If you are a prolific Kratom user or it’s the first time you are learning about it, no doubt you must know about Kratom natural supplements. Natural supplement in simple terms among Kratom users are called potentiator and have an advanced boost in Kratom effect. The potentiator that you must know is the turmeric powder.

To any Kratom consumers, it’s of importance to try consuming Kratom using supplements. One of those supplements being the turmeric powder acts to boost your Kratom effects in the body. Ideally not only should you purchase a packet of turmeric for potentiation purpose but other personal reasons.

Does turmeric powder have the ability to boost the Kratom effect? Let us see. Before finding out how turmeric and Kratom work in raising the Kratom effect, let us learn a few things about turmeric itself.

Turmeric is a complex natural compound that offers natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to anyone who likes using it. Anti-aging supplements use turmeric Curcumin substrate, which is a top-quality herb that acts just like Kratom to reduce pain naturally. Also, turmeric raises protection and speed natural healing function through the elimination of dangerous radical in the body.

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Turmeric ingredients

Turmeric contains Bioperine. Bioperine in simple terms is black pepper isolates that offer turmeric the alkaloid piperine that forms an essential portion of the Kratom potentiation. The black pepper isolate is among the most famous potentiators of Kratom powder. It increases the limit of Kratom powder to take in a single day.

  • Bioperine is not only helpful when used together with Kratom. It improves body metabolism, acts to improve serotonin and dopamine level in the body and work together with memory to increase the immune system.
  • Further, piperine enhances the bioavailability of Curcumin, which is another vital ingredient of turmeric that promotes absorption of turmeric when used with Kratom.
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Why you must take Kratom with Turmeric

Potentiator Turmeric power

  • If you take up research, you will be shocked at how million of Kratom praise a combination of Kratom and turmeric. Thousands of articles have been published that talk of potential benefits of turmeric with Kratom.
  • Turmeric is rich in alkaloid. The same alkaloid is what gives Kratom user the feeling of being high. So ideally taking Kratom with turmeric is like taking a double strand of alkaloid.
  • Kratom turmeric combination gives you a great feeling of body relaxation. Secondly, it’s a chance for you to use less Kratom especially in countries where accessing Kratom is a challenge. All you do is use little Kratom dose with high turmeric dosage.

Turmeric is a spice

  • Turmeric spices your Kratom and enhances adsorption. When a portion of turmeric is added to a Kratom dose, it makes Kratom more palatable. One of the best ways to tell if it’s yielding perfect results for you is to make it a habit of spicing your Kratom now and then.
  • The kind of effects you get will be incomparable to when you take Kratom alone.

How To Use Turmeric

Turmeric improves body wellness

  • The primary role why most people take Kratom is to get help in relieving themselves of stress, pain, and depression. These atrocities, in a real sense, are known to affect our bodies’ wellness directly.
  • People narrate cases when they have had been in depression for quite some times but after turning to Kratom use their body wellness has improved tremendously. Therefore, you can imagine the kind of benefits you can reap once you combine Kratom and turmeric.
  • Kratom-turmeric combination is a proven gate into entering good body health. It’s something that has been tested by many and proven to have adequate beneficial. You have to try it today.
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Gives your body adequate balance

  • Like we said, one of the components of turmeric is the Piperine. Piperine contains Curcumin, which is an alkaloid compound that acts to give our body stamina.
  • The feeling of relaxation and total calmness that come with Kratom use is further enhanced when you combine Kratom with turmeric.
  • In return, your body gains stamina, and you can maximize concentration to whatever you are doing.

Turmeric- Kratom and body health

  • Kratom acts to reduce cardiovascular and disorders related to gastrointestinal health. Also, Kratom reduces body cholesterol and prevent the prevalence of cancer cell.
  • Just as Kratom does the above, turmeric is not an exception either.
  • Patients who have cancer and cardiovascular disease are therefore encouraged to take Kratom together with turmeric to reap these benefits.

Why Kratom-turmeric combination has the strength to boost Kratom effect for long

Veterans Kratomist who have experience in using Kratom with turmeric has so far reported positive results. As we said, Kratom-turmeric combination is a double alkaloid intake. The kind if results reported from those who combine the two is that the effects that come with Kratom last for an extended period in the body. How do these come about?

Scientifically, the turmeric powder binds to the alkaloid compound of the Kratom. Once the two compounds bind, a double alkaloid molecule is created inside the body. If you were used to 100kbls of alkaloid to feel Kratom effect, the amount is instantly doubled. You can, therefore, imagine what kind of experience you will end up getting.

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We will not tell you the exert pleasure; you have to try it yourself.

Kratom and Turmeric dosages

Typically just as we have Kratom capsule, turmeric comes in the form of a pill. Doctors’ advice that for one to get proper effectiveness of Kratom and turmeric, it’s wise to take turmeric capsules fifteen to twenty minutes before taking Kratom.

  • Turmeric need time to be digested and absorbed in the blood system before it takes due to effect. Kratom itself infuses directly in the body and start its effects right away. Taking turmeric before, and giving it sometimes to diffuse in the body, acts to prepare your body in advance for Kratom dosage.
  • There are no standard dosages of turmeric to use with Kratom. The ideal rule is to use a small dosage and advance to higher amounts with time. It is, however, recommendable to take at least two capsules daily. If the effect is not enough, you can increase your dosage further.

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Have you been taking your Kratom powder plain? Ooh! So unfortunate of you although you need not worry since now you know the best potentiator to use. Buy the turmeric today and experience a change in Kratom experience.

We guess that you also need to take a supplement that will add benefit to your body. So, we, therefore, recommend that you use turmeric and it will act well in return.