Mitragyna speciosa, also called Kratom is a tree from Southeast Asia. It belongs to the same family as the coffee tree. It is only in recent years that this herb became popular with people who are suffering from chronic conditions and students who want to boost their concentration and remain attentive. But with people from East Asia, they have been using Kratom for its medicinal properties. The herb contains more compounds and alkaloids which are useful in treating diseases such as diabetes and fever. But not only that, Kratom has a wide range of benefits which we are going to discuss below.
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Health Benefits of Kratom

1. Overcoming Addiction

  • Kratom may not be an opiate, but it has the power to activate supraspinal mu and delta opiate receptors found in the brain, which helps to overcome drug cravings without the risk of long-term dependency.
  • This herb is also useful in minimizing symptoms such as cramps, vomiting, and nausea brought about by opiate withdrawal. So if you are suffering from addiction, whether hard drugs like cocaine or softer ones, this plant will benefit you.

2. Helps with Heart Problems

  • The active alkaloids and compounds in Kratom herb assist in preventing different heart diseases. They do that by easing tension in the cardiovascular system.
  • That means taking this herb minimizes the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis. The components can also be beneficial to the hormones, arteries and blood vessels hence assist in lowering blood pressure.
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3. Promotes Weight Loss

  • If your weight is caused by sugar addiction or emotional eating, you should try using this herb. Since it contains calming and mood enhancing properties, Kratom can help you regulate the hypothalamus of your brain hence control your appetite.
  • So whether you are overweight or you are just looking for a more fit and healthy body, Kratom can help you shed much weight.

4. Useful in Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression Disorders

  • Most of us, if not all, suffer from either stress, depression or anxiety at one point in our lives. If you are prone to these conditions, Kratom can aid in soothing your nerves and calming you down. This plant is called a psychostimulant which means it improves your overall mood.
  • It does that by releasing endorphins and serotonin, useful in enhancing mood. When you take Kratom, it calms your mind down, so you have less anxious thoughts. It is also helpful in aiding other symptoms of anxiety such as palpitations, sweating and muscle cramps, to name but a few.
  • So for people suffering from PTSD and panic attacks, Kratom herb can really be of great benefit.

5. For Pain Relief and Inflammation

  • Kratom is famous for alleviating pain. The alkaloids present in Kratom have the same pain-relieving effects as morphine. And even better, you don’t stand the risk of being addicted. These alkaloids act on opiate receptors in your central nervous system causing the release of encephalin and endorphins hormones, useful in numbing your body’s pain receptors. Therefore, patients who have arthritis, joint pains, and osteoporosis, should try using Kratom to manage their pain.
  • On the other hand, Kratom contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation. The active compound in Kratom, mitragynine, is known to promote healing and reduce swelling as well as redness caused by inflammation.
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6. Enhances Better Sleep

  • If you are suffering from insomnia or night tremors, you should use this herb as it helps regulate your sleep cycle. When you take Kratom, it makes you fall asleep faster and deeper. That’s is why it is always advisable that you take your Kratom at night so that you remain active during the day.

How Does One Take Kratom?

Now that you know the benefits, it is essential that you also are aware of how to take this herb to benefit from it fully. Some people chew Kratom fresh leaves, that is, after removing the stringy central vein. But because it can be difficult to get fresh Kratom leaves unless you are from the native region, there are other various ways. For instance, you can chew dried leaves, but they can be a bit tough. So some Kratom users prefer to crush the leaves into a powder and mix them with water then drink the mixture. But you can also mix with fruit juice, milk or yogurt or any other liquid, apart from alcohol, of course, you prefer.

Kratom powder can also be put into capsules. Or some people make tea with the dried Kratom leaves. You can also smoke Kratom, but it can be difficult to get the exact dosage.

How to Measure Dosage

Proper dosage ensures that you fully benefit from this herb. The best way to measure Kratom is by using a scale. A typical dose of Kratom is just a few grams to make sure that you use a scale that can weigh a single gram. You may think that purchasing a scale is a waste of money, but if you are planning on using Kratom for a long time, that would be a great investment since you will always get the correct dose. Also, we advise that if you are a new Kratom user, start by taking low dosage and gradually increasing.

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Any Side Effects of Kratom?

Kratom is rather a unique herb. A low dosage will be stimulating while a high one will be sedating. This is because the alkaloids have both stimulant and sedating effects. The effect that will predominate will depend on the dosage you take. But like any other drug, Kratom also has its side effects which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating increased urination, dizziness and constipation among others. If you are planning to start using Kratom for medicinal purposes, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor first for your safety’s sake.

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Final Thoughts

Kratom has many health benefits and the ones mentioned above are just a few. But, you should take caution with where you buy this herb from. Some good vendors will sell you high-quality Kratom that would really benefit you. But there are other unreliable and untrustworthy sellers. So, ensure that you research on a particular vendor before you purchase Kratom. And because finding a good seller can be difficult, it makes sense that you keep sampling different ones until you find a reliable one.