There are several types of Kratom strains all narrowed down to the three main strains. Kratom strains are generally divided into three colors, red vein, green vein, and white vein. The classification is characteristic of the color of the veins on the leaves. On close inspection, you will notice the variability in the color of the veins and stem. The color further determines the potency of the Kratom strain; the effect it has on the mind and body. The color difference is caused by a difference in the unique chemical composition in each strain.

The leaves each thrive best under different condition due to their varying chemical composition and use. In most cases, one strain can serve a purpose better than the other strains; for instance, the red vein Kratom is commonly used for treating insomnia while the green veined leaves when consumed increase focus and alertness.

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Types of Kratom

Here’s an insight into the characteristics of the types of Kratom.

Red Vein Kratom

Both the stem and the veins in red vein Kratom are red in color. Red Kratom is the most widely used consequently best-selling type of Kratom in the market. So much so, that the Red vein sold more than the White and Green Kratom combined. It is the dominant strain in Southeast Asia and slightly more abundant than any other Mitragyna speciosa species in the region. Some studies conclude that the chemical that gives the veins their color is what allows them to grow in different environments. Red vein fascinatingly grows in dry and arid areas and knee-deep swampy areas. The tenacity on the Red vein Kratom makes it outstanding, to say the least.

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Mostly used for its calming effects, the Red vein is excellent for beginners. It delivers some sense of euphoria and optimism hence better used to control anxiety and stress. The strain can act as a substitute for pharmaceutical painkillers. Based on the spectrum of the Red Vein Kratom potency, the most potent strains relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Within the Red Kratom, there are considerable effects that vary in properties and effects. For instance, the Red Sumatra effects consist of elated moods as opposed to the Red Borneo Kratom or Red Thai Kratom which give the user sedative effects. Like other strains, the extent of the effects depends on the amount ingested. At lower doses, users report a stimulation effect while at larger doses they report tranquility. Popular brands that fall into the Red vein Kratom are

White Vein Kratom

White vein Kratom is popular for its mood-enhancing and stimulation effects. Despite the effects being dependent on the amount of dose taken, the tolerance and lifestyle of an individual, and the quality of the product, the trend for the White vein is generally one of elevated stimulation and euphoria compared to other strains. Similar to coffee intake which improves alertness, the White vein is often used alternatively to increase cheerfulness and concentration. Many people rely on the White strain to increase stamina, especially before manual work.

It is advisable not to take this type of Kratom too late in the day as it causes restless sleep. Usage of the White and Red strain interchangeably or mixed is common. For new users its recommendable to ease into the White strain Kratom, perhaps blending the Red and White strains at first. This helps to balance the energy boost. Some of the popular brands that fall within the White Kratom category include:

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Green Vein Kratom

Green strain is more-less a mild energy booster an often placed between the white and red strains in the spectrum. Informants report to experience and energy boost that kept them alert for the most part of the day. Some of the common uses of this type of strain in the medical niche are to get rid of discomfort and relieve pain. The main reason behind this is because the White strain, unlike other analgesic drugs does not cause drowsiness as a side effect.

Blending of the red, white and green Kratom strains to enhance the Kratom experience and deliver a more sophisticated effect is also common. When combined properly the strains work mutually to reduce the annoying side effects such as stimulation and excessive Kratom eye wobbles. Due to its balancing effects, white strain Kratom is popularly used to curb anxiety and stress. It gives a sense of self-awareness and reduces the distraction from other people’s thoughts and opinions. For that night out, social event that require cheerfulness, and interaction the White vein Kratom is recommended. Some common products of the Green vein leaf Kratom include:

Which Strain is better: Green, Red, and White Strain?

The best Kratom varies depending on the individual’s preferences and the circumstances influencing the intake of Kratom. That said, it can be difficult to settle for a strain since different effects can be observed in the same strains. The recorded impacts depend on the location, the quality, method of harvest, climate, etc. For instance, the red Kratom strain can boost moods and at the same time relieve pain and opiate symptoms.
The best way to determine the best Kratom strain for you is to buy a beginner pack that’s inclusive of all the Strains:

  • White,
  • Red,
  • and Green.
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Used correctly you can use this starter pack to identify the strain that’s compatible with your needs. Experimentation is the way to go.
Remember when using the same type of Kratom over a long period the body develops some immunity. It is therefore advisable to switch the Kratom strains. The brain receptors responsible for relaying the intake of the chemical and alkaloids weaken over time. This is especially important if you are using the herbal drug for medicinal purposes. Rotating the strains will help you get the best energizing and euphoric effects from the powder.

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There is a wide variety of Kratom strains out there which vary accordingly. However, the strains are generalized into three main colors. Certain strains also arise from mixing the blends. To that effect, you can have fun with the strains you have, if you have a bag of Green strain and a bag of Red strain you can combine them and come up with your strain. That’s the best part about the Kratom experience; there’s no limit to it.