If you are researching about the toss and wash kratom method, chances are you might have come across or heard about the benefits of this fantastic supplement. What once appeared to be a wave, has turned into a long term solution for people from all corners of the world. Kratom offers a lot of health benefits, and this is why you can’t be left out.

In Southeast Asia, where the kratom tree was discovered and grew naturally. The locals from within that area used to chew the leaves to experience its properties. This was centuries ago. Fast forward 2019, kratom is today processed in the form of powder, capsules, extracts, and tinctures.

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It can be consumed in different methods such as mixing it with tea, swallowing the kratom capsules, combining it with food, and finally, the toss and wash way if you are interested in learning more about the toss and wash method. Below is a guide.

What do people mean When They Refer to The Toss and Wash?

If you are new to the world of kratom, then you might have heard about the toss and wash method from fellow enthusiasts. It’s a simple method of taking kratom where the user has to place a spoonful of kratom powder in their mouth and flashing it down your throat with a glass of water.

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It’s super simple and very effective. No wonder it is so popular. The toss and wash method ensures the fast absorption of kratom in the body. When tried out the effects kick in faster.

Toss And Wash Kratom

What is Entailed in Toss and Wash Kratom Method?

Though it is one of the most effective methods of kratom intake, it requires practice and experience. Not a lot of people can do the toss and wash way without feeling the taste and smell of the supplement. To some, it’s easy, whereas others feel nauseated when they do it.

The reason why we say it takes practice is that if the powder happens to hit the back of your throat. You might end up gagging or coughing. You must do it right. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t scare you since, with time, you get used to it and become a master. All you have to do is to know the dos and don’ts.

The Process on How to Toss and Wash Kratom

Now that you know what the toss and wash process is all about. We can get to the part you have been eagerly waiting for. The first step entails filling a glass with water or juice. Kindly keep off carbonated drinks such as soda. Because it may lead to the formation of bubbles, making it hard for you to wash the kratom down your throat.

The second step is filling a spoon with the required kratom dosage. We strongly advise against the habit of taking a spoonful from your package. Make sure you measure your dosage. Once you have the right dosage in your spoon, you should put it in your mouth. You will realize that the powder will stick to your tongue and mouth.

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Kratom tea

Immediately take a sizeable gulp of water or juice in your mouth. Don’t swallow right away. Try and swish the water around your mouth so that all the powder is removed. Then take the water. You should accompany this with another glass of water to remove the kratom entirely from your mouth.

How do The Toss and Wash Compare to Taking Kratom Tea

When you compare the toss and wash method of taking kratom tea, the latter is more comfortable to swallow. With kratom tea, the powder will be fully dissolved in the tea, and you also minimize the chances of gagging on the powder.

With kratom tea, you can also add sweeteners to improve the taste. With the toss and wash method, you have to endure the sour taste. However, one downside of taking kratom tea is that not all the alkaloids will be absorbed in your body. The toss and wash methods ensure that all alkaloids present are absorbed. And its effects will be stronger.

How about Mixing Kratom Powder with Sweet Foods

As beneficial as kratom is, people, dread the sour taste. This is why they go to extra lengths of looking for ways to cut down the taste. Sweet foods come in quite handy in disguising the taste of kratom. It masks the bitterness, and you can swallow it with ease. However, this is the only advantage of this method. It will take longer for the effects to kick in, and the food may prevent the kratom from being fully absorbed by your body.

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What about Kratom Capsules?

Does the idea of tossing and washing kratom down your throat scare you? Well, there is an alternative. Kratom capsules carry the powder in gelatin capsules. Thus you won’t have to endure the sour taste of the powder. But are they better than the toss and wash method? Here is an analysis.

A Comparison of Kratom Powder and Capsules

Though you get to avoid the taste, kratom capsules prevent the full absorption of the supplement in your body. Also, before the capsule is fully absorbed in your body, it will take some time. The toss and wash method remains to be the most effective in ensuring the immediate absorption of kratom.

Reasons Why You Might Not Consider The Toss and Wash Method

Despite it being so excited on the internet, the toss and wash method is not for everyone. There are a few reasons why you may not consider it.

  • First and foremost, the sour taste can be traumatizing. This is the main reason why people don’t love this method.
  • The toss and wash method doesn’t shield you from the odd smell of kratom.
  • If wrongfully swallowed, one may get nauseated or experience some gagging.
  • Taking kratom directly may cause stomach upset to some people.


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The bottom line is if you are looking to achieve all the effects of kratom faster. Then the toss and wash method is ideal for you. You should, however, know that it isn’t easy and requires some getting used to. You need to look for a method that works best for you.