects of Riau Leaves

Several people do use Kratom for several reasons and apply it in different dimensions. Due to this it has made the researchers not to have a proper guide on the usage and effects of the plant, but the most common ones are the listed below:

Pain Relief

  • It is one of the fundamental reasons why people do take Riau Kratom since it is remarkably effective and efficient. The main reason why it is so good in pain relief is that it contains two primary alkaloids: 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.
  • The alkaloids are reasonably heady mu-opioid agonists, analogous to the body’s pain relievers, endorphins, and enkephalins. The 7-hydroxymitragynine is one of the most compelling of the two compounds found in Kratom for this it is a good idea to get a strain with higher echelons of alkaloid to archive the highest amount of pain relief.
  • The best pressures for the purpose are Borneo, Bali, Indo, Maeng Da, and Sumatra.
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  • Mood lifting is one of the undisputable purposes of the Riau Kratom, and it should be considered as a medicinal benefit of the plant.
  • Individuals who use this for mood-boosting find it to be more effective. Due to the complexity of human of the human race, an ideal list of strain is hard to be seen since some people do prefer stimulating while others are sedating strains while others both.
  • The mood enhancement Kratom affords quite excellent for anxiety and has got even some anti-depressant effects.


  • There sedating nature, anxiety and stress relieving have led to many innovations by many people, and they have started to use it to beat insomnia and even improving the quality of sleep.
  • The vast part of Kratom strains is on the sedating side which helps in accomplishing of the job. However, one is advised to keep away from Thai strains and the rest because they are quite stimulating.


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  • To summarize all about the Riau Kratom, the two kind of varieties the red and the green are the most used. They do possess some advantages like being used for therapeutic use.
  • The variations also have chemical properties something that gives them the ability to perform their functions well. They have dosage prescription and even their comparisons.