In all Kratom, there are active components referred to as alkaloids. They make every property in Kratom be effective for medicinal use. Some of these alkaloids may be sensitive to heat temperatures while others are sensitive to pH levels.

Deceptive information relating to boiling Kratom

Mostly, you will get to understand that people have got a lot of questions pertaining to boiling Kratom. In the quest to get answers to the questions they have, they might end up getting some wrong information.

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Some of the ideas people usually have are that when Kratom is boiled, the active components referred to alkaloids tend to die and therefore make the Kratom ineffective.

According to these people, the alkaloids are sensitive to heat temperatures. Others argue that for long they have consumed Kratom tea for long and have been experiencing its effects. They have finally concluded that its effects are similar to those of the Kratom pills / powder. You get to realize that these opinions negate one another.

The essence of boiling Kratom

There is an opinion believed by people too that taking Kratom alone is not effective. Do not get mixed up. It only means that the alkaloids that are in Kratom must be unconfined so as to feel its effects. According to some people boiling Kratom, is a means by which alkaloids can be released and a means by which in most instances the alkaloids die.

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Some chew Kratom so that alkaloids are released, but others consume juices such as cranberry and citrus that possesses Kratom powder to make sure those alkaloids are also released. Alkaloids need acidic arenas to be activated and released, and such PH is also found in stomachs via gastric juices.
When one talks of heating, it is supposed to mean simmering for this is the recommended technique by which alkaloids can release. For people that are not conversant with kitchen matters, differentiating between boiling and simmering might be a hard task.

Boiling happens when water is heated enough to an extent of bubbles occurring on top of the water. It also happens when the kinetic energy in water is high. Boiling tends to occur two hundred and twelve degrees whereas simmering forms minor bubbles for one hundred and eighty to one hundred and ninety degrees Fahrenheit.

In making Kratom tea you, therefore, need to simmer the water rather than boiling it.

Are alkaloids destroyed by boiling Kratom?

The answer here is yes. Alkaloids based on plants are always heated sensitive and therefore boiling them brings up destruction. It is therefore recommendable that instead of boiling Kratom you simmer the water in which it will be inserted.

For those that do experience the effects of Kratom in tea, it is because they simmer rather than boil it. For those others who suffer light effects from the Kratom tea when it is boiled, it happens so because of the presence of alkaloids in Kratom that may be resistant to the temperatures and therefore maybe stable in various kinds of temperatures.

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The best way to make Kratom tea without boiling the water

In this section, we will look at how one can make Kratom tea without boiling water in a simple way that will be of help to many individuals.

You will need the following ingredients;

  • A tea bag of spearmint (optional).
  • One cup of water.
  • A tea bag of chamomile (optional)
  • Lemon juice
  • A measured amount of Kratom powder or leaves
  • Cranberry juice
  • Teapot
  • Honey or sugar
  • Sieve
  • Oven

The following is the recipe;

  • Put on heat the water until it simmers.
  • Add onto the teapot, the Kratom leaves or powder ensuring you have measured the right dosage for you.
  • Give it some additional twenty or thirty minutes to simmer.
  • At this juncture, add your chamomile and spearmint teabag to get a mixed flavor depending on your taste.
  • In the teapot, add one spoonful of cranberry, lemon or lime juice and allow it to simmer for some other five minutes.
  • Remove the pot from the fire and allow it to cool. Ensure the teabags that you had added earlier.
  • In the next step, drain the Kratom via a sieve. The liquid left behind is what you are now supposed to take. Instead of sieving, you can allow it to last overnight to enable the kratom to settle on the bottom.
  • For it to taste and bring low the bitterness of the Kratom, add honey or sugar.
  • The remainders of powder or leaves can be used some other time to make the Kratom tea again. In the second batch simmer the tea half as much as you had done it the previous times.
  • In case you want to make a batch that is bigger, increase the ingredients by the amount you want.
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The essence of taking the Kratom in a tea-like form

People tend to psychologically believe that if one takes tea if offers them a relaxed feeling and is also so soothing. Because of the flavors, sipping through a sweet smelling aroma is so sweet. It is so beneficial when it comes to the moods of every individual.

Once you find your tea bitter, please add some sweeteners, either more sugar or honey so that it becomes tasty.

How the tea should be taken

After the sieving, you get a dark-colored liquid that darkens as it cools. Because of the bitterness related to the tea, it is highly advisable that you take it while it is a bit warm even if you sweeten it. This will help you take the required amount in a more comfortable way. It is also always advisable that you eat some little meals before taking this tea and especially for people with stomach issues.


To sum it all, it is true that boiled Kratom might end up bringing into destruction the alkaloids that are found within the Kratom. I would, therefore, recommend and advise you to never boil your Kratom, but rather to simmer it.

In the making of Kratom, it can only be boiled in some procedures that require tinctures and extracts. Even in such processes, it should note with a lot of care that it is possible to mess with the alkaloids, they should be extracted with care to ensure they remain active.