FDA gave the way treatment to kratom, and few other agencies in the United States leave a question that whether the situation of health in the USA is going to be poorer or we will see a remarkable change in the future.

The way the FDA is considering kratom and a few other agencies in the United States introduce a question of whether the situation of health in the USA is going to be poorer or if we will see a remarkable change in the future.

Some groups have different opinions for this herb, and among them, few are talking about banning it whereas others are in favor and want this herbal cure to be legal. The battle was going on between these people and those who support it argue that the direction of the entire U.S. health care system is dependent on Kratom.

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Will People Get The Herbal Cure?

Obstacles for people are put by the agencies and are forced to use the same pharmaceutical drugs that have proved to be ineffective. When the persons going through some severe problems or pain are tired of them, they commit suicide. Therefore, we ask those agencies whether the public be able to freely select the herbal remedy for them rather than the choosing the pharmaceuticals that have encouraged suicide.

As the VA is heavily relying on pharmaceutical drugs for treatment, military veterans who commit suicide are increasing in number. 22 veterans on average commit suicide.


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Agencies Lie About Kratom

The lies about this herb are shocking. This herb is naturally strong enough to give some extraordinary effects that have been very useful for many individuals.

Will You Pass The Green Vein Kratom Drug Test?

Users have clarified after their experiences that this is just a natural herb and that is very significant for medical conditions. Although it is legal at the moment, the forces are working for its ban. So the question arises of whether it will remain legal or banned by the federal government.

A Threat To The Pharmaceutical Industry

The concern of the industry is with their profit, not with us. They can only earn huge profits when more people get sick. As the dependency of the people on drugs increases, the more income for pharmaceutical companies. It is not a big surprise that every business has the same objective and the sad thing is that patients are not aware of what they are spending their money on it.

It is an expensive undertaking to do the research and development for the drugs, and as a result, small-fry competition is eliminated, and the type of drugs that could be obtained from Big Pharma will be limited. The FDA says that all the kinds of cures must be provided from pharmaceutical drugs.

So the herbal remedies are not taken into consideration although the research on these remedies shows positive signs. They will be ignored and banned for use, and you might not find them again.

According to Pharma, cures have been tried to found, but a changed story comes from the evidence. Treatment of the symptoms is preferred when the remedy exists.