How to store Kratom at home is a prevailing concern amongst frequent Kratom users.

So, if you’re here wondering if you’re the only one facing trouble storing Kratom or if it’s only you who can’t seem to get the balance between your budget, Kratom-love, and lack of time –Well, then, fret not. There’s more of us out here, searching for answers.

And this guide is a consequence of the very search. Here, we have compiled all of the best approaches for storing Kratom at home. The approaches mentioned below are tested, tried, and even recommended by seasoned users and experts.

Why Worry About Storage?

Mitragyna Speciosa gives us an organic product. That’s because the compounds that Kratom leaves contain organic compounds. Plus, the farming process of this particular plant is also mostly free of any artificial chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. It gets cultivated as organically as possible to preserve its potency.

According to research conducted, organic products have a much shorter shelf life as compared to others. Along the same lines, Kratom has a shelf life ranging from one to three months. If consumed before its expiration time, Kratom will deliver the best of its potency.

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However, beyond the expiration date, it will gradually begin losing its flavor and effects. As time passes by, it will start tasting stale and will not have much of an impact. It is essential to note that expired Kratom is not life-threatening. But simultaneously, it has no point of consumption as well. It won’t bring you the effects you desire.

Now, say you buy Kratom powder in a bulk quantity because it was cheaper than individual packets. Or perhaps, you are about to travel. Or maybe, as a beginner, you had no idea about the sufficient quantity and now have a bulk amount of Kratom at your hands.

Accidents happen, you know.

What do you do? How do you keep your money and love-for-kratom from going down the drain? How do you save all your precious Ketum from expiring?

Read on to figure.

How To Store Kratom At Home: 6 Effective Approaches

We mentioned Kratom has begun losing its potency beyond the mark of three months. But we never claimed that you couldn’t preserve it. We never said there isn’t a way you can stop this from happening.

Do you see where this is going?

Yup. We’re heading to a rather interesting part, i.e., Kratom storage solutions.

1. Store It In A Cool Place

The very first measure to take to keep your Kratom from expiring is to store it in a cool and dry place. And here’s a warning beforehand; it does not mean your kitchen cabinet.

Instead, we refer to a room or a heavy-duty storage cabinet that has no passage of air by a cool place. If it’s a room, there shouldn’t be any windows. If it’s a cabinet, it should be sealed to an extent where no air exchange occurs between the internal and external atmosphere.

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Why do we need to take strict measures? Well, that’s because the passage of air means temperature changes. And even the slightest of fluctuations in temperature can deteriorate the potency of your Kratom goods.

The cool and consistent temperature will ensure that the alkaloids remain intact.

2. Consider Refrigeration

If you do not have a cool and dry place to store your Kratom goods, you can refrigerate them too. However, the refrigeration of Kratom is a bit different than ordinary food refrigeration.

You cannot place your Kratom plastic bag directly in the fridge. Instead, pack your Kratom powder into a ziplock or a storage bag that comes internally lined with foil. It will prevent condensation from occurring, which can destroy the flavor, texture, and potency of your Ketum product.

3. Could You Keep It In An Air-Tight Container?

As mentioned earlier, Kratom comprises organic compounds. And organic compounds tend to react with oxygen. If you expose Kratom to oxygen, it will react to become oxidized. Once that happens, the mitragynine in Kratom will get converted to pseudoindoxyl.

Evident from the name, it is an entirely different chemical compound. Thus, it has other impacts and effects.

We confirm that the newly formed compound will not be toxic. But it is of no use to you either. The effects you seek come from mitragynine, and upon exposure to oxygen, that compound’s lost.

So, to preserve Mitragyna Speciosa, it’s essential to store it in air-tight containers. These will block oxygen passage altogether.

4. Try Out Oxygen Absorbers

If you have already tried multiple air-tight containers and they do not seem to be preserving your Kratom well enough, then it’s time to take a step ahead. Possibly, your environmental conditions are interfering and dominating the process, and the air is still managing to pass through.

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To tackle this, you can use oxygen absorbers.

Oxygen absorbers are small sachets of compounds that absorb the remaining oxygen molecules when an item is packaged. It keeps the moisture from developing and protects the good from any unwanted interaction with oxygen. And you might’ve already seen them in medicinal packaging. Here you can learn more about it.

So, once you’ve packed your Kratom in an Air-tight container, place this container into a bigger container or bag with the oxygen absorber placed inside. Doing so will extend the shelf life of your Kratom phenomenally!

5. Opt For A Dark-Colored Container

Another thing that quickly deteriorates Kratom quality is exposure to UV rays. You can place it temporarily in sunlight to ensure that the leaves have dried enough. But it shouldn’t be left out for too long. That’s because sunlight speeds up the ongoing chemical processes inside the Kratom product and causes the molecules inside to break down.

For that very reason, we recommend storing Kratom in dark-colored and opaque containers at your home. It might feel nice to see your Kratom sitting in a transparent jar on the shelf. But don’t trade your Kratom’s flavor for aesthetics!

6. Divide & Organize The Supply Into Portions

Lastly, when storing Kratom at home, ensure that you arrange your supply properly. Divide your batch into small quantities and pack them separately. We recommend doing the same to purchase goods of all sorts. Be it powder or other edibles.

Label each packet with the date of purchase/production and expected date of expiry. Doing so will help you keep your batch organized and everything aligned.

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How To Store Kratom Tea?

Storing Kratom tea required the same measures as simple Kratom powder. However, if you’ve to store prepared tea, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to five days. Ensure you store in a covered container. Also, keep it a safe distance away from any strong odors, such as strong odor fruits. It will destroy the efficacy!

How To Know If Stored Kratom Is Good For Consumption?

To assess whether the Kratom you stored earlier is good to consume or not, you should check for its color. If it’s faded, it’s deteriorated. The same applies if it’s lost its scent or appears molded.

If you see any of these signs, it’s to buy a new pack of Kratom.

Final Words

Now we hope you’ve your answers on how to store Kratom at home. Store kratom strains in any way you like. Just ensure that it’s protected from oxygen, moisture, heat, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. Good luck!