Scanning the lanes at your local chemist, you will find, creams, potions, lotions and even pills that promise to treat and heal skin and eradicate the itching effect.

In short, these products promise to eliminate all your skin conditions as well as skin ailments. There are numerous of these products on the shelves making it challenging to select the right one. Besides, having a couple of skin symptoms may require various products.

Now, wouldn’t it be comfortable finding an all-natural herb that can treat a long list of skin conditions? Well, such substance does exist.

Most individuals suffer from various skin conditions. Eczema, psoriasis, dryness, and acne are the most common conditions affecting the human skin. Frequently, you will come across treatments for all these skin ailments, but they are generally expensive and can possess a couple of adverse side effects.

However, you should not worry again because there is a natural substance that can assist in treating all these conditions, Kratom can consume as a supplement in powder form, capsule form as well as in the form of leaves. Kratom is indeed cheap in comparison to several others over the counter remedies in the market.

What are Some Common Skin Ailments?

The standard skin ailments are itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, and red skin syndrome. These skin conditions often have an impact on people’s lives because they are persistent and chronic. Through itching and scratching, the person suffering from these ailments often scratches the skin resulting in opening up of skin, oozing of blood and even an infection.

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These skin conditions are unpredictable because they are chronic; therefore, you will not know when they attack you. In extreme situations, the ailments may never disappear entirely from your body. They possess triggers that can result in an outbreak of side effects such as smoking, drinking, or even stress. It is common for people to have itchy tiny red spots on their skin due to change in weather conditions.

Skin conditions are known to affect more than the skin. For instance, they have an impact on how people feel about themselves because they make their skin look ugly and raw. The oozing effect makes it difficult to put on attire while the itching effect impacts the sufferer’s socialization.

Skin Conditions treated with kratom

1. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a tenacious autoimmune skin condition which is not communicable. This condition affects both the skin and the joints of the person who is affected by the condition. Usually, psoriasis causes the skin of the sufferer to become scaly and red. In most situations, the outbreaks occur in patches.

The patches caused by psoriasis are known as psoriatic plaques. These patches commonly occur on the skin around knees and elbows. Nonetheless, some individuals have reported outbreak on their genital region and scalp. Psoriasis is not the same as eczema in the aspect that it is more likely to be situated on the extensor point of the joint.

Now, if you have psoriasis, you should consider using kratom to treat and cure the problem. You can either take kratom orally or bathe with kratom soap especially on the affected parts. Within a short period, the patches caused by psoriasis will start disappearing.

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2. Eczema

Eczema is a skin ailment where the skin becomes itchy and gets irritated. Some types of disease are caused by lack of moisture, and the skin thus gets itchy, flaky and dry. This condition possesses symptoms that include the ones mentioned above as well as other forms of skin irritation.

The symptoms integrate parts of the skin that are itchy and irritated; skin can lack moisture and become scaly, and the itchiness can result in scabs that cover the areas affected. In most times, the areas regularly exposed to the outside world are prone to eczema. This aspect means that face, neck, legs, and hands are more often attacked than other parts of the body.

Eczema can be treated by use of kratom. One can use various kratom creams to moisturize the skin or even consume the kratom capsules to stop the itching effect. Kratom cures eczema by releasing the potency of its antibacterial and antiviral alkaloids thus causing a soothing relief from the unending caused by eczema.

3. Red skin syndrome

Steroids work perfectly in treating skin ailments. However, people who use steroids for a prolonged period may develop RSS (red skin syndrome). When this situation occurs, your medication will slowly become less effective at clearing your skin.

Afterward, utilizing these medications will make your skin turn red and burn or itch even in parts where you did not apply the steroid. Also, this condition enlarges your blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the skin thus making the skin to appear red.

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The good thing is that you can use kratom to cure the red skin syndrome. Presently, you can use the available lotions and soaps that contain kratom if you are suffering from RSS as it eases the discomfort and burden that you may be undergoing due to the burns on the skin. It will also lower the itching effect.

Is Kratom the Cure for Skin Ailments?

Most people do not consider kratom to cure anything, but the substance significantly helps in relieving the symptoms possessed by skin conditions. A lot of people suffering from skin conditions have found kratom useful on their part.

It is notable that people residing in Southeast Asia have been using herbal kratom soaps, lotions and salves for centuries to fight skin infection and treat rashes. Kratom is proven to assist in soothing and protecting the skin. Therefore, kratom is the real deal when it comes to treating skin conditions such as red skin syndrome, eczema, and psoriasis.


Lastly, although the kratom substance possesses numerous benefits when it comes to treating skin ailments, it may also possess some adverse side effects. This is typically attributed to the fact that some individuals are just allergic to precise ingredients, even natural herbs. There have been some scenes of contact dermatitis happening after its usage. When treating acne, for instance, kratom can lead to dryness, itching or even stinging in some situations. At all times, consult a proficient doctor to be advised on the best dosage to use.