Did you know there are 10 to 15-million Kratom users in the USA alone? Well, while that may not sound so staggering, it does indicate the upscale in the industry.

Hundreds of new Kratom vendors have sprouted in the online world. For some users, this is celebratory news since they can know to have access to a diverse variety. But, for the majority, this has made purchasing Kratom more challenging than before.

The new surge in vendors means it’s difficult to find those who are trustworthy and reliable. And, one cannot go around trying out multiple vendors. Kratom is certainly not a cheap item.

Well, if you have also been struggling to find a reliable vendor, then worry no more!

Our team of experts has found just the right place for you; Treasure House Botanicals. This particular company promises you both quality and quantity in this unsafe online Kratom market. Read more to learn about your next best Kratom seller!

Treasure House Botanicals – An Overview 

Although Treasure House Botanicals is relatively new in the Kratom industry, it has established its reputation as a high-rated vendor. The company sells premium-grade Kratom at reasonable prices.

You can find their collection of products on their website. Please note, one can only purchase items directly from the vendor. No other third-party sites or platforms are offering their products.

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Amazingly, the Treasure House Botanicals team has placed a special emphasis on the website design. It has a simple, dual-toned look with a sidebar. Upon clicking, it reveals the different pages.

The well-thought, intuitive interface reflects their user-friendly policies. Anyone can easily navigate the site and find the desired products.

There is also a dedicated strain guide and FAQ section to guide you about various procedures. And, in case of further doubt, you can get in touch with their highly-responsive customer support via the contact page.

What Do They Offer?  

As a new vendor in the market, Treasure House botanicals seems to be doing an excellent job at offering products. The company already offers a wide range of products over a variety of kratom strains. Plus, they keep updating their website with newer ones.

The four dominant and prominent strains available on their website include Maeng Da, Modern Maeng Da, Elephant Maeng Da, and Pitman.

Other unique strains available at their site are:

And the list keeps on increasing every day. However, it’s the Red Piaman Kratom that’s gained the most popularity.

All of these strains are available in several forms. You’ll find kratom powder,  kratom capsules, tinctures, edibles, etc.

Plot Twist: You Cannot Ingest Their Kratom

Alright, so we familiarized ourselves with Treasure House Botanicals is and what do they offer.

If you happen to be a seasoned Kratom user, you might already want to give it a try. But here’s a plot twist: you cannot try their products in terms of consumption.

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And by that, we mean you can not buy Kratom from Treasure House Botanicals to ingest.

Why? Well, that’s because they believe mitragyna speciosa is not fit for human consumption as specified by FDA. So, instead, they offer such a wide range of Kratom for:

  • Fabric Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Soap making scent etc.

Hence, the company promotes and contributes to the Kratom industry’s growth in a unique way.

Pricing & Coupon Codes 

After going through the premium Kratom collection, it is natural to question the pricing and rates. Nobody wants to go broke buying Kratom here, right?

Well, Treasure House Botanicals surprises us even in that aspect. It has reasonable prices ranging from $11 to $21. The accurate costs depend on the product type and quantity.

For example, 250g of Maeng Da Kratom will cost you more than 100g and vice versa. You may also find rate fluctuations with the industry trends. However, the prices are lower than other vendors.

Plus, Treasure House Botanicals offers special coupon codes. You can find great sales and coupons available on the website throughout the year.

At times, the vendor applies discounts on certain products itself when checking out. So, you can get more deals on an already discounted item!

How To Pay On Treasure House Botanicals?

If you thought getting cheap rates was a deal maker, wait till you hear about the vendor’s versatile payment methods. Treasure House Botanicals make it super simple to purchase by offering you 3-different ways:

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • E-Check
  • Cryptocurrency

Yes, it may sound unbelievable, but the site lets you pay through crypto. Now, you can use virtual money (bitcoins) to make Kratom purchases. There is no need to go through the hassle of entering card numbers and filling e-checks when you can opt for this!

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Is Treasure House Botanicals Reliable? 

Yes! As mentioned earlier, Treasure House Botanicals has been quite very active since day one of its launches. It keeps on adding products and catering to its clientele needs.

Plus, several users have confirmed the quality of product and service on both I Love Kratom and Reddit. One user even claimed that she could tell their products are more potent than others.

Their flexible refund policy is also an example of their reliability. They are confident about their products. You can request a refund within 20 days of purchase if 80% of the product is still in the packet. The repayment that you’ll receive will be a product of purchase price and percentage of product left. You will be paying for the shipment, though.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, Treasure House Botanicals is a Kratom vendor of its kind. For those who plan to convert their love for Kratom into a lifestyle, this distinctive brand might serve as a stepping stone.

You can rely on them to help you achieve your dreams. And incorporate Kratom goodness into more aspects of your life. Good luck!