Vivazen is a fantastic health supplement that is infused with Kratom for a host of benefits. The contents of this product are liquid and adequately packaged in bottles. It is a product that can relax anyone who takes it, whereas it also can boost your energy levels. You can choose it for that feel-good moment, whereby you can fight off any fatigue.

The Kratom that is present in Vivazen is what makes the drink to have the beneficial properties as mentioned above. This article will highlight all that you need to know about this product, including the levels of Kratom that are infused into it.

A Detailed Description of Vivazen

Vivazen kratom is the ultimate drink that is carefully made in a manner that it adds vibrancy in your life, making you feel relaxed at all times, and feeling healthy. You do not have to contend with the regular tiredness as you go about your day to day activities, but you remain productive throughout the day. The energy boost you get from this product is equivalent to what you will get from a five hours energy supplement.

Whenever you feel like you want your muscles to relax or get that excellent feeling, you need to get yourself a shot of the fantastic Vivazen. You will be excited to learn that the company, which makes this kratom drink, uses various natural herbal ingredients to achieve the fantastic effects. That combination of ingredients includes:

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  • Poppy extract
  • White willow extract
  • Kratom

The popularity of Kratom globally has been fueled by its ability to give users an incredible opium-like outcome. The origin of the kratom plant in Southeast Asia, whereby you can find it in many areas of that region. You will be happy to learn that Vivazen has done a great deal of research to ensure that the effects of Kratom are intensified in this product, whereas reducing consequential side effects. This product is available online through Vivazen’s website, but also from other online vendors.

Vivazen Ingredients

This product contains various herbal extracts, as highlighted above, but it also has other ingredients that are all combined to come up with its awesomeness. They include:

These ingredients ensure that you get a great tasting drink that gives a fantastic feel-good moment. Every ingredient has a purpose in ensuring that your drink is enjoyable to take.

Amount of Kratom in Vivazen

The amount of Kratom in any drink will determine how intensive the effects of the product are to you. This will arouse your curiosity as you wonder how much Kratom is in this product. Well, Vivazen has about 1,530 mg of Kratom. When you round off these quantities of Kratom into plain kratom leaf, this product has about 3 grams. This is the right amount to ensure that you are feeling great and having an excellent quality of life.

Product Benefits

The rising popularity of Vivazen has been due to its main benefits, which are as outlined below.

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  • Helping you to feel joy and relaxed
  • Soothing and relieving muscle pain occasioned by strenuous activities

These incredible benefits apply to anyone, and this makes it a product of choice for many. You should not allow yourself to suffer if you can place an order for a fantastic product that will get your problems to vanish.

Appropriate Usage of Vivazen

You will get more effects from this product when you decide to take it on an empty stomach. Though this is not recommended for persons who have sensitive stomachs, as this could bring about some upsets and discomfort.

  1. For a person who is getting started on this product, you should ensure that your tummy is full before you indulge in this product. This will make sure that you slowly get used to the effects of Vivazen.
  2. You need to take precautions if you are new with the product and should only take half of 2 oz. After you have taken this amount, you should take some time, say 20 minutes to feel the effects of the product. This waiting time is supposed to advise whether you continue drinking the rest of the contents or you stop.
  3. In the instance that you do not like what you feel after taking the half bottle, you should stop taking it altogether. However, if you like what you are feeling, you could go ahead and drink the remaining contents of the bottle.

Precaution should be taken while consuming this fantastic drink, and persons below 18 years of age should not take it. It is dangerous to combine it with alcohol or other kinds of medications. Two bottles should be the limit in a day, and nobody should take more than that.

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How Long will Its Effects Last?

Further studies need to be conducted to determine how long the effects of Vivazen last. A person’s size and weight will also play a role in determining how long the product’s effect will last, whereby smaller people will have effects lasting for longer and vice versa with larger people.

The manufacturer of Vivazen claims that the effect of this product can last from 20 minutes up to 6 hours from the time to taking it. This time range will largely depend on other factors, including the weight, age, or whether the person had eaten or they had not.


Vivazen is a fantastic product that everyone should look out for. It is guaranteed to improve a person’s quality of life and productivity. You will no longer have to contend with those tiring episodes in your day to day activities. This is because of its energy-boosting capabilities. You will also quickly relieve pain from your muscles after some strenuous activities. It is, therefore, wise for you to place an order for this fantastic product and you will not regret it.