Kratom is a plant with leaves that consist of naturally occurring substances called Alkaloids. When anyone takes the Kratom leaf, it makes contact with the Alkaloids with the cell receptors in the body. The effects produced from such interaction with the cell receptors are relaxation, calmness, and energy. The receptors in the brains of the users are activated, and it strongly affects the body and minds of the persons using it.
Alkaloids take time to produce its effects in the body. The time required for such effects and how long they remain active and effective is termed as “Half-life Effects.”
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Kinds Of Alkaloid Present In The Kratom Plant

The most common and known alkaloid present in the plant of Kratom is mitragynine. Usually, the half-life of this substance is 3 ½ hours whereas another alkaloid, 7 hydroxyl – mitragynine, has a half-life of 2 ½ hours. Few other compounds have a different half-life compared to the primary alkaloids. The half-life of such alkaloids may be for longer or shorter durations compared to them. These compounds are mitraphylline, corynanthidine, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, and 7-ethanoylmitragynine.

Effects of Kratom

Different alkaloids may have different importance level and effects. The importance and effects of the alkaloids cannot be judged by an ordinary person who does not use Kratom. To know about Kratom, and its lasting effects it is necessary to have complete know-how about the strains of Kratom. Knowledge about such strains can be obtained if you know a lot about different leaf colors.
So instead of scientific names, a common Kratom user can know about the half-life and effects of the alkaloids with the help of packaging and the color of the leaf strain.
Three different color strains are explained below, which are as follows:

White Vietnam Kratom Strain Information

Red Leaf Strains

Among the strains of all the colors, this is considered very effective because of the level of relaxation and calmness. This strain provides above the other strains. Usually, the effects last for around 5 hours, but some strains can last for around 10 hours.

White Leaf Strains

These are considered to be the fastest of all the color strains in the creation of the effects. The effects are potent and you can get a lot of energy through these strains, but the drawback is that it only lasts for 3 hours or up to 5 hours maximum. It would not be wrong to say that the white strains will produce the best results and give you the maximum amount of energy, but the results will only be best for those who need to experience Kratom just for a short period rather than for very long duration.

Green Leaf Strains

The most powerful Kratom strain available is the Green Leaf Strain. It gives the most energy compared to the others. Duration is also long. Its effects remain for almost 8 hours. Hence, it keeps you energetic for a long time.