Kratom usually comes in three different anxiolytic; kratom capsules, strains or tea. Different people have the unique preference on which anxiolytic to go for.

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Additionally, wicked kratom is known to feature some samples that have a slight difference among themselves. Some of the most famous samples are as follows:

Kratom ‘Curious’ Sample

The sample was specifically created for what its name suggests. In a nutshell, it’s meant for those who are new and curious to the Kratom community. This sample comes in a pack that has the yellow, green, red and white strains of the Mitragyna Speciose leaves. If you are curious about something, always feel free to switch a strain or two. The sample cost $23.99.

Kratom ‘Confident’ Sample Pack:

It is a perfect sample comes at a friendly price. If you combine 2blends, 2greens, 2reds, 2whites and a yellow, you will acquire the confidence that for everyone is looking. It’s on record that products from the Mitragyna Speciose leaves are the best variety when it comes to confident. The sample cost $44.99.

Kratom ‘Can’t tell me Nothing ’ Sample Pack:

It is generally a combination of all the blends and strains. 10 grams of every mixture and strain are combined to come up with this sample. From the mixture, you receive a total of 8 ounces which generally cost $51.99.

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Kratom Ultimate Sampler 20 Strain 20oz (1oz/ea):

The sample is created when all the kratom products are undergoing a 3-steps quality control regime. The product is then stored in dark airtight container awaiting for an order purchase. Some of the kratom products involved in this situation include yellow Borneo, white vein, Bali, Kurt blend, white gold, Vietnam, Green machine blend, red fibro blend among others.

Just red- kratom powder sample pack:

An ideal option for those primarily appreciates the benefit of the Red Vein. The red vein is generally the essential product from Mitragyna Speciose that kratom users acquire from the product. Instead of using all the product, you can go for this since it contains all the elements that are in the other kratom products. Don’t take a lot of your time trying to make decisions, go this since it also comes at an affordable price. This sample cost $24.99.

Just white-kratom powder sample pack:

It is for those who appreciate the primary benefits of the white vein. Like the red vein, the product is also a product from the Mitragyna Speciose leaves, and it also contains all the elements kratom enthusiasts look for. The pack includes white Kapuas, White gold and white indo. For only $19.99, you can gain 3 ounces from the product.

Wicked tea kratom coupon codes

When it comes to offers and coupon codes, wicked kratom and kratom are not the only vendors out there who give coupon codes for their products. coupons can redeem in several platforms including soul speciosa and Hippo Herbals.

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How to order wicked kratom

When ordering any kratom product, it starts with determining an appropriate vendor. However, you should be well informed about distinguishing between a legit vendor and a scammer. Additionally, the Reddit community is a perfect place to start from since different kratom users usually post here about their various experiences with a variety of vendors. Vetting your vendor should be the first thing before any order is done. Canopy Botanicals is a recommendable place to buy the wicked kratom because of their excellent customer service, generosity, and fast shipping.

What is the best-wicked tea kratom price?

One of the best consideration when it comes to buying kratom products is how much a standard size bag of kratom cost. However, the wiser option for such a circumstance is following the Costco-style direction and importantly buying wicked tea. If you have a good place to store your stuff, then you can go for the bulk purchase since its economical and will save you in the long run. One of the best-wicked tea vendors where you can buy bulk is Bikhuk Trading Company. A 2.7lbs of quality wicked tea can be gotten here at the cost of $149.90.

Shipping And Services

After an order has made, it takes about 4 days to be processed and shipped. The shipment speed depends typically on the preferred vendor. Most of the more reputable kratom vendors are personally active on Reddit and able to answer any questions potential customers might have. A good vendor is always committed to delivering better services to their customers across multiple platforms.

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Wicked tea kratom for sale:

A good number of people around the scope get worried whether kratom is a perfect and legal step to go for. Although countries like Australia have illegalized kratom, a good number of states in the US still use the product, and it indeed serves them to their satisfaction. Wicked tea normally comes with some offers which the customers receive as coupon codes. When you purchase the product online, you will be prompted to enter the code, and you will get a good discount from the quoted price. The coupon codes can be sent to you via text or through your email depending on the seller’s decision.

Effects of Wicked Tea kratom

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Wicked tea is a perfect unique stimulant and mood activator. Although some people might have issues with the taste, they should understand that what matters a lot is not the taste or smell but the ultimate effect that is experienced when used. Wicked tea kratom has recently been highly praised by the Kratom enthusiasts mainly because of its difference and uniqueness.

Unlike the other options, the strain is well-balanced. Its major aim is to provide a sophisticated and highly pleasurable effect on both the body and mind. Other effects that you can acquire from the product include:

  • Physical relaxation
  • Mental energy
  • Natural mood boost
  • Focus
  • Pain relief.
  • No bitter taste
  • Enhances visual perception
  • Soothes the stomach


A good number of vendors prefer emails as the most appropriate way of communicating with their customers. However, you also contact them through phone on the provided office number. As if not enough, you can also visit their offices in your nearest branch and be able to order or get solutions to any of your issues.

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Final thought

From the above discussion, all the things you need to know about wicked kratom are crystal-clear. All you need to do is to look for your most convenient vendor and make an order of wicked tea kratom.