Valkyrie Botanicals kratom review is exclusively for kratom enthusiasts who are planning to buy kratom from this vendor in the near future.  Since the kratom industry is not free from scammers, and poor quality Mitragyna Speciosa is hugely harmful to health, you need to get the hang of top-notch kratom vendors who won’t ever compromise on quality.

From seed to shelf, the quality would be worth your money. Valkyrie Botanicals is one of those notorious kratom vendors for whom their customers come first.

Read on to dig deeper into this honest brand review of Valkyrie Botanicals!

Valkyrie Botanicals And Their Partnership With Carolina Kratom

Valkyrie Botanicals started its journey in the kratom industry back in 2016. With extremely potent kratom strains and an extensive product line, the vendor was top-favorite of numerous avid kratom users.

After getting into a merger with Carolina Kratom in 2019, we noticed them plain sailing downwards. Ever since October 2020, we can’t find the physical presence of Valkyrie Botanicals anywhere on the internet. Moreover, the official e-commerce web store of Carolina Kratom does not have any product of Valkyrie botanicals in their product line.

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Although it’s crystal clear that Valkyrie Botanicals is not operating anymore, it would be unfair if we do not mention that the vendor was an extremely experienced and well-reputed kratom vendor. Their loyal customers find their absence entirely unfortunate and hope that they will get back soon.

However, it is essential to discuss their general reputation, product line, and all the teeny-tiny details of their kratom business. If ever they come back and mark their footprints again in the kratom market, you would know whether you should give a shot to their products or not.


What Kratom Products You Can Buy At Valkyrie Botanicals?

At Valkyrie Botanicals, you can buy a wide variety of kratom products. From super-soft Speciosa powders to kratom capsules, tinctures, and extremely potent extracts, this vendor has stocked up all the latest natural formulas of kratom.

Valkyrie Botanicals Plantation Maeng Da and Red Plantation Maeng Da have been fan-favorite of various kratom enthusiasts. Apart from that, they had a reliable variety of Yellow Vietnamese kratom, Indo Elephant strain, Bali kratom, Bentuangie, and Maeng Da’s.

All of these strains were sourced from the native land of kratom where only top-grade kratom is cultivated and harvested by seasoned and professional farmers.

How Much Does Kratom Cost At Valkyrie Botanicals?

The prices of kratom strains at Valkyrie Botanicals were pretty nominal and consistent. For this reason, their sales were always beating their targets because who does not like high-quality kratom at unbeatable prices?

At Valkyrie Botanicals you can buy 30g of kratom powder for $10.34, 100g for $20.34, and 250g for $33.33. You may notice that with a minimal increase in the prices the quantity of kratom drastically increases, and that’s how this vendor always delivered exceptional value to its customers.

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10 Reasons That Set Aside Valkyrie From Other Kratom Vendors

Do you want to assess Valkyrie’s services and kratom in a bit more detail against your favorite kratom vendor? Here you go with the top 10 reasons that effortlessly make Valkyrie Botanicals one of the best kratom vendors to buy kratom online.

  • High-Quality Kratom Products With Everlasting Potency

At Valkyrie Botanicals, all the kratom strains are directly sourced from Indonesia where kratom has its origin. The temperate climate, rainfalls, humidity, and nutrient-rich soil produce the finest quality Mitragyna Speciosa. For this reason, all the kratom products at Valkyrie have jaw-dropping potency levels and remain consistent across batches.

  • Coupon Codes And Discounted Deals

Valkyrie Botanicals used to offer coupon codes and discounted deals to help their customers save a few bucks. As of now, they are not operating and we cannot find any discounted offers and coupon codes for Valkyrie Botanicals. However, if they reopen, we are sure they will again start offering coupon codes and discounted deals to their beloved kratom enthusiasts.

  • Fast Shipping

The brand Valkyrie Botanicals was known for its fast shipping service and that’s something kratom enthusiasts always cherished. Having your order right after 3-4 days with exceptionally good bundling material and padding would definitely make your day.

  • Easy-To-Use Payment Options

With the vast variety of options considering payment methods, Valkyrie Botanicals made sure that their customers get through the checkout entirely hassle-free.

Their payment methods include bank transfer, eChecks, money gram, Debit cards/ Credit Cards, and COD (you need to contact them for COD).

  • Positive Customer Feedback

What’s more promising and persuading to make an order at Valkyrie Botanicals is their honest customer feedback. They are hugely celebrated for their remarkable customer service and have numerous repeating customers. The customer feedback assures that Valkyrie’s customer care representatives are professional, friendly, and make you feel heard and seen.

  • Google Ranking

Valkyrie botanicals had an incredible Google ranking of 4.8 stars when they were operating. The ranking shows the trust and positive experiences of their potential customers. If this brand reopens to provide premium kratom strains again to their customers, you can trust them for top-quality kratom.

  • No False Claims

Valkyrie Botanicals had been as honest and transparent as they could be. They never made any false claims regarding their kratom product. If they claimed their products were lab-tested then they were for sure lab-tested and the report on their website made it apparent. Moreover, their entire website had authentic content on kratom and the best information about kratom strains. 

  • Lab-Tested Kratom Products

Valkyrie Botanicals is a GMP-certified kratom vendor that conducts third-party lab tests to ensure the superior quality of its kratom products. They are pretty strict when it comes to keeping the quality and alkaloid consistency of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids identical across batches. Al their products are free from contaminants and rich in alkaloids. Moreover, any product that would not meet the standard would be dismissed.

  • Reasonable And Affordable Prices

Do you want to enjoy top-quality kratom at reasonable prices? Valkyrie Botanicals have got you covered. All their kratom strains are priced at affordable prices so that you can get the most out of this magical herb kratom. At Valkyrie Botanicals, you are truly valued for your hard-earned cash.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Did you just hear a 30-day money-back guarantee? It’s an unconditional promise of Valkyrie Botanicals to make you feel confident throughout your purchase process. If you are not happy with your order and want to replace it, you can claim for 30-day money-back guarantee. Make sure you return the product within 30 days.

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So, in short, you can order risk-free at Valkyrie Botanicals because all of their products are backed with a full money-back guarantee.

What Are Redditors Saying About Valkyrie Botanicals?

The kratom users are pretty satisfied and pleased with Valkyrie Botanicals. On Reddit, a user review says “The most potent [kra  tom] I’ve had was white and red Bali from Valkyrie Botanicals. Never had anything stronger.”

Another user said that “, “They’re pretty awesome with good prices for what you receive.”


The Cons Of Buying Kratom From Valkyrie Botanicals

Like other kratom brands, Valkyrie Botanicals also have a few shortcomings. These shortcomings are not related to their products or prices but are centered upon their processing processes. Here’s where you may not find this brand an ideal fit for you to buy kratom online.

  • Slow Refund

Although Valkyrie Botanicals offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, their entire refund process is a little bit time-consuming. So if you are someone who needs a complete refund quickly, that won’t be the case here at Valkyrie.

  • Lab-Testing Takes Time

At Valkyrie Botanicals, you may find a few kratom strains out of stock. There’s a solid reason behind it and it lies under the time-consuming nature of third-party lab testing.

They make their kratom products available for sale once they are completely free from contaminants and have a stronger alkaloid profile.

Final Thoughts

Valkyrie Botanicals brand has made a partnership with Carolina kratom and offers a wide variety of kratom products. Their kratom products are legit and authentic as they lab-test each of them for contaminants, fillers, and metals.

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They offer superior quality Maeng Da kratom that too at low prices. So if you are looking for a potent kratom experience, you need to give a shot to Valkyrie Botanicals – a trusted kratom vendor for all-things kratom.

I hope this brand review of Valkyrie Botanicals helped you dig deeper into all the essential details of the vendor. Let us know in the comment section below if you have ever tried Valkyrie botanicals kratom and how was your experience?

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is The Valkyrie Botanicals Brand Legit?

Yes, Valkyrie botanicals is an authentic kratom brand that is known for top-quality kratom products.

2) What Are The Shipping Methods Offered By Valkyrie Botanicals?

Valkyrie Botanicals’ fast shipping services include United States Postal Services.

3) Does Valkyrie Botanicals Lab-Test Their Kratom Products?

Yes, all the products at Valkyrie Botanicals are lab-tested by a third party.