In these modern times, where one has to keep himself super energized for a longer period to be highly effective at his job or his life, we all need some euphoric substance that can elevate our mood, energy, and focus in no time.

In the past few years, Kratom, a member of the coffee family, has taken over the world of euphoric substances. The Kratom market is growing so fast these days, and many vendors are trying their luck in this business, but only a few of them have managed to develop a good reputation, and one of those is Top Extract Botanicals.

Below is a detailed review of their products and website.

Brand Overview

Based in Chicago, Top Extracts Botanicals was founded back in 2014 by Jim Sourek. Jim built this brand with his complete dedication and two purposes. First of providing customers with effective and healthy Kratom, and second, establishing a brand with absolute intolerance over safety and quality.

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Initially, the company started as a small direct service to the customers. Still, as time passed, their product’s demand skyrocketed, and today their products can be seen at many different retail stores across the country.

Moreover, they also support different organizations such as the American Kratom Association to legalize it across the USA. Even in 2019, the company was the instrumental company behind keeping the Kratom legal in Naperville, Illinois.

What Does The Company Offer?

Top Extract is not only a Kratom company, along with Kratom; it also provides several other varieties of products that have a significant impact on health and wellness.


These products are made from Mitragyna Speciosa, a member of the coffee family. Their products are made from all sorts of Kratom and are available based on kratom strain color; Red Kratom, Green Kratom, Yellow Kratom, White and blended Kratom.

1. Liquid Kratom

A concentrated liquid form of the Kratom plant contains 45% kratom extract. It is super easy to use and available both with or without caffeine.

2- Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is probably the most known and widely used Kratom available in the market. In addition, it is available in different forms extracted from other regions.

3- Kratom Capsules

Recently, Kratom capsules have gained significant popularity due to their convenience of use and measured amounts.

4- Kratom Extract

Because of the highly concentrated alkaloid Mitragynine present in it, this is the far more potent form of Kratom that you can take less and get more out of it.

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1- Tincture For Dogs And Cats

Ingredients: Organic extra-virgin Olive oil and Phytocannabinoid hemp extract.

2- CBD Tincture In Both Key Lime And Tropical Flavors

Ingredients: Organic MCT oil, Sunflower oil, natural flavors, Stevia.

3- CBD Salve Stick

Ingredients: Shea butter, Beeswax, seed oil, MTC oil, Sunflower seed oil, Phytocannabinoid hemp extract, Tocopherol, Jojoba oil, rosemary.

4- Broad Spectrum 1fl

Ingredients: Hemp extract, extra virgin Olive oil.

Cost Ranges 

To make Kratom available for people of all classes, they have launched their products at a huge variety of prices, ranging from $7 to $589. Depending upon the choice of people, the products are available in different package sizes too, so if you are a new Kratom user and only want to try, you can buy their samples for $7. Still, if you are a pro and want to have them in bulk, you can go for their 5 KG bulk packets worth $589. Due to their highly premium material, the prices are worth it.

Payment Options

Top Extracts Botanicals use the following methods of payment.

1- Credit And Debit Card Accepted By Mesh

Due to restraints on Kratom, they can not accept a Credit or Debit Card method directly, which is why Top Extracts Botanicals have partnered with Mesh. Mesh is a completely secure and reliable way of paying online, which requires only one time set up to save $3. However, this setup may ask you to provide a little more information than usual.

2- Bitcoin

As Kratom has conquered the energetic substance, Bitcoin is the king of the crypto world. The Top Extract offers a 10% discount on every order if you pay through bitcoin; this shows their modern approach towards everything.

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3- ACH Checking Or Savings Account

You can save your precious $2 by paying through this method. All you have to do is:

  • Choose your account type
  • Write the routing number
  • Account number
  • Confirm your account number.

And Booom, you are good to go.

4- Others

They also accept Money Order/Cash Payment/COD, but not PayPal.

Delivery Methods

The company remains open from Monday to Saturday until 9 AM CST. Most of their orders are shipped the same business day unless clients have special instructions or a payment error.

Other than the USA, they ship to Canada with a max spend per order of $300. In addition, they offer two policies for shipping outside the USA.

1- USPS Policy

In this,

  • You will pay all the duties and taxes.
  • The company will not offer a refund in case of seized or lost shipments.
  • Tracking is not available once the parcel leaves the USA.

2- EX And UPS Policy

In this,

  • Duties and taxes are included in the cost
  • Replacement for lost shipments
  • Fully tracking is provided

Whether inside the USA or outside, the company ships directly, meaning there will be no label of the brand on the package’s exterior, and only a PO address will be shown as a return address.

Refund Policy

Yes.! They do have a refund policy if things don’t go well. However, you’ll need to return the item in original packaging, picture-attached, unused, and in the same condition that you received it within seven days.

You will be responsible for paying the return shipping cost. Once the company receives your returned item, they will notify you through an email. After a brief inspection, the company will decide if you are applicable for a refund or not.

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Kratom Lab Testing

Generally, most vendors use batch testing techniques to detect pathogens or harmful substances, but batch testing leaves much space as in this, only a small amount of Kratom is checked per 100 kg.

Fortunately, Top Extracts Botanicals run the following tests several times to ensure you get the safe and healthy product:

  •   Yeast
  •   Enterobacteria 
  •   Molds
  •   Salmonella
  •   Shigella 
  •   DNA product verification
  •   E.coli
  •   Moisture level 
  •   Potency 
  •   Heavy metals 

Affiliate Marketing 

The Top Extract also offers affiliate programs to bloggers, web owners, and social media influencers. Along with the great commission, the company provides access to different marketing materials, personalized coupons, and bonus incentives.


The best way to tell about the quality of anything is by checking the review, and to no surprise, the company has a huge number of five stars reviews. I checked their first three pages and found only two studies that were not five stars.

Wholesale Program

To encourage the Kratom business, Top Extract gives huge discounted rates and free marketing material to wholesalers on their fresh and potent Kratom. So if you are looking to open a Kratom retail store, this vendor can be a great choice.

Final Phrase 

This kratom vendor is undoubtedly among the few top-ranked Kratom vendors and joined this industry at the very beginning. The sole purpose of creating this brand was to provide premium quality Kratom at reasonable prices, and they have done that job decently.

Apart from that, Top Extract also supports and fights the legal battles to keep Kratom legal across the USA.

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1- Do they have reward points?

 Absolutely.! They offer 1 point for each dollar spent, and every moment is worth $0.05 with an expiry of 1 year, including that you can get extra points by referring friends as well. You can view your point score by logging in to the account and can use them up to $15 per order.

2- Is Top Extract certified brand?

100%, Top Kratom is GMP certified Kratom vendor and is bound to follow the strict regulations set by American Kratom Association.

3- Is my data safe?

The company has mentioned that all your data will remain safe, secure, and private. However, to improve the quality of the shopping experience and tell you the order’s status, the company uses your data.

4-Do they have a physical store?

No, they operate online only; however, to ensure customer satisfaction, they offer pickup but by appointment only.

Contact Information And Customer Service

Top Extract’s customer service is amazing. They operate from Monday to Friday (9 AM to 6 PM) and are quickest at replying to emails. They also have social media accounts where they promote and resolve the queries and concerns of clients.

Phone: (630) 332-0471


Facebook: Top Extracts Botanicals Botanical