Many people consider kratom as a new kind of “bath salts”; however it is not the same, and it does not even belong to the same class of substances. So what is kratom? It is the name of the leaf of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree native to Southeast Asia. The leaves are oval shaped and minty, and they have been used by the locals of Thailand and other countries in Asia traditionally as medicine for thousands of years. The leaves of the plant are dried and turned into a powdered form, and then they are sold in a few different types including tablets, capsules, and liquids.

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  • When experiences of the general public were appreciated, they gave some comments on the use of this plant. There are various supporters who acknowledged that the herb had aided them in eliminating opiate addictions and it has proved to be more powerful than those pharmaceutical drugs which were causing them pain.
  • According to some users, it is a great anti-depressant and released them from depression and anxiety.
  • Some of the users also reported that the herb is capable of providing energy by stabilizing anxiety levels.
  • Generally, if we take the comments of the public into consideration, we can conclude that this herbal cure is simply a remarkable product and does not have adverse effects.

Challenge For The Self-Experiment

When asked about the herb, a few people said that they need us to accept the challenge of trying it and then write about it. So, we purchased the most strong strain of kratom, Maeng Da capsules, and we will try it for a few weeks and then the results will be shared.

  • The aim during the testing of this herb is to see whether it enhances energy levels without increasing anxiety or not. Also, is it free of any side effects?
How Green Thai Kratom Works and Why Are People Buying It?

Assessment Of The Effects Of Kratom

This will be a personal evaluation of the substance because it is better to know about it from the inside and then give comments rather than just believing the comments of others. So this is our target now to see how much truth there is in the things people say about kratom. They say that you can get a beneficial substance for a low price as compared to the pharmaceutical drugs which are no longer preferred by them. Many people are now switching to herbal medicine to find the cure they need.