There are several effects of kratom. But first, it is essential to know what kratom is, how it is consumed and the amount consumed for the required outcome.

Scientifically, kratom is known as Mitragyna speciosa and is a plant like coffee found in Southeast Asia. Little is known about this drug and these comes from the users, doctors and animal experiments. The most useful part of this plant is the leaves.

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The leaves of kratom have been used as herbal medicine for a long period although they have also been abused in several ways. They have also been used as an energy booster and in some cases used as a mild painkiller. What kratom does in the human body depends on the quantity consumed. When taken in a small amount, they cause mild effects while when taken in large quantity causes severe effects. The drug is used for recreation, to treat diarrhea and also to treat opiate addicts.

Kratom Consumptions

Kratom is consumed in different ways and tastes. They can be chewed when still wet as most people do but can also be chewed when dry although when dry it tends to be hard hence people prefer making it powder for easy swallowing. The powdered can also be mixed with other drinks like milk or applesauce or be made into a paste. Other ways are taken as capsules and boiling leaves and filtering. Sugar can be added to make it tasty. This consumption has not been proven.

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For best results, kratom amount is measured. The measuring scale used should measure as low amount as possible, even one gram of kratom. Accuracy is important to avoid unnecessary complications. It is not accurate to measure by volume since volumes have different concentrations and smooth ground.

What does kratom do?

There are several effects of kratom on the human body. Some are positive as others are negative. Even though kratom has been in use for a long time, there are effects that come along. The main one is the addiction that has led some countries to render it illegal. There are chemical substances found in this drug that inhibit medicine metabolic enzyme found in the liver causing poor interactions of the body and other medicines.

When it acts as a stimulant?

The mind of the user becomes alert, physical and sexual energy increases, one becomes active in whatever they are doing, decreased appetite and can do challenging work. An individual also appears to be happier, talkative and hospitable. Kratom is stimulant of the mind rather than the body. The effects are seen after five hours of consumption when taken in case hungry and takes around one hour when one is satisfied.

When it acts as a sedative?

The user will lack emotional and physical pain and feel. They will appear calm, pleased, may appear to be day dreaming and even develop a liking to particular music. To most people, they may have some nauseates depending on one sensitivity. Kratom effects defer from one person to another and kratom also varies depending on the source and potency.

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Short-Term Effects Of Kratom

What does kratom do to short-term users?

Kratom is a unique mixture of chemicals. Short-term effects are multifaceted and vary. The equalizer of stimulants and sedative effects depend on the intake of the drug and the different users.

When taken in low amounts of less than five grams of kratom, stimulant effects prevail and are felt in 10 minutes of consumptions. This takes around one and half hours. The users feel pleased and excess anxiety. The main effects of this are the same as in amphetamine but not very severe.

What does kratom do when taken at a high concentration of around ten grams?

The user will experience sedative-like side effects and tends to take a longer time to be cleared from the brain. The anxiety stimulated by the drug is reduced compared to the use of other sedative drugs. They experience the dysphonic feeling. Taking more than 15 g leads to unconsciousness and extreme sedation.

There are many side effects related to the consumption of kratom which varies from mild to very severe. These side effects depend on the sensitivity of the user and the amount consumed and are the same as those in stimulants and sedative. These are:

  • Development of small pupil.
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Itching body
  • Facial flushing

Severe poisonous effects are rare depending on the given data by consumers and hospitals. But the severe poisonous effects found results from those who used more than 15g and are described by seizures.

LongTerm Effects Of Kratom

What does Kratom do to long-term users? Kratom has unique long-term effects which include:

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It has not been proven on any organ damage for long-term users. The main thing that has been found among long-term users is that they become addicts and dependence. Chemicals found in kratom indicated that they activate opiate in the brain and so reduces the withdrawal symptoms causing addiction

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The users of kratom have been seen to be accepting it and hence they slowly increase the amount to experience such effects. After sometimes they find that they are addicted to drugs and are unable to surrender in spite of the negative effects they experience. These effects of withdrawal can be treated by detoxification. This process is unpleasant but helpful. Some of the effects of withdrawal include:

  • They feel irritation
  • Experience high blood pressure
  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • The urge to get kratom
  • Pain in the muscles and joints
  • Running nose and sweating

Professional medical staff is needed to monitor the patients closely as they offer medical support. There are only a few treatment measures and management of withdrawal of kratom dependency since it has not been seen as a major issue in the west. They can also be treated like other sedative drugs. Rehabilitation treatment of the patients can help one till full recovery from addition and can resume their normal duties.

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