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Our website keep changing its terms and condition to lead the time, so it is recommended to all users of this site that keep checking privacy policy of this site to find new clauses. Here are some important privacy policies features that is necessary to know for every user of this site so, read this information first to use this site’s content.

We Are Not Here To Give You Medical Advice:
We Kratom uses contents like text, graphics, images and information is from We Kratom Licensor’s and Other information that is shared on the website is just for information. These information that shared on the website is not for any professional medical use, diagnose, medication or Advice. You can use the content just for the information and we recommend you to take advice from any physician or health expert if you are thinking to use this information for any medical Aid.

If you are having some medical emergency then you should call the doctor not to use our content for practical medical aid use. This website is just introducing you the usage and Effects of the Kratom and other products on human body and not recommending you to use without any doctor consult. If anyone uses our information for any Medical aid without consulting to the doctors or health expert then this website will not be responsible for any bad effect on health.

This website may contain health- or Medicare materials that are sexually explicit to give information. If you find this material offensive then don’t use our site.

We Are Keeping Children Privacy:

We are highly motivated for protecting the children privacy at our website. We are here clearly mentioning that this website not created or designed to attract children under the age of 13 years. Our website is not collecting any personal identification information to judge the person’s age if children under 13 are using our information. So, it’s your responsibly to set security settings of your internet browser to avoid children use of our site content.

We Are Providing You Content For:
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