If you need to get the quality Kratom products that will guarantee you excellent results, then you have to buy kratom from a trusted vendor. There are various Kratom vendors available on the market today, but not all provide quality products. You need to be careful and do your research correctly before settling on any Kratom vendor. Sacred Kratom is one of the best online Kratom vendors currently and has been in existence since 2016.

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This vendor stocks different Kratom products, and you can order the products online and shipped to your location on time. There are some customers with concerns about whether the vendor is legit or not but from the customer’s reviews, there is no reason to doubt this vendor. This review will evaluate what makes the vendor the best and also highlight some concerns that customers raise.

Why trust pure Kratom?

The obvious questions that many people have is why trust a particular vendor over the other. It’s a valid question since every customer expects to get quality products from the seller. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this Kratom vendor;

• High-quality Kratom products

When it comes to quality products the count Sacred Kratom vendor as the leader on the market. The vendor packages the finest Kratom direct from the farms to ensure the consumers enjoy all the benefits and results they desire.

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• Fast delivery

This vendor delivers the products you order within the shortest time possible. Looking at customers reviews, many customers are happy since the vendor makes delivery within the time she promises. Purchasing a product from this vendor you will be sure that your product will deliver without any delays.

• Stocks a variety of products;

The vendor has almost all Kratom strains available hence you can be sure to find your favorite strain. The Kratom products you can purchase from this vendor include Green Maeng Da, Red Kapuas, Red Maeng Da and Bali among many others. Products range from capsules to powder, and it will depend on your taste and preference.

• User-friendly website

The vendor offers a new online shopping experience since the site enables customers to maneuver from one product to another. One can also search the product he/she wants instead of going through all products before getting the favorite product. Making an order on the site is very easy, and you only need to click on add to cart option, and the product is added to the list.

• Reputation

Since the vendor started operating in 2016, has come out to be among the trusted vendors in the world. He offers what he promises hence earning an excellent reputation which you can rely on if you are a new Kratom customer. So far very few customers complain of low quality or late delivery which means this is a vendor you can trust.


Although price should not be a factor when purchasing any product, sticking to your budget is very important. The vendor offers products at a reasonable price though sometimes people feel the vendor pricing is somehow higher. The items have different prices which might seem affordable until you look at the quantities. The supports various forms of payment which range from MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and Maestro. You can pay using different currencies such as Euro, British pound, the Swiss franc, Australian dollar, and New Zealand dollar. The vendor offers various products at a varying price, and some of them are as follows;

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Kratom Powder

  • Green Maeng Da – $15.99
  • Red Maeng Da – $15.99
  • Red Kapuas – $15.99
  • Green Sumatra – $15.99
  • Bali – $9.99
  • Bali red vein – $12.99
  • Borneo red vein – $11.99
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) – $39.99
  • 50X Extract – $34.99

Kratom Capsules

  • Maeng Da Capsules  $24.99
  • Bali Capsules $19.99
  • Borneo Red Capsules $19.99
  • Borneo White Capsules $19.99

Kratom Extracts

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) $39.99
  • Enhanced Maeng Da $29.99
  • Enhanced Bali $29.99
  • 50x Extract $34.99
  • Enhanced Bentuangie $29.99


Sacred Kratom claims to be the best when it comes to providing customers with high-quality products. From the customer reviews on the website, it is clear that the vendor has high-quality Kratom products since almost zero customers complain about the quality. The vendors get the Kratom directly from Kratom farmers from various parts of the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand among others. Looking at the product ratings from the vendor’s website there no doubt about the quality since no customer can hide his joy or disappointment.


The vendor stocks a variety of Kratom products ranging from powder to capsules giving you an opportunity to choose your favorite. You can purchase red or green veins depending on the effects or results you expect. The vendor provides packed Kratom such as Red Maeng Da and the unpacked ones like 50X extract. It’s all about what you need, and you will get exactly that from this vendor.

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To place an order or when you have an inquiry, you can always contact sacred Kratom vendor using various options such as email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Google plus. The customer support desk is always standby to respond to all questions you might have. The vendor has not given any telephone number customers can use, but the above options are also useful.

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How to place an order

On the vendor website, you first need to create an account using your email address and fill the registration form. Then you can start shopping by clicking on ADD TO CART option below every product and will automatically add to your shopping. Click every product you need then after that go to your cart and place the order. The website will direct you on how to make payments then after that, and you will get a notification on your email informing you when your products will be delivered.

Coupons and Discounts

The time the vendor was launching the website, there was promotion code “SACRED25” that every customer will get upon signing up but seems to be no more nowadays. However, today the website has a pop-up promo code “STAY10” where you can get a 10% discount on the products you purchase from the vendor. In comparison with other Kratom sellers who give coupon codes regularly, this vendor seems to fail in these areas.

Is there any customer complains about the vendor?

No vendor will ever be perfect hence some customers still feel not getting what they deserve from the vendor. Some think that the shipment cost is too high which makes the products expensive especially the overseas consumers. Lack of coupons is also another customer concerns although there are the pop-up promos on the website. The vendor offers small quantity products which makes some customers feel uncomfortable with, although the vendor claims to put more emphasis on quality.

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In summary, the vendor seems to be among the best although some customers complain about the money back guarantee which the seller promises. Sacred Kratom offers high-quality products, and you can shop from them anytime you need Kratom.