Kratom has been the talk of the town for many years now. We all love it for its various health benefits. Although there have been controversies around government health bodies advising against its usage, this beneficial botanical has undoubtedly made its name prominent.

Mitragyna grows natively in Southeast Asia, a vast and diverse area. Differences between the regions of each country with its respective climate, soil profile, and flora make sure that we get to enjoy various types of Kratom acquired from these regions. We have a wide variety of Kratom strains according to different regional areas.

Some are extremely popular, while others are considered relatively uncommon because of their rarity. 

Super Sunda Kratom is also such a novel strain. It hails from the islands of Sunda and is quickly gaining fame for its usefulness in numerous ailments.

Here, in this article, we will be sharing everything you need to know about this super strain. 

Let’s dig in!

What Is Super Sunda Kratom?

Super Sunda Ketum is a rare find, as many vendors do not commonly offer it. It is originally a blend of two popular botanical strains of Red Sunda and Green Sunda Kratom.

This hybridization is another cause of its uniqueness as it is not grown naturally and only a few vendors make and stock up this combination. People who love strong and potent strains flock towards this blend because of its many robust effects.

Not only that but users who are a bit new to using Kratom mistake this super strain with UEI and Super Green Malay -which is not the case. Super Sunda is not comparable to these herbs in any way, as they are manufactured through entirely different procedures.

Where Does Super Sunda Kratom Origin?

As Super Sunda is a blend of Red and Green Sunda Mitragyna, we already understand that it must originate from the islands of Sunda. These islands are distinctive in that they belong to the Malay Archipelago. The Sunda islands, divided into the Greater Sunda Islands and the Lesser Sunda Islands, are a part of four different countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor, and Brunei. 

Recognized as the botanical gardens of the four countries, these isles are known for their distinct biodiverse flora and fauna. This is why Kratom export is a significant trading business in these regions. Further, Sunda islands are known for Sunda Kratom and Borneo, Bali, and Sumatra Ketum

How Is Super Sunda Kratom Made?

The soil of this group of islands is rich in nutrients that support the cultivation of tropical plants. Additionally, the hot and humid weather is perfect for cultivating herbal plants and trees like Mitragyna Speciosa most of the year. 

The local farmers and harvesters toil day and night to cultivate high-quality, all-natural Mitragyna. They know the modern farming techniques to harvest the best botanical trees. Also, the enriched land of Sunda Island ensures a high level of alkaloids like Mitragynine, 7- Hydroxymitragynine, Mitraphylline, Payanatheine, Iso Mitraphylline, and Corynantheidine.

The leaf color of Kratom is conditional on its location on the tree, amount of the sunlight it receives, and the method and time taken to dry the leaves. The leaves are then separated according to their leaf color, dried indoors or outdoors, and then ground to kratom powder. To make Super Sunda Ketum, Red Sunda and Green Sunda yielded through the above methods are mixed to achieve this super strain. 

How Does Super Sunda Kratom Look, Smell, And Taste?

To identify whether you are getting an original and authentic Super Sunda Kratom, you need to know the physical attributes.

  • Original Sunda Kratom is usually in clay green with vibrant hues. Though, the vein color gives it a specific tinge. Super Sunda is a hybrid of Red and Green Sunda Kratom, and it has a mixture of reddish and greenish hues mixed in clay green colour.
  • It has a fragrant raw and earthy smell, with undertones of moss. This natural aroma of the soil is a big help in identifying the purity of the strain.
  • Kratom, in general, is very bitter, and this applies to all of its strains. Similarly, this blend also tastes unpalatable harshly with the hints of herbal green tea.
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How To Use Super Sunda Kratom? 

Super Sunda Kratom is mainly sold in powder and capsule forms. Users love both forms according to their preferences.

Ketum capsules are preferred over powder, as they eliminate the chances of tasting the herb’s bitterness. Moreover, they are pre-measured doses that make them easy to consume without creating any mess with mistaken spills.

However, Kratom powder is much more cost-effective on the user’s pockets than the capsules. It can be used in various following ways:

  • You can toss and wash it up with water.
  • Or gulp it down with citric juice like orange or lemon juice to wash the taste and potentiate the herbal effects.
  • This botanical powder can even be made into a tea with added spices to enhance its flavour.

What Do The Users Say?

Super Sunda Kratom is a relatively new blend that people have recently started curious about. This is why we couldn’t find much about it on the online discussion portals. Regardless, we know that it is made by mixing red and Green Sunda Kratom. So we will be talking about users’ experiences related to these.

Users on Reddit shared about Green Sunda Kratom being a solid hit just after half an hour of intake. Users claim that Red Sunda is the most sedating strain with medium agony relief. According to another user“It’s not overly sedating for a red but it’s very euphoric with GREAT agony relief, completely wiped out my back agony.” 

However, users don’t have any good opinions about this Red Sunda. Here are some of the reviews.

Phytoextractum - Kratom Capsules / Powder - Pricing - Buying Review

“I think it’s a good read but overrated.”

“Doesn’t do much for me at all.”

“In my experience, it’s good. But it’s not worth the hype or price.” 

Where To Find The Best Super Sunda Kratom?

We already know that Super Sunda Kratom is a rare blend not offered by many vendors; you might have only a limited number of options here. Moreover, finding authentic vendors that sell high-quality stuff is undoubtedly a challenging task out of these limited options.

You must be extra cautious when buying Super Sunda, as it is a blend. Check for customer reviews online. They will prove to be a great insight into the quality of their botanicals and, of course, their customer service.

Moreover, ensure that they have lab testing for heavy metals and micro-organisms. Some vendors have their lab testing available on their website online for everyone to see, while some show the reports only on request -you need to see which of the cases it is.

Another important thing is to see whether they are one of the GMP qualified vendors on the American Kratom Association’s website. Their GMP standards program guarantees that the seller follows all safety protocols for manufacturing and selling the Mitragyna and that their products are entirely natural and high-quality.


Super Sunda Kratom is a rare herbal blend mix of Red and Green Sunda Ketum. It is a super strain that is made to combine the health benefits of two different strains and make them super strong.

This blend is starting to make waves around with its robustness. People love it for its high alkaloid profile and high effectivity period.

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Nonetheless, the question is whether this hybrid is good for you or not. It depends on your body chemistry, your experience in using this botanical, and many more. We recommend you consult a health specialist to gather informed advice regarding its usage.