About The Vendor

Soul Speciosa is a title you must have listened to, but can you believe the brand? Does Soul Speciosa keep it legit to stop, or have they balanced to die like numerous such merchants recently? Moreover, do they genuinely have a soul, or are they lacking the vital Wisdom?

After the audit, we will tell you almost how Soul Speciosa keeps their Kratom secure, secure, and super upgraded. Strap in for our detonated see of the vendor’s items, estimating, shopper notoriety, and more.

A few years ago, you saw Soul Speciosa, picking up considerable notoriety. The extreme increment in fame can be a credit to the plant’s mind-blowing well-being benefits. Kratom is local to South East Asia, but its utility has spread all over the globe, particularly within the Joined together States.

Kratom is promptly accessible because it is sold by various merchants all over the world. As a result, Kratom clients can appreciate the wide range of benefits by buying from legitimate vendors.

Speaking of honest merchants, how would you know whether one is dependable or not? For starters, ketum providers must authorize, and all their items must be lab-tested for virtue. In any case, a kratom provider must check various other boxes for them to be alluded to as tried and true.

Soul Speciosa

Soul Speciosa merchant hails from the heart of Los Angeles, California. Word on the road is that the dealer endeavours to supply new, high-quality Kratom at all times. However, it was challenging to accept gossip when Soul Speciosa was among the Kratom vendors whose items were reviewed by the experts amid the 2018 salmonella frighten. As a result, the Kratom provider incites to change its URL.

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After visiting the seller site, you may realize that it reroutes you to Cleared out Coast Kratom URL. Salmonella defilement could be a primary challenge influencing ketum dealers all around.

It has indeed brought down various providers who fizzled to find the proper measures to bargain with the heresy. Fortunately, Soul Speciosa is among the modest bunch of merchants who have ventured up their amusement and taken advance measures to guarantee that their kratom items are unadulterated. You will cherish to know that each clump from Soul Speciosa is lab-tested for immaculateness.

Lab Testing

The Soul Speciosa products are subject to various and overwhelming lab test forms, guaranteeing the highest quality. The company offers a wide assortment of kratom powders and kratom capsules, counting rosy, green, yellow, and white.

They claim on their site that bundling is tired of a climate-controlled clean room, in this way ensuring that their items hold astuteness and virtue. They carry out around six lab tests per one thousand kilograms. The consequence asserts the quality of their items.

AKA Affiliation

They work from Portland, Oregon, and they pride themselves as the primary company to recognize it as a Qualified Kratom Seller by GMP, the American Kratom Affiliation. For quality improvement, all items must pass through a horde of quality control frameworks. Furthermore, their things are GMP compliant.

Products They Offered

This Kratom provider has a very fantastic catalog. You may discover that Soul Speciosa has most of the well-known Kratom strains, making it simple to purchase a few kratom strains beneath one roof.

What’s more, the provider offers distinctive sorts of Kratom items, extending from 100% unadulterated kratom extricates to kratom items and tenderfoot strains. Soul Speciosa moreover offers Kratom powder to their clientele. The taking after is the powders sold at this seller.

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Yellow Thai OG, Bali Green Vein Thai, Red Dragon, Red Maeng Da, Thai Red Borneo, Red Thai, Red Sumatra, Horn Maeng Da, Super Improved Indo Red Kali, White Sumatra, White Borneo Super Green Malay, and Yellow Maeng Da. Yellow Borneo, Bali Kratom Gold, Tea Red Maeng Da Thai, Coast Gold Tea Capsule, and Red Kali Kratom. White Borneo extricate capsules, Left Coast Platinum Tea powder, and Ultra Improved Indo Tea Capsules.

High-Quality Products

I thought you ought to know a few more, almost the vendor’s best Kratom strain. With that said, Maeng Da, aka Pimp Daddy kratom, is the finest Kratom advertised by Soul Speciosa. Concurring to most clients, the specific strain has more grounded than the larger part of the kratom assortments on the showcase nowadays.

This ketum provider takes that quality a score advance with their super-enhanced Thai Kratom speciosa powder. Not as it were is this yellow vein favorite profoundly powerful, but it is additionally moderately reasonable. The strain packs a punch and finishes the errand without requiring the client to burn fewer grams in one sitting than a commonplace Thai strain.



Pros Of Soul Speciosa

  • Limited edition Kratom speciosa products are available
  • Accessible customer services and the satisfaction strategies
  • Fastest shipping facilities
  • Easiest Payment method

Cons Of Soul Speciosa

  • Issues occur regarding delivery at times.
  • Some strains of Kratom speciosa are weak
  • Costly in comparison with other sites


Soul Speciosa takes a parcel of pride in offering its items at exceptionally competitive costs. Usually, something that potential customers ought to contribute time in comparing what companies provide.

It is imperative moreover to compare different companies and see how comparative the costs are. For beneath 20 dollars, clients can get 28 grams of powder, and 56 grams of powder is ancient for beneath 18 dollars.

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Compared to other extracts on the showcase, Soul Speciosa is not one of the cheapest, but they are not one of the foremost costly either. Individuals feel their costs are uncommonly sensible considering how incredible their item is.

The complaints individuals have had with their estimating are that they do not offer their items in bulk. Soul Speciosa does not give kilo or half kilos, either. People have to settle for acquiring littler strains instead of vast measurements.

Fluid Kratom is accessible in 60 mg bottles as another option. Be beyond any doubt that as soon as you enter their site, you donate them your e-mail address. You will be able to get numerous coupons and take note of up-and-coming advancements. You may too be qualified to get special offers and bargains. Numerous of these bargains will, as it were, be accessible to individuals who sign up for their e-mail club. If you are arranging on visiting the Kratom client, you ought to sign your e-mail up.

Customer Services

The client benefit group is exceptional in Soul Speciosa. Their office and 1-900 numbers p on the contact frame. Staff is accessible to improve the benefit and conveyance of your items and are prepared for resenting any queries, fun comments, or client concerns. They are also exceptionally willing to reply to any questions you have regarding the item.

Few people may stick between some of the strains, and their learned staff will be able to supply you with proposals. They will not offer therapeutic counsel but can tell you everything you need to know about the item.

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We oversaw to come over a few tributes from people who have bought Kratom items from Soul Speciosa. Well, most of these clients report that they fulfilled their client’s satisfaction with the products’ quality and consistency. What’s more, their items are exceedingly strong and exceptionally compelling. The buyers are also upbeat with the products’ estimating, which goes a long way to make Soul Speciosa a fan-favorite among the Kratom community.

Coupon Codes

Soul Speciosa offers an extended of distinctive rebates to suit their customers’ needs. After you land on their homepage, you are welcome by a prompt urging you to enter your e-mail address to get uncommon bargains on their full item line.

Other than the reasonable costs, Soul Speciosa moreover permits you to spare more cash with rebates. For occasion, once you take after this seller on social media, you instantly qualify for a 10% markdown. What’s more, the merchant offers a dependability program that rewards clients with more than 10% discounts each time they purchase

Shipping And Method Payment

You will be able to pay for a course of action with E-check, cash organizes, or COD (Cash On Movement) in Soul Speciosa. Shockingly, that is as far off as the choices intensify. This vendor does not recognize credit cards, charge cards, Cash App, or cryptocurrencies. All orders are transported through the Joined together States Postal Advantage (USPS), with Standard and Express Shipping available.

Express Mail is the foremost accessible and helpful elective, even though it comes at a cost. Standard shipping costs as much as 14 dollars and does not arrive at the scarcest three to five exchange days.

Then again, Express Mail can take a toll of as much as 48 dollars with a surveyed section time of two exchange days. It is essential to be past any question that the Post Office encounters uncommon delays. If you upgrade to Particular, you will not get your Kratom speciosa item(s) inside the shown time outline.

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Returning Policy

When it comes to the return approach, Soul Speciosa gives a 30-day guarantee for its items. Subsequently, on the off chance that you get your bundle and, for a few reasons, need to return it or have it swapped for something else, you must contact the merchant within 30 days of receipt.

Clients can return the item on the off chance that they are not fulfilling how it arrived. If the seal is messing with, they will not acknowledge anything that has, as of now, opened. So, if you arrange on returning an item, do so sometime recently, opening or altering with it.

Final Verdict

Verifiably, this seller knows what they are doing. Their site is clean, and they have a beautiful noteworthy item catalog; their quality-control hones are compelling, they have pocket-friendly costs, and the free shipping maybe a cherry on the best of superb client encounters. With all these components considered, it is hard to disregard that Soul Speciosa could be the Kratom merchant you have been trying to find all this whereas.

Soul Speciosa could be a small-town dealer that prizes its supporters and never falls level to seem. This merchant habitually rolls out extraordinary bargains and giveaways planned to appear its appreciation.

If you are attempting to discover an elective of pace after overseeing with shady merchants and dormant client advantage specialists, you must provide these individuals with an endeavor. They are bound to motivate with their charity and astonishing information. Soul Speciosa may be a trustworthy blue dealer with a comprehensive combination of items. Based on current cites, the costs are sensible, and the save stores are commendable of thought.