The Mitragyna Speciosa, or kratom, the tree has been growing for thousands of years, and yet the effects produced from its leaves have not reduced. Rather, discoveries made over time about the positive effects of kratom. In the past, kratom leaves chewed directly, but now many forms of kratom are produced. Kratom products can be found in powder form, which is the most common form of kratom, as well as in liquid form or as capsules.

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Kratom Powder

Kratom leaves vary in shape depending on where they grow. Outside of Southeast Asia, fresh leaves cannot obtain.  Therefore the leaves were converted into powder form. Kratom leaves are not all the same, and they have different effects on the users. From the origin and the color of the leaves, their differences can judge. The three primary color strains are:

  • White Leaf Strain acts as an energizer and helps maintain focus.
  • Red Leaf Stain is very well-known for effects like muscle relaxation and stress relief.
  • Green Leaf Strain consists of qualities of both the other strains and provides its users with energy and allows them to concentrate on their work with a relaxed mind.

Kratom Extracts

Research is being done continuously to discover more benefits of kratom and make it more efficient and powerful for the persons using it. As a result, other forms of kratom have created.
Kratom leaves boiled in large amounts, and all the moisture is allowed to evaporate. After that, a hard and smooth substance is left behind which is called resin. This resin consists of alkaloids which are highly potent.

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Extract Powder

Resin from the kratom leaves can ground into a powder form which brings more flexibility. This extract powder of kratom rated according to its concentration; for example, when we say 15x extract it would mean that it is equal to 15 times its weight in kratom leaves.

Enhanced Powder

Extract powder is sometimes combined with conventional kratom powder to produce an enhanced powder. It is considered to have high potency and is used in small quantities because the effects are powerful.


The extract can be made into a liquid form as well by dissolving kratom leaves in an ethanol alcohol solution. Kratom tincture can be made through this process and can be ingested conveniently through a dropper.

Kratom Capsules

Some people do not want to ingest kratom in the mentioned ways and wish to avoid its taste, so they want to take it in capsule form.
The most common kratom capsules are Rouge Thaïlandaise Capsules and 15x Extract Capsules. All of the available capsules provide the same effects which other kratom products give.