Imagine feeling depressed and at your all-time low and someone tells you that you can get an instant boost without abusing any drug. Well, it may seem incredible, but it is possible with the wonderful herb, Kratom. People praise it for all its health benefits, but it also produces a ‘high’ effect. However, not all Kratom strains will lift your spirits, and you may be disappointed if you do not know which one to take thus fail to get desired results. Not to worry, here are the top euphoric strains as well as enlightenment about how you should consume them for useful results.

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1. Green Malay

It is a favorite strain with Malaysian origin hence the name. Green Malay is the best strain for anyone seeking a euphoric feeling because its effects last for hours, usually 3.5 to 4 hours. It produces both stimulation and euphoric effects, acting as a stimulant within one hour of consumption. The stimulation lasts for a few hours and then as the stimulating alkaloids fade away, relaxation effects kick in through the sedation does not last long. Once the euphoric state settles in the body, it not only elevates the mood but also gives you more energy to socialize. Further, being an opioid, it acts on the receptors to also help in alleviating chronic pain.

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2. Maeng Da

It has the highest levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine and Mitragynine, which give an ideal mix of analgesic and stimulating effects. Maeng Da produces an immediate euphoric state which is very intense and therefore not the best for new users who may not withstand it. However, the same quick way it kicks in so does it leave your body, only giving the mood boost for a couple of hours at most.

3. Bali Kratom

It originates from the Indonesian jungles but reaches almost every corner of the world through the Bali port, which results in the name. Bali Kratom can make you a little more extroverted by boosting confidence and energy levels, which then encourage you to be more sociable.

4. White Borneo

White Borneo is from Borneo Island and is the rarest and most potent strain of all the Borneo Kratom strains. You only need a small dose to have a euphoric sensation, but its effects will last longer than those of Maeng Da. Since it is very energizing, most users prefer to take it when they need energy and concentration to handle a serious project.

5. Indo Kratom

It produces a variety of effects, with some users getting euphoria and others having anxiety, but the cause of variation is not well known yet. All the same, for users who experience happiness, they claim to have the most intense euphoric; therefore, indo kratom is an option to try.

How do these strains cause euphoria?

Kratom leaves contain alkaloids which are responsible for the high feeling. Once you consume a strain, the alkaloids bind to opioid receptors, mu, delta and kappa, towards which they have an affinity. Upon binding to these receptors, they induce cellular transduction to activate the sympathetic system of your body which then leads to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters which the brain releases to lift your moods and cause a euphoric effect. Some strains release serotonin from neuromuscular junctions which also results in a feeling of well-being

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Depending on dosage, they produce the following results:

  • Increased energy levels
  • A calm state of mind
  • Better concentration
  • Boosted stamina

What dosage is appropriate to cause euphoria?

Kratom strains have different effects, but as with everything else, too much can cause adverse results. The trick is, therefore, to consume the strain in the right amounts and usually when it comes to Kratom, a lower does causes stimulation while a higher dose results in sedation. Consequently, if you are aiming for euphoric effect, you should never increase your dosage in higher frequency because you will only create a soothing and relaxing effect.

According to most users, the recommended dose though not the standard one is a low dose of 1-3 grams to obtain a high euphoric sensation. If you prefer moderate excitement, then you should consume 4-6 grams which will also result in a strong relaxation effect. Consuming 7-9 grams will produce more of a relaxed feeling than a euphoric effect. However, the more you use the strain, the more tolerant you become and the higher the dose you will need to obtain the desired effect.

Still, using a strain to get a euphoric sensation is different from using other medication or narcotics. Kratom is an herb and helps you to reconnect your inner peace and happiness. However, our bodies respond differently to various kinds of treatment, and as a new user, you should start with a small dose and observe how your body reacts.

Who will benefit from Kratom euphoric strains?

We all experience one of those days when we barely have enough energy to do our chores, let alone to entertain friends. This lethargic feeling is generally due to underlying stress that we may not even be aware we are experiencing. For this reason, you can try to consume the Kratom strains as mentioned earlier and enjoy the happy feeling as well as feel reenergized to complete your projects and remain sociable.

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However, stress can result in depression, and if after consuming the strain you still are gloomy, then you should seek professional help because using Kratom continuously can result in tolerance and dependence at which point you will want to take higher doses which will not boost your moods and will instead sedate you. Besides, once you develop dependence, withdrawing will lead to painful symptoms such as muscle aches, headaches, constipation and even extreme depression which you were you were trying to treat in the first place.

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When dealing with depression, you must, therefore, use it as an herbal therapy to naturally heal depression over time, as opposed to using it as a drug aiming to produce an instant high feeling.

Final verdict

We all want to be happy that is why we strive to alleviate any sad emotions as quickly as we can. Of course, we prefer natural means to drugs and what better way than to use herbs. However, you should remember that these Kratom strains work differently but whichever you choose, always take the right dose to achieve the level of euphoria you need. All in all, it may not be a drug but abusing it will lead to harmful effects so be careful.