White Sumatra Kratom is a very potent kratom strain that gives the body an electrifying soothing effect. Its long-term users, the Indonesians claim that one would never be disappointed by the action that this strain takes over the body. The truth about this is not debatable without actually trying it. It sometimes goes by the name “white indo” as it grows in Sumatra Island, one of the largest Islands in the world, a part of Indonesia, which harbors over 50 million people. Its plantations occupy a significant portion of the land. Kratom trees cover most of the Island forests, and the oldest of them have the strongest leaves that contain potent alkaloids.

The story behind White Sumatra Kratom

This Sumatra Kratom mainly grows in Sumatra Island’s North Western region where a tropical and humid climate is profoundly felt, with a high rainfall ratio that favors the production of Kratom strains that are very powerful. Harvesting kratom requires the farmers to follow the ancient traditions left behind by their ancestors to ensure they pick the right leaves.

Strain impacts on the body

Different dosages of white Sumatra Kratom affects its users differently. Dosage can, therefore, be customized to the specifications of different users. Again, the body’s reaction to varying levels of alkaloids may lead to varied effects on the user. Discussed below are a number of the various impacts on users.

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A user can either experience an energy boost or a declination. The dosage taken determines the effect. Both mentally and physically Energy is experienced. The right dosage makes one more energetic, emotional and concentrates better while a high dosage of the same kratom strain will make one want to sleep. In both cases, the user experiences a soothing sensation and make his/her muscles go to a relaxation mood.

Sumatran White Vein is used by athletes to boost their energy and persons that work long hours or on huge loads of work as well as improving sexual desire. It gives them the stamina to withstand the endeavor to the latter. Anyone can enjoy this energetic effect as long as they take the correct dosage.

Intellectual Boost:

This kratom strain relaxes the mind better than other drugs do since it has no side effects. It can then be used for creativity purposes to things that require ultimate brain power, especially to writers and artists. It opens up the mind to more excellent ideas that would not have otherwise popped up. Students can also rely on it for alertness to complete a due assignment or study for exams. The white leaves in this strain will also bring one motivation and inspire them to love what they do and carry it out with so much passion.


It contains analgesic rich alkaloids that ease the pain. The specific alkaloid for this purpose is the 7-hydroxymitragynine which is an opioid agonist with a brain action mechanism similar to that of natural opiate-like enkephalins. This strain can also reduce different neurological pains like migraines. It is suitable for both long term and short term pain relieving.

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Sleeping troubles:

It can be used to cure insomnia. Its intake in some relatively high doses makes the user tired which results to undisturbed sleep. Controlled intake regulates sleep leading to general health improvement. This gives the body maximum relaxation during sleep. Sleep induced by the strain is very natural and results to refreshing effects on the body.

Stress reliever:

Mind and body relaxation effects of Sumatran eventually leads to reduced stress levels. A decrease in stress also reduces anxiety and depression risks. It calms the user’s nerves and sedates him/her making them ease those anxiety and depression feelings naturally. For the sake of this sedating effect, one should try only to take it at night or when off from work to avoid interference with their normal daily activities.

Different dosages and their functions

The right dosage is essential when using  White Sumatran Vein. Standard doses have entirely different and opposite effects to higher doses. It is therefore crucial that the right dose and reasonable increments are adopted. The following are the recommended doses, whether one is a beginner or an expert.

2-4 grams

This is the safest dose for beginners. It gives one a refreshing feeling including relaxation, mild euphoria and an energy and confidence boost.

4-6 grams

This dose improves the stimulating effect of the strain. It is an ideal pain relieving purpose since it calms the nerves hence reduction of pain.

6-8 grams

6-8 gm dosage this much is sedating to the extent of making the body numb. Extreme sedation may lead to an inability to respond to any physical activity. It is suitable for chronic pain.

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8-10 grams

This is a very dangerous dosage. Experienced and expert users are the only ones that can enjoy it. It has extreme analgesic effects that only these users can withstand.

User reviews

i. A user that recently used this strain claimed that it improved his alertness and concentration. He detailed that he had a persistent symptom of losing focus, but after taking this strain, he has been able to stay alert for extended periods.
ii. Another excited user stated that he got an energy boost from taking the kratom strain. He said that with the right dose, he has been able to engage in his activities tirelessly to their completion.
iii. A review from an experienced user said that he had never experienced the best soothing feeling before coming across this strain. He adds that his life is now beautiful and stress-free all thanks to White vein Sumatra Kratom.


With all the above information, it is with no argument that White vein Sumatra Kratom has no adverse health effects on the body. Its primary function is to relieve the body of the undesirable feelings it experiences over time, and give the user a peaceful and relaxed life experience. It is an essential measure that a user understands their problem and is aware of the right dose to take to avoid disappointment or misbehaving.