The Kratom Syndicate is a Kratom vendor who sales various strains of Kratom online and claims to be best in the Kratom market. The vendor also stocks Kratom alternatives to customers who would like to have a taste of other brands. The brands that the vendor offers similar to Kratom include; Sake, Akuma seeds and Phenibut among many others. The vendor provides shipping services to all over the world hence no customer should worry about how the Kratom strain will reach her after making an order. In case other websites don’t have a particular type of Kratom strain, check first at the vendor’s website before giving up. The seller being an international vendor it will not be easy to fail to stock any Kratom or herb customers may need.

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Why shop at Kratom syndicate Vendor?

Various reasons will force you to consider shopping with this Kratom merchant and not to believe other vendors in the market. Here is why to recognize this Kratom vendor;

No worries about delivery;

The vendor delivers her products to all her customers all over the world. Shipping should not be a problem when shopping from this trusted vendor, the company takes care of all that and ensure that you get your product from wherever you are in the world.

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User-friendly website

The vendor website allows customers to maneuver as they look for their favorite herbal to purchase. The website layout and design are also very attractive, and a single click is enough to make an order. The seller site offers a unique shopping experience, and from the customers’ reviews, one can tell why the vendor still leads the market.

Stocks Variety of Herbal products;

What attracts many people to the vendor website is the fact that it offers a variety of products and even alternatives to Kratom strains. Majority of vendors competing with the Kratom Syndicate stock very few varieties hence limiting the customers on their selection.

Quality herbal products; Being an international Kratom vendor, the vendor does not tolerate low-quality products which can lower the company’s credibility. The vendor gets the products from trusted processing companies that ensure her customers get the best in the market.


A good company reputation should always guide any customer before deciding on where to shop. For many years now the company has maintained her excellent reputation in the eyes of the customers and no client should doubt the services they offer.

What’s the Kratom Syndicate Customer Guarantee?

This Kratom vendor assures her customers of quality service that includes delivery on time and value for their money. The company deals with trusted dealers who can deliver high-quality herbal products that customers would love the benefits. Regarding delivery, customers get the products they order on time and exactly the day the company promises. Value for the money is another guarantee the seller assures customers and delivers in stocking high-quality products that will serve the desires of the customer effectively.

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When it comes to promotions the seller awards her customers equally, for instance, the previous holiday products worth $50 and above the company was doing delivery free of charge. The customer service is also amiable and when a customer has difficulties in making an order or any other inquiring they respond very fast.

How to purchase herbal products on Kratom Syndicate?

The company has a very secure website where every customer should create an account to access the site. The company keeps the information customers provide upon registration due to their privacy and also to make the transactions personal. Only registered customers get access to the vendor website, but the registration is done on specific times that the company decides. For those who need to purchase products when the customer registration is closed, one can buy Kratom strains using somebody’s account upon agreement.

How is the Kratom Syndicate Pricing?

Making a comparison with other online vendors in the Kratom market the prices are almost closed and when they differ, some vendors charge slightly higher. In some products, this vendor charges higher than other players and that is normal in any competitive market. For those customers making orders that need shipping services, the prices will automatically be higher due to the transportation cost.

However, since many of the online vendors competing with this International vendor do not offer shipping services, overseas customers have no choice but to stick to this Kratom seller. Here are some of the products the vendor offers;

Tianeptine Sodium $63
Green and Red Maeng Da $9.99
Anjungan Plus $19
Red Bali $38
Sakae Naa 10:1 extract $12
Miltragyna Javanica $14
Green Kapuas $38
Enhanced Hirsuta $27
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Quality Kratom products than other vendors

Sometimes understanding how vendors can be a challenge. However, it will not surprise many to notice that all Kratom vendors get the products from the same source. Packaging can be different, but the outcome remains the same. Unless the few products that other vendors don’t stock, the rest of the Kratom strains almost come from the same supplier, but the selection might create the difference.

Are the safe products while on shipment?

The company values the privacy and integrity of customer products hence before making any shipment the products are appropriately sealed to ensure nothing can compromise the item on the way. There is also small tins that the company put the products before they seal with durable and water-resistant polythene. To avoid confusing customers the packaging is displayed on the website for every customer to see.

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What are some of the Kratom Customer concerns?

  • In business, there is always the right side and the negative side of every company or brand. Looking keenly on the vendor-customer reviews, some are not happy due to the following reasons;
  • Purchasing few products for overseas customers becomes very costly hence customers are forced to buy other products they didn’t necessarily need to get reasonable charges.
  • Restricting customer registration is something many customers feel like discrimination by the company. Herbal products customers purchase when in pain hence they feel no need to restrict them from accessing the website.
  • The shipment schedules sometimes create a lot of inconvenience and customers in specific oversea regions may receive their products too late.
  • This online Kratom vendor may have a command in the market, but some customers still feel their products are costly and even prefer going for other vendors. There are those customers who feel comfortable with every move the vendor makes.