Are you expecting to have a tiresome workout session or hard work in the workplace and need something to make you feel energized? Or you are planning to have a productive day ahead when you wake up in the morning?

Lack of a proper energizer or ‘motivator’ may make you start looking for excuses to avoid the work or the gym. You may even begin to complaining of how the night was short and saying you are not ready for the new day.

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Well, there is no need for that anymore! White Vein Borneo Kratom might be the drug you would need. Also known as the white hippo or the ‘indo super white,’ the strains are very energizing and can lift your mood or increase productivity.

Forget about the Coffee or other stimulants in the morning, the white vein Borneo Kratom will surely kick start your day in style. The white vein Borneo is unique to the green and red types of Kratom. They have been proven to have energetic strains which offer or produce “cleaner energy” compared to other stimulants like coffee

How Does White Vein Borneo Kratom Works?

1. Chewing the leaves

This method is used a less since the leaves have a bitter taste to the tongue. Moreover, one has to chew a large amount of the leaves to feel the effects

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2. Kratom tea

The leaves are crushed or ground and then placed in a cup of hot water which extracts the alkaloids. Sugar, honey or other additives are added.

3. Toss and wash.

The leaves are crushed into powder and then tossed at the back of mouth avoiding the taste buds. An acidic or sweet beverage is used to wash the powder down the throat.

4. Gelatin capsules

The strain powder is filled in the vegetable capsules or the typical “00” size. These capsules weigh about 0.5grams, and this method is more effective since the bitterness of the strain is avoided.

5. Kratom extraction

The important alkaloids in the Kratom are extracted from the powder, therefore, required to reducing the dosage or amount of powder.

White Vein Borneo Kratom

How long White Vein Borneo Kratom Takes?

The white vein Kratom is made of 25 alkaloids including mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, speciogynine, ajmalicine. These alkaloids are present in different amounts and hence giving this Kratom its unique stimulation effect and reduced painkilling reaction. A high amount of mitragynine gives it the energetic property, and low level of 7-hydroxymitragynine leads to its low painkilling effect.

How Much White Vein Borneo Kratom Should One Take?

There is no clear recommended to dosage for the white vein Borneo. However, the dosage depends on some factors such as the method of consumption, tolerance, and potency.

For starters, it is recommended that one should begin with a low dosage. One should use 2-3 grams per dose. There should be an increase of about 0.5grams the next time he/she uses it.
A dosage of 5 grams of the crashed white Kratom can be regarded as the ideal dosage when consuming it as tea.

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For those who would like stimulation effect, a lower dosage (3-5 grams) will be perfect for you. For those who need to relax or the anti-depressant effect, then a higher dosage of about 6-8 grams will be ideal. Taking a dose of more than 8 grams of leaves or powder (not extracts) is regarded as a higher dosage and will experience sedative effects rather than stimulation Also when using white vein Kratom powder, exceeding a dose of 8 grams will lead you to feel nauseated and vomit.

A heavy dosage of this strain can lead to respiratory depression which may lead to oxygen deprivation

Effects of White Vein Borneo Kratom

The effects of white vein kratom are unique and include the following:

1. They act as a stimulant.

It is the most common effect of the white vein Borneo Kratom. The strains provide the necessary energy for the body. It is due to the balance that exists between the analgesic and active alkaloids. It also provides clean energy and non-jittery effects like other stimulants

2. Cognitive enhancement

Most users have experienced cognitive boosting when they use the drug. Though not scientifically proven, the white strain can enhance memory abilities. Others have stated that taking the drug helps to focus

3. Promote alertness

Helps to increase attentiveness. It makes you concentrate on the task at hand without getting disrupted by things around. It is also used as an anti-depressant. Some people use the white vein strains as an anti-depressant. It has the effect of clearing bad mood and cheering up the user.

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4. It promotes motivation and endurance

It kicks one that they need not give up on tasks but to keep on going. It helps the body to produce energy which serves as a boost in completing tasks.

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How long do the effects of White Vein Borneo Kratom last?

The effects of the white vein Kratom vary among users, but it can be approximated to last for around 3-4 hours.

White Vein Borneo Kratom overdose effects

There are no known side effects or adverse effects of the white vein Kratom. The following are, however, side effects that can result from chronic Kratom usage

  •   Loss of weight
  •   Loss of appetite
  •   can lead to cases of constipation
  •   the user’s skin color darkens long-term effects include
  •   reduced libido
  •   apathy
  •   memory loss.


Having one drug with all these desirable effects is amazing. The only thing left to do is choose the dosage. The white vein Kratom has been very satisfying compared to other stimulants. It is very therapeutic and a perfect drug for relaxation and uplifting.

Taking a dose before beginning a tiresome workload can make the work very easy and one can finish it in no time. When taken in the morning, it makes you ready to tackle your daily activities with a jovial mood. It provides naturally, nice energy clears the mind helping you concentrate on your work perfectly.

The fact that it is natural makes it even exciting. You can derive the natural energy by just chewing the leaves or making a cup of tea with it. To top that up, it has no long-term complications. The fact there are no negative effects when using the white Kratom at a given.

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However, the leaves have a bitter taste in the mouth which may discourage new users who may want to feel its effects.