Yellow Kratoms have different effects on the user, depending on the quantity to quality and also the body chemistry of the individual taking the strain. At times it becomes difficult to select between the Yellow Thai Kratom and the yellow vein kratom, but a sample of the two could be a good starting point in determining the most effective on the user.

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Since it has different effects on different users, a review of the two strains will help in making the ultimate choice or the one to purchase. The yellow kratom is much appreciated and recognized for their strong energy boost, mood enhancement, sedation, stimulation, and euphoria. However, a given dose has a different effect on the user.

For instance, the consumption of a low dose of the Thai kratom is considered stimulating as opposed to being sedating while a high dosage is more sedating than stimulating.

Which strain to opt, yellow Thai or yellow vein kratom?

Being of the kratom, family their importance cannot be more emphasized. The medical herb effects are spreading far and wide and drawing quite a following wherever they are introduced. Who wouldn’t mind a painless encounter in the face of the most painful experience in their life?

Other than the pain-relieving effect, this herb has quite a significant influence on mental capability and energy boost. The yellow vein kratom strain is however drawn from the white vein strain which speaks to the similarities in influence. Each has a different impact on the user while others choose it based on their preference.

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Given that they are drawn from the same herb, the yellow vein kratom is the young leaves of the white vein kratom. It is preferred for its higher energizing effect which also undermines the white vein as they become rare in the market. On the other hand, it is derived from the White Thai kratom, which is exposed to the sun for curing, altering its color and effects as well.

The Effects and Dosage of the Strain

Yellow Thai kratom

The yellow Thai kratom is moderately euphoric and has a stimulating effect as well. It could elevate the mood to a certain extent, but with less efficiency than that of other strains. It also causes a mild energy increase and focuses. Although it is not considered strongly sedating, one could find it fairly relaxing. It is however quite effective in relieving body pain, with a duration effect of above average for a moderate dose of either 2.5 grams or 5 grams. The strain has hence attracted a lot of following, especially adding to the fact that it is not as nauseating as other strains. This addition to its properties has since made it the go-to strain for pain relieving, relaxing effects and mild stimulation.

 Yellow vein kratom

The yellow vein kratom, recently introduced to the market has captured the attention of many, with most of them associating the effect of the strain to the green Malay strain. As the white vein kratom from which it is drawn, the strain is also considered a rarity. However, its impact is quite high such that its users go to great lengths to obtain it.

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The strain has the effect of high feelings and euphoria. However, these effects are much controllable which makes it the ultimate and safest recreational drug. It is also quite commendable as a pain reliever.

Since it provides a long period of pain relieve compared to other strains, which might also serve to explain its growing popularity and much appreciation among users. It contains a higher concentration as well as heightened mood which lasts longer as an effect of the dosage. The drug is known to produce strong results even in small doses. However, to get the ultimate effect of the strain, it is imperative that it is of high quality. The need to vet suppliers beforehand to enhance the credibility of the acquired strain is therefore emphasized.

How Best to Ingest the yellow Thai kratom Strain?

When ingesting the strain, the theory of ‘less is more’ will apply to not only the new users but to all users alike. There is an optimal dosage to attain the medicinal or euphoric effect. A higher dose could, however, reverse the effects working against the desired results one intended to achieve. Therefore it is advisable to take in low doses. The low dosage will also create tolerance to the effects that may increase over time. To, attain the optimal effect, of the strain, it is recommended that the dose is taken on an empty stomach which will facilitate the delivery of results in the fastest possible way. There are three main ways of consuming the yellow Thai Kratom strain.

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1. Chewing the yellow Thai kratom leaves

The first technique of ingestion may not be quite useful given that most of the drugs are purchased in their already manufactured or packaged state. However, natives and people who live near the different areas the herb is found may find it useful.

It entails the acquisition of the fresh leaves and on the removal of the stem and the veins; the user bundles the leaves and chews them holding the saliva and the chewed leaves in the mouth. The method is effected by the sublingual method with the swallowed bit producing the desired effect.

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2. Toss and Wash

Toss and wash is the next method which is quite popular and has been adopted by many people over the years. It entails, putting water or any other liquid in the mouth, followed by the desired dose of the yellow Thai/vein kratom. Then follows submerging the strain in the water before swallowing to ensure that no particles are left behind. Then drink more water to aid in the entire process.

3. Yellow Kratom Tea

Another method that is gaining popularity is the yellow Thai kratom tea. It uses approximately 3 ounces of water. Then follows the addition of the yellow kratom dosage. The mixture is allowed to simmer for about twenty minutes, and the tea is ready for consumption. The technique is loved as it enables quick achievement of the results.


Select the strain that is best suited for the purpose, trying new things is also allowed. However, before venturing into other strains, why not try the yellow Thai kratom or the yellow vein kratom. It won’t hurt, who knows, it could be the ultimate choice.